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Julius Creed On His & Brutus’ Quick Rise To WWE Main Roster

February 16, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Raw Creed Brothers Ivy Nile Image Credit: WWE

The Creed Brothers made a quick leap to the WWE main roster, and Julius recently weighed in on their ascent within the company. Brutus and Julius have only been active wrestlers for two years and are now a big part of the WWE Raw tag team division. Speaking with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp recently, Julius talked about the speed with which they’ve been moving through the ranks in the company and more. You can see highlights below:

On their rise in WWE: “We were closer to trying out than being on the main roster. It’s weird how life goes sometimes. Everything is different, but at the same time, the day to day, everything feels the same. Then you look back over a period of time and you life is completely different. This is definitely one of those things where things move at supersonic speed in WWE.”

On his mindset to achieving their goals: “Life is about shooting for a goal and working relentlessly and giving it your all to get there. Whether you attain it or not isn’t necessarily the important thing, it’s about the lesson you learn along the way. That was a message I reiterated to him in 2020 when he called me sobbing when I was in a wrestling room in Raleigh, North Carolina because the NCAA Tournament had just gotten canceled. He was 30-0 and was supposed to be the NCAA champ. I told him, ‘if the best thing we take away from these moments in life are materialistic accolades that sit on the shelf and collect dust, I think we missed the main message of life.’ Sure enough, my big brother-ism came back to bite me in the butt two weeks later when they canceled the Olympic Trials, which I didn’t think was going to happen. I didn’t get to chase that dream.

“We’re on the cusp of some really big things. Personally, I think we’re going to achieve them and then some more. I think we’re going to achieve it multiple times over. More importantly, I’m excited for what that gets us ready for. My college coach used to always tell us, ‘we’re getting you ready for life so that when you get that call that your grandma is sick and she is in hospice care and you have to make that eight-hour drive that you can do it and be the type of man your family needs.’ We were in Portland not too long ago and I got the call that I was gonna have to put my longtime dog down. That was a gut punch, that sucked. Doing the hard things when we don’t necessary want to do them all the time, in order to prepare for a title match, we’re choosing suffering in those moments so that when life hits us with some unchosen suffering, we’ll hopefully be able to rebound and keep things together and keep moving for our loved ones in our lives and provide a better way of life for everybody.”