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August 20, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
Impact Emergence

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Tonight, TNA Icon Christian Cage defends his newly won IMPACT World Championship against Brian Myers.

Rohit Raju vs. Matt Cardona

Rohit stalls to begin, walking around the ring. Rohit returns but falls victim to Cardona’s power. Rohit stalls some more before returning again to a dropkick. Cardona sends him back out as he has full control. Cardona flies to the outside but Rohit catches him in the ring skirt. Rohit now takes Cardona’s place in the ring, sending him outside to Shera who nails him. Rohit connects with a buzzsaw kick, followed by a headlock. Rohit dodges a dropkick and clobbers him for a near fall. They trade strikes before Cardona hits a flapjack. Cardona splashes onto Rohit’s knees and gets caught in a neckbreaker and front suplex for a near fall. Rohit whiffs on a cannonball in the corner, and eats a ReBoot. Rohit hits a leaping flatliner for a near fall. Rohit tries to stomp him but falls victim to a second rope dropkick. Cardona nails a TKO for a near fall. Shera distracts the ref, and Rohit rolls up Cardona. Rohit has his feet on the ropes and gets caught. Cardona bounces up and hits Radio Silence to win. Shera hits a chokebreaker after the match. Chelsea Green stands in for backup as Shera and Rohit stay on their word against hitting a woman.

WINNER: Matt Cardona

That was a really fun opener with high impact moves and drama. Cardona catching Rohit doesn’t hurt him too much, but Rohit could’ve used a win to grab some momentum.

Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans, No Way, Fallah Bahh vs. Decay (Rosemary, Havok, Crazzy Steve, and Black Taurus)

The match begins with strong Rosemary chants. The crowd encourages her to bite Tasha’s face off. Tasha stalls before bringing in Evans for some power moves. Fallah and Taurus meet for a huge clash. They trade striff shots before Fallah finds himself in Decay’s corner. They trap him as he screams in fear. Steve lands a dropkick and brings Rosemary back in. Evans rocks Rosemary and finds control in the match. Evans whiffs on a leg drop but drags Rosemary back to her corner. Havok comes in hitting a stiff knee to Tasha’s face. Sky High from Havok but Evans breaks up the pin. Evans and Havok trade big shots. No Way meets Steve and catches him in a suplex. Taurus hits a big corkscrew off the top as him and Rosemary double up with a spear for the win.


This had good action and stylisitc matchups. Decay was able to shine here as a stable and pick up some momentum.

Eric Young cuts a money promo ahead of VBD’s tag title shot tonight.

Steve Maclin vs. Petey Williams

Maclin storms the ramp but Petey sends him into the steps. Back inside, the bell rings and Petey swarms him. Tornado DDT out of the corner gets a quick 2. Petey stays on the attack, throwing chops against the barricade. Maclin catches Petey outside, powerbombing him against the apron. Maclin flies from the apron for a Cactus Jack elbow. Maclin catches Petey in a Angle Slam and a backbreaker. Maclin bullies Petey with elbows and taunts. Petey finds a small package but gets decapitated with a clothesline. Petey hits a side Russian leg sweep, followed by a big German suplex. Maclin hits a butterfly backbreaker. Petey hits a slingshot codebreaker and looks for the Destroyer. Maclin spears Petey in the corner for a near fall. Petey locks in a sharpshooter but Maclin escapes with a low blow. He spikes him and catches him for the win.

WINNER: Steve Maclin

This was another good match with solid storytelling and physicality. Maclin continues to impress showing more and more each week.

Taylor Wilde vs. Madison Rayne

This is a bit of a throwback for IMPACT. Pretty cool stuff. Kaleb with a K is now sporting pink hair. Madison enters with “The Influence”, Tenille and Kaleb. Madison slows the pace, hesitant to engage. Taylor hits an arm drag out of a backslide off the ropes, sending Madison to the mat outside. Madison hits a slingshot against the ropes and locks in a headlock. Taylor hits a back suplex. They trade strikes before Taylor hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Rayne hits a ripcord cutter for a near fall. Taylor hits a beautiful bridging German but Kaleb snags the ref. Tenille hits the ring and Taylor catches her. Tenille tosses her loaded bag to Madison, distracting the ref. Tenille grabs Taylor and sends her into the corner. Madison rolls her up for a cheap win.

WINNER: Madison Rayne

This was a solid match with a slower pace but well executed moves. The finish was a little messy and chaotic, but Madison gets the win in her return.

Moose vs. Chris Sabin vs. Ace Austin vs. Sami Callihan

The crowd is behind Sami here as he plays to them. Sami fires chops and kicks at Moose and they start trading. Sabin goes after Moose with a rana from the top. Sabin meets Ace and sends him outside. Fulton catches him and sends him back in as Ace hits a big combo. Sabin slips out but Sami drags him outside. Moose sends Sami to the floor with a bicycle kick. Sabin sends superkicks at Moose but he gets caught with a powerbomb to the floor on top of everyone. Ace takes him out and hits a Fosbury Flop. Moose powerbombs Ace onto the apron. Sabin flies into an enziguiri. Dropkick sends Moose into the corner and Sabin takes control. Ace comes in with a missed kick but recovers with a clothesline. Sami plants Ace with a spike piledriver for a near fall. They all trade strikes in the middle and gang up on Moose. They go off on each other as the fans show their appreciation. Sabin and Sami have an intense exchange. Sami catches Sabin in a spike piledriver but Ace comes in and plants Sami. Moose interrupts with a uranage. Moose snags Ace into another uranage. Sami sends a chair into Moose on the outside and Ace rolls up Moose to pick up the dub. Ace Austin is now number one contender.

