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Leighty’s Retro Review: WCW Fall Brawl 1997

September 26, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WCW Fall Brawl 1997 Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s Retro Review: WCW Fall Brawl 1997  

Leighty’s Retro Review: WCW Fall Brawl 1997

-Announce Team: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
-Date: Sept 14, 1997
-Location: Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Winston-Salem, NC
-Attendance: 11,939
-PPV Buys: 195,000

WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero

-It is so weird hearing them dub “Break The Walls Down” for Jericho on a WCW show. The crowd starts a “Eddie Sucks” chant quickly and Eddie bails to the floor and covers his ears to sell it. Back in the ring Jericho gets an armdrag and Eddie complains about a hair pull. Another go and Eddie gets a side headlock. Jericho gets a knock down and Eddie scurries away and hides behind the ref. They go again and Eddie gets a takedown and pulls the hair before hooking an armbar. Jericho counters into another armdrag and Eddie backs off again. Eddie backs Jericho into the corner and tees off with Euro uppercuts and chops. Jericho floats over on a whip and gets another armdrag followed by a chop and then a side headlock into a takedown. They work on the mat and Jericho gets an arm scissors and keeps Eddie on the mat. Eddie gets to his feet and uses the ropes to turn Jericho into a pin, but Jericho is out at two. They go through a pin sequence where Jericho ends up with a roll-up for two and then goes to arm. A faint “boring” chant starts which is weird to hear as usually the fans are up for these opening cruiserweight matches. Jericho gets a leap frog, but tries again and Jericho just tosses him into a release version of a stun-gun. Damn! Lionsault gets two! Jericho gets a top wristlock, but Eddie jumps over the ropes to break and comes back in with a dropkick. The “Eddie Sucks” chants resume in mass. Eddie throws chops in the corner and gets a chinlock over his knees. That looks painful which makes it all the better. Sweet belly to back suplex as Heenan notes that Eddie didn’t just drop Jericho and actually pulled him down. Eddie hooks a version of a Dragon Sleeper and switches to a modified surfboard. Jericho gets to a standing position and reverses, but Eddie kicks off to break. Another uppercut from Eddie and then he drops an elbow on the back. Slingshot Senton gets two! Gory Special which has Heenan and Schiavone at a loss for words. Jericho reverses, but Eddie powers up into Electric Chair position, so Jericho just drops him on his face. Chops in the corner followed by a running clothesline and again in the opposite corner. A third one is missed and Eddie walks the ropes, but gets dropped on his Latino Heat and bounced around on the ropes. Springboard dropkick sends Eddie to the floor as the crowd is on fire for them now. Jericho teases a powerbomb off the apron, but Eddie avoids though he gets dropped throat first on the top rope. They fight on the apron and Eddie misses a Senton, but rolls through only to get dropped with a release German Suplex. That gets two as Eddie gets his foot on the bottom rope which draws a “bullshit” chant. Eddie avoids a powerbomb and hits a Rock Bottom. He runs into a powerslam though which gets two for Jericho. Eddie gets launched from the corner on his face and eats a spinning leg lariat for two. Jericho hits a version of a flapjack and goes for La Majistral, but Eddie counters into a roll-up for two. Jericho hits back to back powerbombs and sets Eddie up top. Superplex is blocked as Eddie rolls onto Jericho on the way down. Eddie quickly heads up top and The Frog Splash finishes at 17:20.

Winner and New WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Eddie Guerrero via pin at 17:20
-Started slow, but got very good in the second half. What you would expect from these two and what you would expect from this division. ***1/2

-Jeff Jarrett is chatting online with WCWWRESTLING.COM

Harlem Heat (w/ Jacquelyn) vs. The Steiner Brothers (w/ Ted Dibiase)

