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April 13, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

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Hello there, NXT fans! It’s Tuesday and you know what that means (as of this week): it’s time for WWE NXT. I’m Jeremy, and I will not be your regular NXT coverage guy. You’ll find out who your regular guy will be soon enough, but I’m stepping in for tonight as WWE officially moves its third brand to Tuesday nights and causes a bit of a shuffling in wrestling schedules.

Anyway, y’all know how this works. WrestleMania weekend (and more significantly for our purposes, NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver) is in the books and we have several new champions. There’s plenty of fallout planned for tonight including appearances by Karrion Kross and Raquel Gonzalez, MSK in action and more. It’s likely to be an eventful evening, so let’s jump right in!

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* We’re hopping right into things as Scarlett appears in the creepy opening for Karrion Kross’ entrance! Down to the ring they go for their theatrical wackiness and a celebratory pose with the title. Scarlett gives Kross a mic and he says that he told us that time always comes full circle. It was only a matter of time until he was standing back in his ring with the title — his title — as the NXT Champion. As for Mr. Balor, with out a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest to ever step into the ring of all-time. Everywhere he goes, championships have followed and he went on a tear with the belt. But he believed his emotions for a weakness and he didn’t understand that anything can be a driving force when you control it. And Kross controls everything. He says that now that time has allowed course to correct itself, he’s in control of NXT. He says that they say when you’re at the top, there’s nowhere to go but down. But that’s a lie because no one is going to outwrestle him. NXT has the hungriest guys and girls in WWE, but he’s starving and he’s insatiable. He says if they want the title to step up and roll the dice, and he’ll roll them all off their heads. He doesn’t care who they are, what they think they’re entitled to, how rich they are, he’ll fold all of them until there’s nothing left. Because eventually everybody pays the toll.

Kross and Scarlett pose together, and Kross raises the title high as his music plays.

* We then get a look back at NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver and all the crazy events from the two-night event including MSK’s title win, Raquel Gonzalez beating Io Shirai, WALTER taking out Ciampa, Santos Escobar unifying the Cruiserweight Title, Pete Dunne beating Kushida, Ember and Shotzi retaining the NXT Women’s Tag Titles, Gargano retaining against Bronson Reed, Kross beating Balor, and Kyle O’Reilly beating Adam Cole. It’s all set to Poppy’s performance from night two.

* Tonight, we have Raquel speaking, exclusive footage from Cole vs. O’Reilly’s aftermath, and more.

* Alicia Taylor introduces MSK as the new NXT Tag Team Champions, and down to the ring they come. Nice to see them on Tuesday nights again! They defend the titles against Killian Dain and Drake Maverick next.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
MSK vs. Killian Dain & Drake Maverick

Dain starting off against Carter, and Carter goes for some kicks but gets taken down with a waistlock. Pin gets one, another takedown gets one again. Drake tagged in, Carter off the ropes and tripped, Dain with an elbowdrop that gets a two-fall. Carter gets free and takes in Lee, who takes Drake down and lays in forearms to the back. Maverick into the corner, goes up and over, and dropkick to Lee’s knee. He goes to charge in, Lee moves, Maverick stops and hits an elbow, moonsault off the top for two. Maverick tries to drag lee over for the tag but Lee flips him into the hostile corner and Carter tags in. Bronco Buster by Carter, cover gets one. Carter with a heel kick to Drake, Lee tagged in. Lee with a kneelift, Carter right back in, double back suplex but Drake flips out and tags in Dain. Dain is quickly kicked to the outside, Lee drives in but Dain catches him and then mows him down! And we’re on break.