WINNER: Ace Austin

That was a great match with some excellent work from everyone. They all came across as stars, with Ace getting the expected win, creating a highly anticipated potential match against Christian Cage.

Jake Something vs. Josh Alexander

They lock up as Jake backs him up. Josh tries to ground him but Jake shows off his strength tossing him away. Jake continues to use his power but Josh keeps sending shots his way. Josh hits a Northern lights for a quick two count. Josh gets rocked with a forearm but he responds with one of his own. Jake leaps into a press on Josh, flooring him. They trade shots at ringside. Josh tries to backsplash Jake but he gets caught in a DVD on the floor! Josh hits a big knee off the second rope. Josh locks in a chain of German suplexes. He stops at five for a pin attempt but pops back up for more. He finishes off with ten for a near fall. Jake clobbers Josh but his ankle gets snatched. Josh is sent outside where Jake flies with a dive. Jake hits a falcon arrow for a near fall. Josh racks him and spins him down to the mat for a close call. Jake hits a giant belly to belly, as both men are going through it. They meet with elbows off a ripcord but Jake floors him with a lariat. Jake is caught in an ankle lock as Josh grapevines. Jake’s strength allows him to grab the nearest rope and break the submission attempt. Josh hits his C4 Piledriver on the apron laying Jake out. Jake rises up just in time and gets back inside. Josh pulls the straps down and looks to finish. Jake’s leg gives out but he catches Josh in a powerbomb out of nowhere. Black hole attempt but Josh hits another C4. Josh Alexander retains in an X-Division Classic.

WINNER: Josh Alexander

That was legitimately one of the greatest X-Division matches of all time. Josh and Jake made for a fantastic combo, defining the X-Division with a mix of aerial attacks, stiff strikes, and bombs. The crowd ate this up, as they should have. Jake Something’s game was elevated tonight and has the most momentum he’s had since joining the company.

Deonna Purrazzo and Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Trey Miguel and Melina

Melina and Deonna face off to dueling chants. Deonna and Matt trade insults but The Drama King sends him into the buckle. Trey goes off with a flurry of flashy moves. Melina and Trey hit a combo for a near fall. Matt and Deonna double up on Melina. Deonna grounds Melina as the crowd stays engaged. Melina presses Deonna from the second rope and looks for Trey. Deonna tries to stop her but gets caught with a neckbreaker. Trey comes in to meet Matt. Trey hits a flurry of forearms and a stomp for a near fall. Matt hits a single leg dropkick and snags Melina. Doenna comes in for a double team leg sweep. Melina breaks free but Trey is laid out. Matt gets caught in a roll up but Matt breaks free. Deonna sneaks in a shot and Matt rolls her up for a win.

WINNERS: Deonna Purrazzo and Matthew Rehwoldt

This was nothing special and never really picked up. Trey looked great as he always does in tags. Melina and Deonna look to establish some chemistry before their clash at NWA Empower;.

Violent by Design (Joe Doering and Rhino) vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack vs. The Good Brothers

Joe and LG kick things off. Last night they crashed through the stage in a wild main event. They trade shots with Doc cornering Doering. Mack tags himself in for Doc. Baseball slide from Mack before he attempts a suplex. Doering counters it with ease. Mack tags Swann as they double up with a splash and leg drop on Rhino. Swann gets thrown with a back body drop from Doc for a near fall. Doc hits a fifteen second delayed suplex on Swann. Joe and Rhino take control of Swann. Karl slows the pace down, grounding Swann. Mack comes in with fire, tossing Karl around and taking out VBD. He rocks Doc to the outside and hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Mack nails a stunner on Karl and heads to the top. Rhino scores a tag and looks for a gore. Doc distracts him and Karl rolls him up to retain. Eric Young is frustrated with his guys after the match.

WINNERS: The Good Brothers

This was a good but slow match that could’ve reached a higher level. The Good Brothers retaining was expected as they continue to be a heavy feature in the industry.

Brian Myers vs. Christian Cage

Myers is accompanied by his protoge Sam Beale. Christian hits the mat where they exchange holds. Christian hits rapid shoulder blocks as Myers is caught off guard. Christian has full control as he looks for a spear. Myers escapes and drags him to the post. Christian sends Myers into the post. Christian chases Beale around the ring until Beale accidentally crashes into the steps at ringside. Myers jumps on the opportunity to send Christian into the apron. Christian batters Myers with right hands. Myers follows Christian off the ropes and trips him. Myers neutralizes the champ. Christian goes after him but eats a Pele kick and flatliner for a near fall. Christian nails a dropkick from the second for a two count. Christian is rolling as he looks for the Killswitch. Christian goes after Beale on the outside and returns to a spear from Myers for a near fall. Christian hits a tornado DDT out of the corner for a close two count. Myers hangs him up on the ropes and looks for the Roster Cut. Christian catches him with a spear and Killswitch to retain.

WINNER: Christian Cage

This was a good match with nice technical displays from both men. Things got dramatic at the end making for a quality main event. Christian Cage gets his win to establish his new reign against a good villain in Myers.

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