-Larry Z joins the announce team for this one as Tenay takes a break. These two teams continue to fight each other since The Outsiders have held the titles hostage for nearly a year to this point. Tony notes The Steiners are still number one contenders to the Tag Titles. Scott and Stevie Ray start us off and Stevie beats Scott down in the corner. He reverses a hip-toss and gets one of his own. Stevie back with a sidewalk slam, but he gets caught charging in with a boot. Scott hits a belly to belly suplex and Stevie rolls to the floor to regroup. Tag made to Booker T and it’s kind of crazy to look back and realize these two faced off in the last World Title Match in the history of WCW. Booker tries a Full Nelson, which obviously doesn’t work on someone as big as Scott. He throws Booker across the ring with a belly to belly and gets a backdrop. Stevie comes it and eats a right hand from Rick. Harlem Heat bail and that lets The Steiners pop the crowd as they hit their pose. Tag made to Rick and the crowd starts barking. He throws Stevie around the ring and gets an elbow drop for two. Tag back to Scott and he gets in a few shots before a tag back to Rick. He drops another elbow for another two count. I just realized all four of these men and the two managers are all in the WWE Hall of Fame now. Cool! Stevie lands a shot and catches Rick with a clothesline. Tag to Booker and he gets caught with a powerslam trying a leapfrog. Tag back to Scott and he gets hit in the back by Stevie from the apron which lets Booker land a superkick. That sends Scott to the floor where Stevie lands his own kick. Scott gets sent into the security railing and Stevie uses a camera cable to choke. Rick has had enough and rushes over to beat on Stevie, but Nick Patrick sends him back to his corner. Booker gets a two count back in the ring and then goes to a side headlock. Scott breaks, but Booker drops him with a flying forearm for two. Spinwheel kick is countered into a suplex and that lets Scott make the hot tag to Rick. Stevie is in as well and Rick just mows everyone down. Slam for Booker and a suplex for Stevie. Up top and Rick connects with a bulldog on Stevie. No count though as apparently Stevie isn’t the illegal man. Harlem Heat connect with The Heat Seeker, but Rick is out at two. Booker gets dumped to the floor and the Steiners finish Stevie with a clothesline into a German Suplex for the pin at 11:45.

Winners: The Steiner Brothers via pin at 11:45
-This was solid as these teams are so used to facing each other. The Steiners throwing mean dudes around the ring who won’t back down always makes for a decent match. The ending seemed a little weird, but it was clean. **1/2

WCW World Television Championship: Alex Wright (c) vs. The Ultimo Dragon

-Mike Tenay is back in the booth and Larry stays which gives us the rare 4 man booth. Not sure where Dusty was for this show. This is a rematch from The Clash a few weeks ago where Wright upset Dragon for the TV Title. Lockup to start and Wright gets a slam. He gets another and dances, so Dragon dropkicks him to the floor. Back in the ring and they battle over arm control. They each flip out of the hold and as Dragon shows up Wright with one extra flip, Wright pulls him down by the mask. I am enjoying this pairing of Larry and Heenan together on commentary. Dragon gets a shoulder tackle and lays in some chops. He flips out of a backdrop and goes crazy with kicks. He kind of botches a kick, but follows up with a super kick to the face that puts Wright back on the floor. The announce team does a good job of covering as they note Wright was too tall for the kick. Dragon gets caught and dropped on the top rope with a stun-gun. Wright throws chops in the corner as the announce team talk about tonight’s War Games and how it is the most dangerous match in wrestling. Some foreshadowing from Larry as he notes the cage will keep the nWo from sending in reinforcements. Wright hooks a chinlock as the crowd starts a “Dragon” chant. It’s pretty awesome how over he got in WCW based just on what he could do in the ring. Wright lands a few strikes for a two count and goes back to the chinlock. He drops an elbow on the back and uses the middle rope to choke. Belly to back suplex gets two as Heenan gushes over Wright. Back to the choke/chinlock, but Dragon fights out and picks up the pace as he hits a crossbody. He lands some stiff kicks, but Wright holds on the ropes as Dragon tried a dropkick. Wright covers for two as Dragon gets his foot on the bottom rope. Wright goes back to the ground game with a chinlock, but lays flat and makes sure to get his feet on the ropes for added advantage. Larry harps on the idea of Wright taking his take and putting the match in the deep freeze since he is the Champion. Larry would know about stalling! Sunset flip attempt from Dragon, but Wright punches him in the face. Wright dances which lets Dragon complete the move and that gets two. Wright slugs him down again and looks for a superplex, but Dragon shoves off. He comes off the top, but Wright gets his feet up and Dragon gets caught in the face. Spinning heel kick from Wright and a snap suplex. He heads up top and now he gets caught with two feet in the face on the way down. Dragon goes crazy with kicks again and Wright ends up on the floor. Asai Moonsault from Dragon! Both men get back in the ring and Dragon gets caught with a boot in the corner. Wright rushes in and gets caught with a Rana that looked rough for Dragon as he caught his head. They fight on the mat with chops and Dragon springs up and hits a dropkick. He heads up, but Wright hits a dropkick that sends him to the floor. Slingshot Crossbody to the floor from Wright. Back in Wright sets too early on a backdrop and eats a foot to the face. Butterfly suplex gets two for Dragon. Tiger Suplex gets two for Dragon. They fight up top again and Wright lands some elbows. Dragon avoids a superplex and gets a powerbomb for two. Dragon with a slam and moonsault for two. Not his best moonsault there! Rana from Dragon, but Wright rolls through into a roll-up for two. Dragon lands a strike and heads back up top again. He gets caught on the way down with a dropkick which gets two. Dragon floats over on a belly to back for two. They start trading roll-ups as neither man can get the win. Back up top again and Dragon gets a top rope Rana. Dragon Sleeper, but Wright immediately gets to the bottom rope. Another try and Wright counters with a jawbreaker. Bridging German Suplex gets the win for Wright at 18:42.