We’re back from break and Lee gets free from Maverick, tagging in Carter. Carter goes to the midsection and hits a couple of knees to the jaw, big kick and then he knocks Dain off the apron. German suplex by Carter and he tags in Lee. Hot Fire Flame and Dain comes in to break up the pin, pulling him to their corner and making the tag. Dain gets them both on his shoulder but they fight free and take him down with kicks and dropkicks. Lee in, combo 619 and superkick! Corkscrew moonsault by Lee gets a two-count. Carter tries to get Dain up but no love, Lee with a sunset flip and they try to take him down, but Dain with the big move for a pin. Lee breaks up the pin but Maverick is in! Avalanche to Carter and a double-team move, Dain with a powerbomb and he goes to powerbomb Drake onto Carter but Lee pulls his partner out of the way! Carter with a cutter on Dain, Lee kicks him out of the ring. Carter goes to Maverick but gets caught in a small package for two! Carter catches Lee, flipping neckbreaker, Carter takes out Dain, cover gets the pinfall!

Winner: MSK (10:29)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Pretty good show starter that made MSK look strong without hurting Dain and Maverick. I like Dain & Maverick as an odd-couple team and they worked pretty well here. Solid stuff all in all.

After the match, Alexander Wolfe comes out and distracts Dain as Imperium attacks! Spinebuster and a kick as Wolfe looks on impassively. They stand over Dain and pose.

* We see footage from earlier today of Robert Stone planning to get Aliyah and Jessi Kamea their tag title shot, only to have Mercedes demand her money. Stone stalls, Mercedes manhandles Aliyah and Kamea breaks it up. “You wanna step to me?,” Mercedes says. “I don’t want to step to you; I want to step ON you.” Hey now, ladies. Anyway, they have a match tonight.

* We’re back from break and get a look back at the Unsanctioned Match between Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly at NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver. It’s a video package from WWE, which means it’s fantastic. They always do great work with these and this was no different. We get some footage after of Cole being loaded into the ambulance and O’Reilly collapsing backstage, and the two of them shouting crap at each other as they’re carried into the ER side-by-side. Sounds like this feud ain’t over.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Jessi Kamea

Jessi’s already in the ring for this match. Kamea attacks before the bell and delivers an overhead kick, then a dropkick off the ropes. Kamea stomps on Mercedes in the corner, then chokes her against the ropes. Martinez flung across the ring, and a flying punch in the corner followed by a jumping stomp to Martinez’s back. Kamea drags Martinez by her hair and slams her into the mat, then hits a springboard drop. Martinez ducks a leaping kick and then hits a jawbreaker, then a White Noise for three.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez (1:37)
Rating: N/R
Thoughts: Short and…short.

Martinez chases Stone down after the match and holds him against the Plexiglas for her money, which she gets and walks off counting. She stares at Vic Joseph and shouts a congratulation to Raquel Gonzalez, but warns her that she’s coming for the champion.

* The Way are backstage with McKenzie to talk about their eight-man tag match, which Gargano says is Cuckoo Bananas. Regal is trying to play with them, but they’ll stand tall. Austin says he’s going to get revenge on Lumis, and Candice says they’re going to handle business. Indi wants to handle business with Lumis, and then Gargano brings it back for all hands in — including McKenzie.

Up next: Santos Escobar’s open challenge.

* We get a vignette with Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, who cuts a promo talking about his star-making performance at NXT Takeover in the Gauntlet Eliminator. He says he’s just different and took out both Grimes and Ruff. He says that he’s facing Ruff tonight and he’s sick of it. He wants to move on but he has to get rid of him. Tonight Swerve is done with Ruff.

* Escobar comes down with Legado del Fantasma and grabs the mic. He says that one year ago, the title was of a forgotten division. But no more. Legado del Fantasma was born, and the sideshow became primetime. Main events, Takeovers — the Emperor of Lucha Libre stole the show. And now he’s the undisputed Cruiserweight Champion. Just like his father was, and his son will be. They’re warriors and they never back down; they always fight. Which is why he’s laid out the open challenge tonight — AND KUSHIDA ANSWERS.

