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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 2.26.21

February 26, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 2.26.21  

-My 4 month old son doesn’t want to sleep so he gets to stay next to daddy while we check out 205 Live. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuiness
-Taped: WWE Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL

Mansoor and Curt Stallion vs. Chase Parker and Matt Martel

-Mansoor is coming off a win over Drew Gulak on Main Event that I reviewed yesterday and you can find here. No Bolly-Rise this week! Stallion and Mansoor share a hug to mock Ever-Rise. Martel starts with Stallion and this may come as a shock, but Martel talks some crap and yells a lot. Stallion grabs a side headlock and tries a shoulder block, but Martel stands his ground. Stallion opts for a right hand to the face and that works better. Martel misses a clothesline and this time the shoulder block gets the job done and it nets a one count. Tag made to Mansoor and he works the arm and shoulder for a bit. Martel gets a drop toehold and makes the tag to Parker. They circle each other and lockup with neither man gaining an edge. Parker is able to get a side headlock and works that a bit as Mansoor looks for a belly to back and ends up hitting an atomic drop instead. Now Mansoor goes to the chinlock as the sounds keeps coming and going on my network feed for whatever reason. Mansoor makes the tag to Stallion and he goes to the headlock as this one is starting rather slow. Things pick up a bit as Stallion hits a leaping back elbow for a two count and then a tag to Mansoor. He connects with a suplex for a two count as Martel tries to rally his partner. It works as a tag is made, but Mansoor escapes a double team and takes out both men. Stallion with the tag and we get stereo dropkicks that send Ever-Rise to the floor. The Bollywood Boyz are here and they talk to Ever-Rise to try to calm them down and get them back into the match. Parker heads back in and Mansoor goes right back to the side headlock. Parker reverses to one of his own and a blind tag is made to Martel who drops Mansoor with a nice powerbomb. Martel stomps a mud hole in the corner and makes the tag back to Parker. Now the double team offense works and it gets a two count. Mansoor avoids an elbow drop and rolls to the floor to escape. He gets a sunset flip, but Martel makes the blind tag and breaks the pins attempt to take control back for his team. Mansoor gets trapped in the wrong corner and fights out, but can’t make the tag at first. Ever-Rise try the step-up elbow and it misses which lets Mansoor make the hot tag. Stallion runs Wyld chops and gets a roll-up for two. He hits a suicide dive that takes out The Bollywood Boyz on the floor. He heads up top but Parker gets up the knees and that gets two. All four men get involve and everyone hits everyone including a double stung gun by Ever-Rise and in the chaos The Bollywood Boyz slide in their movie slate which the ref sees and Parker is distracted enough that Mansoor gets the roll-up for the pin at 9:34.

Winner: Mansoor and Curt Stallion via pin at 9:34
-Kind of a blah tag match to start as it was a run of chinlocks. Things picked up towards the end and then we got the distraction ending with a roll-up. The Bolly-Rise sage continues and Mansoor stays undefeated. **

-Bolly-Rise argue after the match.

-Last week Grey got attacked in the back by Nese and Daivari leading to a match later where Daivari picked up the win.

August Grey vs. Tony Nese

-Daivari is out with Nese as expected and Grey is prepared as he brings Jake Atlas out as back-up. I like when baby faces are smart. Lock-up to start and Grey is able to get a wristlock, which Nese escapes rather easily and grounds Grey. They have a mat sequence before Nese backs Grey into the corner and doesn’t offer a clean break. He fires some chops and tells us he is The Premier Athlete. That seemingly fired up Grey as he lands a few strikes and gets a side slam for a two count. Daivari looks to interfere, but Atlas is there to stop that noise. Grey goes out to confront Daivari and avoids a baseball slide to punch Nese in the face. Grey continues to argue with Daivari and this time he pays for it as Nese drapes Grey throat first over the top rope alas Randy Savage. They battle on the apron and Nese kicks him the face. Grey blocks being sent into the corner and goes up to hit the flying crossbody for two. Nese comes back with a pump handle slam for two and then hooks in a body scissors. Nese releases and switches to a rear bear hug, but Grey breaks with strikes. Grey gets sent into the corner, but bounces out with a running clothesline. He connects with a jawbreaker followed by a neckbreaker and then a throw gets a two count. Grey heads up top again and on the floor Daivari sends Atlas into the stairs. That distracts Grey enough for Nese to deliver a palm strike. He heads up but misses the 450 though and again Daivari is there for the distraction. Atlas pulls him off the apron so Nese takes him out with a Fosbury Flop. Grey follows out with a dive off his own on Nese and back in the ring hits his version of The Unprettier where he walks up the corner ropes for the win at 7:11.

Winner: August Grey via pin at 7:11
-Man, I feel like that match got short changed a bit and would have preferred them getting the extra few minutes and shaving some off the tag match. They crammed in a good bit in the 7 minutes and Grey getting the win works as he had backup this week to help counter Daivari. Nese is really good and has been great in this role of pissed off veteran while also delivering in the ring. A few more minutes and this was going to get really good. **3/4

-Thanks for reading!

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A solid half hour of wrestling from 205 Live as we have come to expect. Nothing must see this week, but the Main Event was fun. The tag match was kind of disappointing for me, but it was still ok. I enjoy the side stories and feuds going on with the brand, but at some point they will need to address who is next in line for Escobar. They also continue to name drop Devlin and mention he is still the lineal Champion so we have that in the background as well.

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