Winner and Still WCW World Television Champion: Alex Wright via pin at 18:42
-Started slow but they turned this into a heck of a match. It probably could have lost a few minutes, but very good here. I like the story of Wright always being one step ahead as Dragon tried his aerial moves and he had the Dragon Sleeper scouted which led to the finish. ***1/2

-To the back as Gene Okerlund pimps the Hotline and the nWo run by. We hear a noise off-screen and Gene finds Curt Henning down off an attack.

Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra) vs. Dean Malenko

-The announce team talk about the tactics of the nWo and Heenan wonders why the Horsemen don’t just attack the nWo with chairs in the back. Schiavone agrees! They move to this match as the winner gets a US Title shot against Mongo next month at Halloween Havoc. Jarrett sends Debra to the back before getting back into the ring. He stalls as he plays to the crowd and Dean just patiently waits on him. Lockup to star and Jeff gets an armdrag and struts some more. Dean, again, just patiently waits for Jarrett to finish his posing. Hammerlock from Dean and Jarrett is able to escape and backs off. We go again and Dean gets a side headlocks as Tony talks about this match being all about tradition since they are second generation wrestlers. We go again after some more stalling from Jarrett and this time he gets the hammerlock. Dean elbows his way out and Jarrett backs off to complain to the ref again. Another go and Jeff gets a go behind, but Dean breaks the grip and works on the arm. Jarrett reverses and gets a top wristlock to the mat. Dean has had enough and fires off strikes in the corner and then struts over the back of Jarrett to mock him. Jarrett gets a drop toehold, but misses an elbow. Dean connects with a leg lariat and Jarrett bails to the floor. I guess it was getting too exciting there. Back in the ring Jarrett gets a side headlock and takes it to the mat. Dean rolls into a pin attempt as Jarrett complains to the ref about Dean using the tights. Back to their feet and Dean lands some right hands. He runs Jarrett into the top buckle, but misses a clothesline which lets Jarrett get a sleeper. Dean gets to the rope to break and avoids a charge in the corner. He comes off top with a double axe, but Jarrett gets in a kick. Malenko sets Jarrett on the top rope and hits a superplex which leaves both men down. Jarrett grabs the ropes to avoid a dropkick, but Dean keeps control as he pounds away with right hands. Dropkick to the back of the head by Dean followed by a German Suplex. Dean hooks the Texas Cloverleaf, but Jarrett is too close to the ropes and that forces a break. Debra is back as Dean hits a clothesline that sends him and Jarrett to the floor. Baseball slide sends Jeff into the safety rail. Malenko works the knee as he wraps it around the railing and lands a kick. Back in the ring a leg lariat gets two. Dean avoids a boot in the corner, but Jarrett does land an elbow. Jarrett struts some more and then targets the knee of Malenko to set him up for the figure-four. He wraps Dean’s knee around the ring post and stomps the knee, but Dean kicks off in a weird spot as Jarrett was supposed to land crotch first on the top rope and it just didn’t work out well. Jarrett counters a suplex into a pin for two. Sleeper from Dean, but Jarrett breaks with a belly to back suplex. The crowd is not into this one no matter how much Tony tries to sell it as a classic. Figure-Four is countered into a small package for two. Backslide gets two. Swinging neckbreaker from Jarrett stops the momentum of Dean. They do a sloppy pin-fall reversal sequence. Jarrett gets caught with a boot, but Dean’s knee buckles off a jump and Jarrett hits a chop block. The Figure Four finishes as Dean gives it up at 14:56.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett via pin at 14:56
-Started slow and got decent, but not the blow away classic like it was being sold on commentary. I just wasn’t into this WCW run by Jarrett and thankfully it is coming to an end soon. **1/4

-The nWo pays for promo time and Nash promises they have a plan for WarGames. They sure did!