NXT Cruiserweight Title Match:
Santos Escobar vs. Kushida

Kushida with a dropkick to start it off before the bell, sending Escobar out of the ring. Escobar laughs and steps inside, and we’re off. Kushida with an armdrag, they start chasing each other and doing counter moves. Kick by Kishuda misses, Escobar off the ropes into a subset flip, Kushida goes for the armbar and Escobar hits the ropes. He slips out and Kushida goes for a dive, but pulls up short and stops himself. Escobar makes his way back to slip into the ring as we’re on break, but Kushida keeps him out. Escobar back to the apron and he’s taken down, Kushida with an armbar to Escobar in the ring. An elbow to thew shoulder and a kick to the gut of the champion. Kushida locks Esocbar’s arm in the ropes and charges in, but Escobar sends Kushida to the apron and then dropkicks him to the floor!

Kushida in control now and slams Kushida into the plexiglass and ring apron. He rolls in and out to break the count and kicks Kushida in the back, then rolls him in. Kushida positioned on the apron and he pulls Kushida into a submission move against the ringpost. Escobar back in, suplex, pin attempt gets one. Kushida slips out of the ring but gets his hand stomped on. Escobar picks at Kushida with kicks and then gets him back in, charges with a clothesline in the corner and shoves the challenge to the outside floor. Escobar throws Kushida into the steps and grabs him by the legs on the steps, turning him into a Boston Crab with his throat against the ringpost! He breaks the hold and lets Kushida in, multiple kicks to the chest and a slam, pin attempt gets two. Santos with a modified armbar and beats on the challenger. He talks crap and delivers a couple kicks the chest, pushes him into the corner and hits a big chop! Escobar backs up, charging knee, and he gets to the top for a hurricanrana. Pin attempt gets two. Bow and arrow submission, Kushida fights out and hits elbows followed by chops. Kushida off the ropes into a BIG dropkick. Escobar picks Kushida up, Kushida slips out, shoves Escobar into the ropes and inverted atomic drop followed by a cartwheel kick. Big kicks by Kushida and he goes for the submission, but Escobar reverses and breaks the hold. Kushida with a big palm strike to the jar, they go up top. Escobar takes a big kick, Kushida up top, suplex off the top and another one, he bridges for a two-count before Escobar gets his foot on the ropes. Kushida jumps in for the shoulder submission, Escobar gets out and hits an enzuigiri but is immediately kicked in the head in response! Both men down, they’re up to their knees and trading blows. Mirrored kicks to the side, Kushida comes off the ropes into a Backstabber! Escobar goes for the Phantom Driver, Kushida turns it into a roll-up, they trade roll-ups AND KUSHIDA GETS THE PIN!

Winner: Kushida (11:37)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: Big win that I honestly didn’t expect, but am happy to see. Both men worked clean and crisp and Kushida’s win creates an instant feud for the title. I’m all for this.

Kushida celebrates on the ramp after the win.

* Ciampa and Thatcher are backstage. Ciampa says the Dusty Classic tested their strength as a team, while WALTER and Imperium tested their will. They didn’t win every fight, but they passed every test and they came out stronger as a unit. Thatcher says they have whatever path to choose they want, but they’re fnishing what they start. Ciampa tells MSK that they’re coming and storms off.

* Raquel and Dakota are walking backstage, and they’re next.

* Kushida is backstage being checked out, and Regal congratulates him. Jordan Devlin walks up and congratulates him. He says beating Escobar makes him the man, but says running up a ladder doesn’t make him a better wrestler. He says Kushida is just a lucky man because Devlin’s going home for now, but he’ll be back and is coming for the title.

* Dakota Kai is in the ring with a mic and calls for everyone to welcome the new NXT Women’s Champion in Raquel. Gonzalez gets a mic and says a year and a half ago was the biggest night in NXT history: NXT going live on USA. She was supposed to have her debut, but she wasn’t ready. She went home and swore that would never happen again: she would be ready when her opportunity came. So she busted her ass and now she stands as NXT Women’s Champion. She says the one person who recognized her dedication was Dakota Kai. Without Dakota, she doesn’t debut at Portland, they don’t become the first NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion, and she doesn’t stand here as NXT Women’s Champion. Raquel gives respect to Io and says she was a great champion, but the Raquel Gonzalez era has officially begun.

