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February 17, 2021 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

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We open to a recap from TakeOver.

Kyle O’Reilly heads out with a microphone and no theme music. He says that he’s shocked, pissed off, and disappointed. They were special and not supposed to be like other groups in history. Adam Cole ruined it for everyone. He needs Adam to explain this to him and admits that when they’re done, he’ll probably have to punch him in the face. Roderick Strong comes out instead to say that they are special. Kyle yells at Roddy that he needs Adam to explain it, not him. This peace-keeping mission is pointless. Kyle doesn’t know who to trust, including Roddy. Instead of Adam, now it’s Finn Balor coming out. Kyle says he’s not looking for him but Finn wants to talk to Adam first. Finn also adds that he shouldn’t have accepted Kyle’s hand because this is what it led to. Roddy gets in Finn’s face which leads to Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch attacking them. Kyle tries to help but officials break it all up with Dunne and his buddies standing tall.

Backstage, William Regal plays a message he received from Santos Escobar. Santos says that nobody threatens him. So, he decides to go home and says the match will happen when he wants, not on Regal and Kross’s terms. Regal says it will take place next week and that if Santos doesn’t show up, he will be stripped of his title. Meanwhile, tonight’s main event will see Dunne/Burch/Lorcan take on Balor/Strong/O’Reilly.

Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell vs. Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart

The Way are out with missing posters for Austin Theory, who was abducted by Dexter Lumis at TakeOver. This is a rematch from last week (***1/4). Hot start for the faces who take turns with offense on Candice. A pair of dropkicks send Candice outside at the break. Returning, the tide hasn’t changed as Indi and Candice take stereo kicks and Indi is nearly beaten. Johnny calls their loss last week a screwjob. As Shotzi does her hanging head scissors, Candice levels her, giving Indi the opening to knock Ember down. Tag to Candice who now puts the squeeze on Ember. As this happens, a white van is shown pulling up to the arena. Candice gets two on a rollup and adds a clothesline. Indi enters and gets two on a sidewalk slam. Candice connects on a springboard cross body to the outside. The camera goes back to the creeper van and Johnny Gargano leaves commentary to inspect heading into another break. Returning again, Shotzi gets the hot tag and fires off her chaotic offense, highlighted by a pump knee. Things break down and all four women end up down. The camera cuts to Johnny at the van looking for Austin Theory to no avail. Indi sloppily slams down Shotzi and Candice adds a superkick for two. Ember makes the save and gets a near fall of her own. Johnny shows up in the arena with Austin, who is tied up and in his underwear. Candice goes to celebrate with them. That leaves Indi to fall to a creative rollup by Ember.

Winners: Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart in 16:20

A Pat McAfee promo from earlier today on his private plane airs. He disses the IWC and says he was right all along about Adam Cole.

In the medical room, KUSHIDA says he’s not done with Johnny Gargano and the North American Title. Bronson Reed comes up to check on him and says his performance was great but he says that he’s not done with Johnny either. He says they may even have to face each other. After he leaves, Malcolm Bivens pops up and suggests KUSHIDA impress people by competing tonight.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Leon Ruff

Really quick start with Swerve in control until Ruff fires off a bunch of offense with a smile. Scott WRECKS him with a sick looking backbreaker following a pump knee. He adds a boot on the apron and wears Ruff down. Ruff rallies and hits a rebound clothesline following by his leaping twisting cutter. Swerve gets a foot on teh ropes to break the pin though. Swerve gets back in control but is too cocky and gets caught with the Leon Ruff flash crucifix pin.

WInner: Leon Ruff in 5:27

Post-match, Swerve attacks Ruff and launches him viciously into the corner, destroying his back.

Aliyah and Jessi Kamea vs. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter

Kacy and Kayden cut a backstage promo saying that this Xia Li isn’t the one they know and they blame her master, whose name I forget. They start hot, using quick tandem offense on Kamea to score a near fall. The Robert Stone Brand turn the tide with some tandem stuff before Kayden levels Kamea with a right hand. Dual tags lead to Kaxy lighting up Aliyah with kicks and rights and lefts. She adds a clothesline and a somersault leg drop to the back for two. Tag and Kayden hits a neckbreaker as Kacy comes off the top with a splash. That ends it.

Winners: Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter in 2:36

On the stage, Xia Li is revealed by Boa and they walk to the ring. Kayden wants to fight and Kacy goes to handle it. She tries to talk Xia down  but Xia grabs her arm and oddly puts two black marks on her hand. Xia says that next week, she will hurt her.