Wrath and Mortis (w/ James Vandenburg) vs. The Faces of Fear

-Mortis and Barbarian start and Barbarian pounds away in the corner. He tosses Mortis into the air to fall on his face and hits a running clothesline. Meng gets the tag and he pounds away in the corner, but misses a splash in the corner. Wrath in and they just start unloading on each other with clubbing blows. Wrath gets a clothesline from the second rope and makes the tag back to Mortis. Meng chops the knee and Mortis gets dumb as he tries to hit Meng in the head. Tag to Barbarian and he connects with a headbutt to the back of Mortis’ head. Back to Meng and we get the cool double team move of a backdrop into a powerbomb for one as Wrath makes the save. Crowd loved that one! Another slam for two as Mortis gets his foot on the bottom rope. Mortis gets caught in the wrong corner and covers as both Faces of Fear work him over. Meng no sells a clothesline and then another before hitting a sweet sounding chop. Mortis is just taking a beating here! Barbarian back with a slam and he heads up top, but Vandenberg makes the save as he knocks him off balance. Mortis goes up, which is kind of dumb as he probably should have made a tag. Barbarian shoves him off but gets caught coming off with a boot to the face. Wrath in with a clothesline and we get a double team neckbreaker into a powerbomb for two as Meng has to make the save. Wrath kicks away in the corner and land a cheap shot on Meng. Heenan and Tony question why anyone would do that. Wrath gets a middle rope elbow drop, but Barbarian gets his hand on the rope to beak the count. A modified version of a fame-asser from the top rope gets two for Mortis. Wrath back in with a belly to back suplex and he heads up top. He lands a flying clothesline and on the floor Mortis sends Barbarian into the stairs. He then dumps the steps on Barbarian for good measure. Those poor stairs! More double team as we get a Tower of Doom superplex. AWESOME! Mortis sells it as well because I mean, he was basically dropped in an Electric Chair and the announce teams picks up on how the move looked cool, but kind of backfired. Meng gets the hot tag and he just wrecks everyone. You eat a kick and you eat a kick! Powerslam gets two. Mortis gets slammed and Meng heads up top and hits a splash, but Wrath makes the save. All four men in the ring and Vanderberg gets involved. Meng gets the Tongan Death Grip on James and no sells a kick to the face from Mortis. He hooks him in the Tongan Death Grip as well as the crowd is loving this. Wrath sneaks in from behind and gets The Death Penalty for the win at 12:23.

Winners: Wrath and Mortis via pin at 12:23
-HOSS FIGHT Here and it was a lot of fun. The Faces of Fear were a good team that knew their role: murder fools and through the around the ring. Wrath and Mortis were game here as Mortis broke out some innovative offense and took a great beating while Wrath came in with his heavy hitting offense. I enjoyed this! <b***1/4

-Mongo, Benoit, and Flair cut a promo backstage and they are confident even though there is no update on Hennig.

Scott Norton vs. The Giant

-The crow loves Giant and I mean, this should be quick. Norton fires off right hands, but who are we kidding? Norton gets dumped to the floor and continues to fight, but gets tossed into the security railing. Norton posts Giant to get him in some sort of danger. He tries a suplex on the floor, but Giant reverses to one his own. Giant gets a boot to the face as I wonder why they haven’t been counted out at this point. Norton rolls back in and catches Giant with a running boot. Back in the ring Giant drops an elbow but Norton gets in a low blow and shows some good power as he gets a Stun-gun. Norton lands punches and elbows followed by a splash in the corner. We are really at the point where a C level member of the nWo is manhandling The Giant? Thankfully, Giant roars back to the life and impressively kips up off the mat. He hits a dropkick and the chokeslam finishes at 5:23.