Suddenly, the lights go out and I think it’s — YEP IT’s LOCA TIME! Franky Monet (Tara Valkyrie to the rest of us) comes down with her pooch and she’s looking good. Franky comes into the ring with a mic and is all smiles. She congratulates Raquel and introduces herself to them and the world. She is LA WERA LOCA, Franky Monet. And now, the best division on this planet has gotten a little shinier, a little boogier, and a whole lot better. She says as Raquel is at the top of HER division, she’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Franky.

Raquel says Franky is lucky she’s in a good mood tonight, because if she interrupts her again, she’ll shove the dog up her — well, you know. Franky steps out of the ring and says she’ll see Raquel every single Tuesday…champ. Franky goes and Raquel raises the title high —

AND RHEA RIPLEY IS HERE!! The Raw WOmen’s Champion comes out with her title and the crowd goes wild. Rhea wals into the ring and stares off with Raquel. They smile and click titles, then hug. There’s some kind words…and we’re not done yet! HERE COMES BIANCA BELAIR! It’s a women’s champion party here in NXT! They celebrate together and raise their titles high as the crowd chants for NXT. Great moment and you love to see it. I have zero complaints about this segment.

* Pete Dunne cuts a promo in which he talks about beating Kushida and proving he’s the best technical wrestler in the world. If anyone from any brand wants to test that, step to him. Meanwhile, he’s focusing on championship gold.

* We’re back from break with a vignette introducing Sarray, with Regal, Skaamura, Simon Inoki and others talking her up. She’s being positioned as a successor to the likes of Asuka, Io, and Kairi, and she’s coming next week.

* Regal says he’s excited to see Sarray arrive next week, then walks in to meet with Roderick Strong. He says he’s done, and hands over the paperwork. Regal says that he’s the ultimate professional and is welcome back in NXT any time.

Leon Ruff vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Some jawing to start and Ruff launches into fists on Swerve. He takes Swerve down and comes off the ropes, but is pushed into the air and lands hard. Ruff takes him down and he lands hard on the shoulder, Ruff immediately targets it. He dropkicks Swerve out of the ring, then gets him back in. Ruff charges and gets sent over the apron, Swerve takes him down with a hard shot. Swerve with a bodyslam, goes to the second rope, uppercut to the back, cover gets two. Back suplex by Swerve gets slipped out, Ruff with a forearm, whip and a forearm and a leaping stomp. Ruff backs up, charges in and gets sent over onto the apron. Ruff with his Spidey leaps, but Scott catches him with a second-rope Russian legsweep. Ruff is outside, Scott on the apron and hits a pump kick as we’re on break.

Back from break and Swerve is now in control of Ruff, chopping him in the corner. He mocks Ruff and picks him up, talking trash and hitting a knife-edge chop. Scott tells Ruff they’re done and hits another chop, which Hulks Ruff up and he hits his own chops! Clothesline, Ruff comes off with a springboard cutter countered into a slam! Swerve in control but Ruff hits the springboard cutter this time! Ruff dives to the outside, rolls Swerve in, missile dropkick gets two. Ruff has Swerve on the top turnbuckle, big kick to the arm, top-rope rana!! Ruff makes the pin, it’s two and a half but Swerve kicks out. Both men down but Ruff is up first, fist to Swerve’s head and then the gut but Scott fights back with a chop. Ruff off the ropes, Scott follows with an uppercut. Ruff with a headscissors, comes off the ropes and gets cut down. Scott goes for a slam but Ruff turns it into a small package for two. Ruff gets Scott up top, goes for another rana, Swerve catches him and we get s rough powerbomb-like move. Scott with one last slam and covers for three.

