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Lana to Her Doubters: “Doubt Me, Underestimate Me, Please, Go Ahead.”

April 19, 2019 | Posted by Gerry Strauss
Lana WWE Smackdown

In an interview with Gerry Strauss for the 411 Wrestling Interviews Podcast, WWE star Lana talked about if she likes constantly being underestimated in the ring, and how she will prove her doubters wrong.

“Oh yes, I absolutely love it, I absolutely love it,” Lana said. “Because people don’t realize, every single week, three times a week, I’m wrestling at live events. I wrestle, for about, I would say, at least a year, every three days a week at live events as a heel, as a villain, at live events, and then I was a babyface, a good guy, for about six, seven months, wrestling every single week. So just because people don’t see it on TV, I was getting those reps, I was wrestling with these girls that are on TV on Smackdown Live, and I feel a lot more confident than when I first debuted. I felt comfortable and it’s just like, give me that chance, when that opportunity comes, I know I’ll kick it out of the park, and I’ll prove all my doubters wrong, and I love that. Doubt me, underestimate me, please, go ahead.”

In the full interview, Lana talks about how long she expects to stay with WWE, what her favorite WWE match of all-time is, if she prefers working as a heel or babyface, her “salty” hashtag, if she likes being underestimated in the ring, on how hard it was to maintain her Russian accent, and MUCH more! Check out the full interview, which runs at over an hour, below.

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Introduction (0:00)
On what she’s been up to since WrestleMania and going to Coachella (1:17)
On how her experience at WrestleMania this year compared to past years (4:40)
On if she likes being underestimated in the ring (10:28)
On her “salty” hashtag and what it means (12:03)
On using real-life frustrations as fuel for her character motivations (16:43)
On if she prefers being a heel or a babyface (19:33)
On her new comic book project Dark Country with Jason Starr (25:26)
On her time growing up in Europe and if she misses it (30:21)
On how long she expects to stay with WWE (36:35)
On how hard it was to maintain her Russian accent and why it was faded out (40:13)
On her experience training before getting in the ring (45:15)
On the separation between her personal and professional life (52:24)
On if she feels the urge to put her life out more following Total Divas (53:50)
On what her favorite WWE match of all-time is, and her favorite match of her own (56:05)
On her experience working on the Pitch Perfect films (1:02:39)
On when Rusev Day was born (1:03:50)
On if she’s still training in the ring and wants to continue working in the ring (1:06:25)

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