Winner: The Giant via pin at 5:23
-Way too much Norton offense as this should have been a massacre. The finish was good though as the crowd loved the comeback from Giant. 1/2*

Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) and Scott Hall

-DDP and Luger were pulled from WarGames by Roddy Piper to let The Horsemen in so hey could get revenge for the Arn Anderson retirement parody, so they get a match against the nWo here. This also continues the trend of Savage/Hall teaming up for months on end so The Outsiders didn’t have to defend their tag titles. Heenan and Larry take shots at Elizabeth and Hall as they make their entrance. YOU SHUT YOUR DIRTY MOUTH ABOUT LIZ! Big time star power here so the crowd is ready for this one. Luger and Hall start and Lex shoves Hall around before flexing his boobies. He shoves Hall down again and Luger flexes. Larry goes off calling Hall one of the most overrated wrestlers in the industry. Luger hits a forearm on Hall and then one on Savage. He runs them into each other and dumps Savage to the floor onto Hall with a Press Slam. Nice! DDP gets the tag but Hall gets arm control and gets a slam. He slaps DDP around a bit which fires him up and he unloads with right hands. Reverse Atomic Drop, but a clothesline misses. Hall misses one of his own which lets DDP hit a flapjack. He decks Savage for good measure, but it backfires as Savage grabs him foot from the floor which lets Hall get a clothesline. Savage in with a double ax and they draw Luger into the ring to work over DDP. Hall in with the SOS Slam for two. Back to Savage as he is all over Page to continue their issues that have spanned 6 months now. Page fights out of the corner, but Savage grabs the leg to prevent a tag. Hall stomps Luger down between the two rings as Larry loses his mind on commentary. That was pretty sweet actually! Liz gets involved as she takes the eyes of Page. He probably deserved it! Page gets tossed over the top of ropes from one right to the other by Savage and then Hall sends him back in a fun game of Ping Pong. Hall decks the ref just because he can. He tells the ref to Suck It while Liz continues to get in shots on Page. A second ref is out and Hall kicks him in the head. Larry is pissed as he curses on commentary and he slams down the headset to head towards the ring. Larry gets in the face of Hall as the crowd is losing it. Larry stalls as Luger starts to pull himself up like a zombie from between the two ropes. Larry continues to stall and shoves Hall into Luger who gets a roll-up that Larry counts the pin at 10:19.

Winners: DDP and Lex Luger via pin at 10:19
-I question the legality of that one, but the crowd popped for it. I assume they knew WCW couldn’t lose every match considering what was going to happen in WarGames, but also didn’t want the nWo to lose this one clean. It gave the crowd a fun moment though and continued the issues between Larry and Hall. Not much to the match, but the crowd loved it. Someone should have ate a Diamond Cutter at some point to pop the crowd as well. **1/4

-Gene plugs The Hotline and hypes up the next PPV: Halloween Havoc!

-Randy Savage Halloween Havoc commercial!

WarGames: nWo (Kevin Nash, Syxx, Buff Bagwell, and Konnan) vs. The 4 Horsemen (Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Steve “Mongo” McMichael, and Curt Hennig)