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (11:02)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Lots of action and some fast-paced stuff, but there were a couple sloppy botches in there that hurt the match as a whole. It was still definitely enjoyable though.

* Zoey Stark is backstage and talks about how she was training and struggling and made it to NXT, where she defeated Toni Storm on the Stand & Deliver Pre-Show. Her ultimate goal is the NXT Women’s Title. Martinez interrupts and says she’s in line, not some rookie. Stark says we’ll see about that.

Up next is our eight-person mixed tag main event.

* Back from break we get a vignette with WALTER saying NXT Takeover proved Imperium is the most dominent force and while Ciampa was his toughest challenge yet, nothing changed. Their crusade to restore honor to wrestling is just beginning. Imperium will grow and expand, and all of NXT will understand what they mean when they say the mat is scared.

* McKenzie asks Scott if his feud with Ruff is done. Swerve said he made a statement — and Ruff charges in and attacks! He says it’s not over until he says it’s over, and officials order Ruff to leave.

The Way vs. Bronson Reed, Dexter Lumis, Shotzi Blackheart, & Ember Moon

Lumis starts off with Austin Theory, who goes in with shoulderblocks. Lumis with a Thesz press and punches, and Theory backs off and tags in LeRae (Indi wanted in). Shotzi attacks Candice and takes her down, tagging in Ember but Gargano makes the save for his wife. The girls attack Johnny, who also eats a fist from Reed. Lumis is tagged in and he lays in punches to Gargano. Gargano with a kick off the ropes but gets quickly dropped. Lumis knocks Theory off the apron, and Indi and Lumis have a romantic moment before Candice pulls her off the apron and Gargano attacks from behind.

We’re on pseido-break as Gargano is in control on the inside. He lays in some punches and tags in Theory, who whips Lumis across the ring hard into the turnbuckle. Austin with a forearm to the back and a suplex, and he grandstands before hitting a stomp on Lumis’ chest and as cover for two. Theory with a chinlock to wear Lumis down. Lumis gets to his fight but gets cut off by a kneelift from Theory, followed by a backbreaker for two. Another chinlock by Theory wearing Lumis down, and Lumis finally breaks it with a suplex. Reed is taged in and comes in hot, running over Austin and then doing the same to Gargano when he runs in. Avalanche to both men, he picks up Theory and gets both men on his shoulder! Double Samoan drop, cover on Theory and LeRaew and Hartwell break it up. The match turns into chaos, Indi with a spinbuster to Ember and Shotzi with a DDT to Candice, but Indi kicks her down. Candice goes up top but Reed is in the way, she leaps and just bounces off of him. Theory with a dropkick to Reed, Spinebuster by Lumis, Gargano pulls him out of the room and Moon dives onto Gargano! CANDICE WITH A DIVING DDT onto Lumis! Reed and Shotzi are in the ring, Reed picks Shotzi up and throws her onto everyone! Gargano with a superkick to Reed, Lumis with a slam to Gargano and the Silence! Indi is in and she can’t hit Lumis, so she drops and pretends to be hurt which pulls Lumis off him. He picks her up and Gargano kicks Lumis in the head! Hartwell throws Theory out of the ring and pretends to be down again, Lumis picks her up and carries her off? Indi winks and as they walk off, Theory with a shoulderblock to Reed but he gets taken down. Ember onto Reed’s shoulders, Eclipse on Theory but LeRae throws Moon out of the ring. Reed on the top, Gargano crotches him. He gets up but Reed pushes him off onto Theory. LeRae wants to superplex Reed but no love, Shotzi gets involved. Reed with a Tsunami to Reed and that’s all she wrote!

Winner: Lumis, Reed, Shotzi, & Ember (10:33)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: It was chaotic, wacky, and a lot of fun. Sure, the storyline stuff with Indi and Dexter was silly, but it was fun silly. And the in-ring action was good all in all. Solid match to end the first Tuesday night for NXT.

The women champs celebrate on Reed’s shoulders as The Way are upset and in dissaray.

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