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Joe Gacy Auctioning Schism Ring Vest To Help A Friend

June 15, 2024 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE NXT Joe Gacy Image Credit: WWE

Joe Gacy announced that he is holding an auction to help a friend of his and is auctioning off a worn Schism ring vest to do it. The friend, named Juice, is dealing with a bad heart valve. You can find the campaign and donate by clicking here. The post reads:

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m “Aunt Carrie”…Juice’s aunt. For those of you who DO know me, you know that this is killing me to write because it is rare that I ever ask for help or admit that I cannot fix something. That being said, here it goes…
Juice is not well, as many of you know. We have learned that she has a bad heart valve, making it difficult for her heart to keep up. Therefore, she is now on oxygen all the time and battles with fluid around her lungs. We got her a portable oxygen machine so she can still go places, and she still does, but she tires easily, and the batteries go down quickly and she gets nervous that the oxygen may run out.
We all know Maryann and Juice to be very outgoing and light up the room, but this has really changed their world immensely. Maryann was so looking forward to April when she could work as much as she wanted without restrictions to her income…now she is unable to work at all. Maryann keeps Juice close due to some choking she is experiencing, so she rarely has respite friends take her anymore.
Maryann’s “kids” are missing her and her respite work, and she misses them dearly. What’s worse is without that income, Maryann is struggling to get by. People are reaching out asking what they can do to help and I’m going to be honest, she needs financial help right now. I’m helping, but I can only work so many jobs and it’s killing me not to be able to do more! I want to fix her, I want to pay all their bills, I want to make all this go away for them! If anyone deserves to be happy, relax in life and be carefree, its Maryann and Juice…the 2 people that love more than life and would give the shirt off their backs for anyone in need.
So, if you wish to help, thank you so very much! You know Juice will give you big hugs! 🙂
Thank you, JuiceNation!!!

Gacy added: “Ok guys official auction highest bid gets this ring worn Schism vest all proceeds go to my buddy Juice. Will take cash app and Venmo! Will be glad to sign this also and personalize it.

Please bid in the comments best offer will be honored.

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