-This the second year in a row that this match has been used for nWo vs. WCW. This year everyone is at ringside after not being able to do it last year due to the Fake Sting angle. Seeing the cage drop down just reminded me, WE ARE GETTING WARGAMES IN WWE! Michael Buffer goes over the rules and gives us the super special ring introductions. The rules: 2 men start for 5 minutes and team that wins the coin toss sends in their second man and they alternate every 2 minutes until all eight men are in the cage. Then the match beyond starts and the only way to win is by submission or surrender. Six of the eight men in this match are making their WarGames debut. Nash has been in 1 previous match (last year) and Flair has been in 16 of them to this point. The Horsemen are out without Hennig. Bagwell starts for nWo and Benoit for The Horsemen. They start in the ring on the nWo side (closest to entrance) and Bagwell poses as we start. Benoit has had enough and tosses Bagwell into the cage and once again. Bagwell eats some chops in the corner and gets suplexed into the cage. Benoit misses the falling headbutt from the top as he can’t jump obviously due to the roof. Bagwell sends Benoit into the cage as the chants want Sting. Tony bemoans why nobody from WCW is out to help The Horsemen and he has a point though perhaps they have so many enemies that nobody wants to help. Benoit gets backdropped into the cage in a nice bump. The ref gets the teams together for the coin toss and the nWo wins the advantage. That lets Heenan make his yearly 2 headed coin joke. Their timer is actually five seconds slower than mine as Konnan is the next man in. Benoit greets Konnan by slamming him onto Buff and then sends him into the cage. Bagwell gets thrown into the cage, but the numbers catch up as Buff lands a knee and Konnan drops him with a DDT. They just stomp away on Benoit as we are 50 seconds away from the next man entering for The Horsemen. The action heads towards ring two as Mongo enters as the 4th man overall. He runs wild with shoulder tackles on Konnan as Benoit chops away on Bagwell. Big boot from Mongo as we are 60 seconds from another man entering. The Horsemen run things as Bagwell bails to the first ring which is smart considering his team enters through that one. Syxx is in as the 5th man and Benoit beats the crap out of him. Syxx bumps like a pinball as he gets bounces off the cage and then tosses into the roof of the cage by Mongo. AWESOME! I am sure Syxx was thrilled to be in this match. Again, the numbers catch up to The Horsemen as the nWo starts to take over. Syxx tries the Bronco Buster, but Benoit just tosses him into the cage in another crazy bump. Curt Hennig is out with his arm in a sling and he goes over things with Flair. Curt wants in, but Flair is the 6th men in as the crowd loses it. Flair runs wild with right hands and chops. Syxx continues to bounce all over the place as all the action is in ring two now. Mongo gets a backbreaker on Konnan while Flair and Syxx head to Ring 1. Another trip into the cage for Syxx while Mongo chokes Buff. Also, props to Syxx for wearing jeans as he was ready for a battle here. Nash is the last man in for nWo and shit just changed!! He goes right for Flair and gets a sidewalk slam. Benoit attacks, but gets caught and run into the cage. Mongo is left in ring two with 3 men and that goes as you would expect. The crowd would really like Sting to show up, but that’s not happening. Flair and Syxx beat on each other in Ring 1 as they continue their feud. Flair hits Syxx and Buff in the balls as Hennig is the last man in for The Horsemen. He tears off the sling as Flair has Syxx in a Figure Four. Curt has handcuffs and he decks Mongo to turn on The Horsemen. SHOCKING! He goes right for Flair as the crowd boos this out of the building. Benoit and Mongo get handcuffed to the cage as Flair is screwed. Schiavone is on the verge of tears on commentary and this crowd is pissed. Hennig tears the Horsemen shirt off as Nash has a mic and asks Benoit and Mongo if they surrender. Not happening as they continue to beat the piss out of Flair. Syxx takes off his boot and hits Flair in the head as Benoit spits in Buff’s face. Nash with a powerbomb as Benoit refuses to surrender. Mongp won’t give it up either and Benoit tells Buff to bite him. The nWo get creative as they put Flair’s head between the post and cage door. They threaten to smash Flair’s head and Mongo surrenders at 19:36. Hennig slams Flair’s head in the door anyway and you can hear a pin drop in the arena. That looked awesome actually. Nash: “Death of The Horsemen in their own backyard.” The nWo celebrate with Curt Hennig as Tony wants to throw-up as he closes the show.

Winners: The nWo via surrender at 19:36
-This ended up being the last WarGames in WCW with these rules as they revamped (stupidly) the rules the following year. This was a lot of fun as the new blood seemed to have a ball and wanted to prove they belonged. Benoit and Syxx were the MVPs of this one as one brought the intensity and the other wanted to bounce off everything he could. The ending gets dumped on, but as a fan watching at the time it made sense to me. Hennig was a WWF guy and the last I saw of him and Flair together was their loser leaves town match on RAW in 1993. Now I understand the idea of wanting to send your crowd home happy, but with the nWo losing all the other matches on this show, you knew what was going to happen here. Good match to close out the traditional WarGames in WCW. ***1/2

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Good
The 411
There was nothing here that would be classified as a blow away classic, but we got 3 very good matches and the only bad match was short. The ending to WarGames is always talked about as some feel it killed The Horsemen and the Carolina territory for WCW and others feels it was the perfect way to continue to get heat on the nWo. Sixteen year old me loved it and even today it doesn't seem like a bad decision to me, but I was team nWo. Good show that was just missing that classic match to make it one an all time show. Having a bunch of rematches from Clash a few weeks earlier also hold his one back just a little but still a recommended show to check out at least once.