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Legends of the Arena Results 6.27.09

June 28, 2009 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Credit: Frank Douglas and Wrestlingobserver.com:

Legends of the Arena Results

* Match 1: Too Cold Scorpio pinned CW Anderson.

* Match 2: Belvis Wesley pinned The Musketeer when Belvis had New Jack’s song played over the sound the sound system to distract The Musketeer.

* Match 3: Chris Hamrick def Crowbar by submission with a form of the Tazzmission. Crowbar bad mouthed Taz before the match.

* Match 4: Rhino defeated Scotty Riggs and Jamie Dundee when Rhino gored and pinned Dundee.

* Hardcore HOF ceremony was next. They inducted Tod Gordon, Sabu, Chris Candido & Eddie Gilbert. Sandman and Gary Wolfe hosted this segment and the Sandman was totally hammered. Went way too long.

* Match 5: Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney defeated Da Baldies (DeVito, Angel & HC Loc) in a South Philly Street Fight

* Match 6: The BWO (Blue Meanie & Nova) defeated the FBI (Little Guido & Big Sal E Graziano) when Meanie pinned Guido

* Francine came out and thanked the crowd for attending.

* Match 7: Al Snow pinned Jerry Lynn, who was substituting for an unable to appear Shane Douglas

* Match 8: Sandman & Sabu defeated Raven & Justin Credible when Sabu pinned Credible. Terry Funk was the special ref and the match was a total mess.

* Overall it was a night of nostalgia. The crowd was rabid just like the good old days. After each match the wrestlers pretty much hugged and thanked the crowd. I estimated the attendance between 500 to 700 people. Show started on time at 8pm and ended a little after 11pm this even included a 10 minute intermission.


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