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Jimmy Korderas Hated The Finish To Hell in a Cell

October 26, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Jimmy Korderas spoke about the finish to WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV earlier this month, which he did not like. Here are highlights:

On what he thought about the finish: “Plain and simple didn’t like it at all because a referee stoppage in any combat sport is when one of the participants is incapacitated, cannot continue or an injury situation that needs immediate attention. In this situation, it’s Hell in a Cell where all of the rules are thrown out the window and in this match there needs to be a finality. This match was designed to negate stuff like a ref stoppage. It’s basically one fall to a finish, regardless what happens. I get they were trying to be creative and different with it but it didn’t work at all. You heard the backlash from the audience where they hated it.”

On why it happened: “To me it was because WWE had booked themselves into a corner by putting this feud on this quick and putting it in Hell in a Cell. Again, I think that was the reason why we got to where we were and I don’t know what to expect at Crown Jewel with Falls Count Almost Anywhere. It’s gonna end up in the desert somewhere? I have no idea.”

On if he would have spoken up: “Yes and after a certain tenure there obviously you do feel like a little more comfortable and there is a way to presenting it without coming off like an a-hole. You respectfully say your concerns with the finish and my concerns would have been that the heat at the end of the match was going to go to the wrong person. It was going to go to the official and that’s not what you want at the end of any match. The one person you don’t want heat on is the referee and I feel that in this situation, if I make this call then all of the heat is gonna be on me. The short answer is I would have respectfully voiced my concern.”

On WWE having the ref own the call: “I did not like that either because here’s a situation where you knew it was bad. The reaction was bad and there was nothing but negative feedback from this whole thing. So, why don’t we just – while it’s later in the week and hopefully people are starting to forget about it – let’s bring it up so they can refresh their memory of what they hated? Again, going back to what I said earlier, it put all of the heat on the referee.”

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