Beth Phoenix is in the ring to present trophies to the Dusty Cup winners. She throws to a video recap of the tournaments. She then welcomes out the two winners. MSK is out first and they want a moment to let out their excitement, celebrating and calling the trophy beautiful. They cut a short promo about being the winners and how they’re going to win the Tag Team Titles. Now, it’s time for Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. “You deserve it” chants when they enter the ring. Kai puts them over as the best team in the tournament and that winning was no surprise. She’s interrupted by the arrival of Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. Shayna talks about their win and how it was historic. When they face them though, they’ll be on the wrong side of history. Dakota introduces Raquel to Nia, who is just big, and Shayna, who ran away when Rhea Ripley beat her ass. Raquel is interested in that because she beat Rhea in a Last Woman Standing match. MSK and Beth sit back and eat popcorn as they watch. Shayna says this is the same old Dakota, crying and whining and being scared. Just like when she broke Dakota’s arm. Dakota says she’s not the same person and she will happily kick her head off to prove it. As they go face to face, Raquel says Shayna doesn’t run this place anymore, they do. They meet in two weeks. Nia says she came out to honor Dusty Rhodes who called her the biggest, beautiful bad bitch ever. Raquel says that’s because Dusty never met her. Shayna says they’ll humiliate them on March 3rd. As the champs go to leave, Raquel says she’ll shove that trophy boot so far up Nia’s hole she’ll never get it out. Wes Lee convults and faunts over the diss.

In the parking lot, Roddy and Kyle argue. We can’t hear it.

They replay the incredible Cameron Grimes music video. At the end, we see that he crashed his car. He laughs and says he’ll just buy a new one.

Earlier today, Io Shirai was doing a photoshoot until Toni Storm interrupted with a big boot. These are still photos we see. Officials broke it up.

KUSHIDA vs. Tyler Rust

Their first exchanges lead to a stalemate but KUSHIDA favors his damaged neck. KUSHIDA fights through, hits a handspring back elbow and pulls him into a European clutch pin for two. Rust is annoyed and levels him with a cheap forearm. KUSHIDA hits an enziguri on the apron but Rust takes control inside and wears him down. He uses some submissions to do so. KUSHIDA takes a powder going into break. Returning, KUSHIDA rallies with a hip toss, cartwheel, and fastball punch. Hoverboard Lock is blocked so he goes to slam on the arm. KUSHIDA fires off small kicks. Rust is far from done nad they go into a series of counters. Rust wants the European Clutch pin but KUSHIDA counters into his own only for Rust to turn it into a rear naked choke. KUSHIDA goes after the hands to break it. Rust transitions into adding the leg to the hold. KUSHIDA counters into a pin to get free and kicks at the arm. KUSHIDa fights his way into the Hoverboard Lock. Rust doesn’t tap but Bivens gets on the apron and verbally throws in the towel.

Winner: KUSHIDA in 11:12

A vignette airs to hype Zoey Stark’s debut, which is next.

We get a message earlier today from LA Knight. He says that he was indeed the biggest free agent and that NXT is officially his know. He won’t let anyone own NXT over him. It’s LA Knight’s game.

Valentina Feroz vs. Zoey Stark

Stark is Lacey Ryan from the indies. Stark shows off some offense first but Feroz uses a judo throw to get going a bit. Stark turns it around with power and a superkick.  and a half nelson suplex. A vicious knee strikes connects and Stark smiles. She signals for the end and hits a GTS style finisher but she flips Feroz into the knee.

Winner: Zoey Stark in 2:30

A vignette airs where Scarlett Bordeaux says that Santos likes to play games but playing with time is not his forget. He doesn’t have that power. Karrion says he has two options. Option A is he shows up next week and gets his head driven in by Karrion’s forearm. Option B is he doesn’t show up, loses his title, and Kross still catches up to him. Tick tock.

Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan and Pete Dunne vs. Finn Bálor, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong

Roddy comes out doing the UE pose but Kyle walks right by him without any theatrics. Kyle starts with Oney and does well. When it comes time to tag, he tags Finn and not Roddy. He and Finn work some tandem offense targeting Oney’s arm. Strong finally enters and it becomes a problem as Dunne does some joint manipulation on him. Kyle gets the tag and lights up everything in his path, hitting the two illegal men with dragon screws on the apron. However, his leap off the apron is met with a Dunne forearm going into commercial. Returning, Kyle is isolated with Dunne working him over. The heels use quick tags and cut the ring in half. Dunne is legal and he knocks Roddy off the apron. Kyle kicks ree of an ankle lock and wants the rebound lariat. Dunne ducks and that sets up the tag to Finn, who fires off offense on Dunne. He trips Oney and double stomps him. Dunne gets two on an inside cradle and then Finn has a pin broken up. Roddy sends Oney into Danny and then takes Oney out with a Wrecking Ball dropkick before Burch lays him out. Inside, Finn counters Bitter End and Dunne blocks 1916. Slingblade connects and the John Woo dropkicks is interrupted by a distracted referee, who ends up taking the dropkick. Finn still goes up for Coup de Grace but here’s Adam Cole to knock him off the top. Cole then stalks Kyle and pump kicks him. Cole then hits Kyle with a brainbuster onto the steel steps. Roddy lays out Burch who picked up the NXT Title as a weapon. Roddy takes the title to Finn, who instinctively hits him with the Pele. That lets Dunne sneak in with Bitter End to beat Finn.

Winners: Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan and Pete Dunne in 12:01

Post-match, Finn Balor picks up the title and is laid out by an Adam Cole superkick.

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