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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 4.30.21

April 30, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
205 Live
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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 4.30.21  

-My 49ers got Trey Lance, so time to load up and make one last run with Jimmy G before turning it over to the rookie QB. On SmackDown, Roman continued his dominance and sent Bryan packing in a fantastic match and probably best match WWE has had on TV since Bryan/AJ for the IC Title last year. Just great stuff!. Now to 205 Live where we have two tag matches set for tonight. Let’s get to it!

-Taped: WWE Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL
-Announce Team: Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuiness

Jake Atlas and August Grey vs. The Bollywood Boyz

-Sunil and Grey start us out and Sunil quickly gets a side headlock. He takes Grey to the mat before the pace picks up a with a rope running sequence. They have a stalemate and then share a fist bump of mutual respect before each takes out. Now we get a go with Atlas and Samir and they go through a pin fall reversal sequence. Samir gets kicked out of the ring and appears to damage his knee on the fall. Back in the ring Atlas gets a two count of a running elbow and then goes to a body scissors. Samir throws elbows to break, but gets clubbed behind the head to cut off a tag. Grey back in and he sends Samir into the corner. Whip to the other corner and Samir takes the Bret Hart corner bump which gets two. Samir slides out of a slam, and gets the hot tag to Sunil. He runs wild on Atlas and hits a cross body. A spinning heel kick gets a two count as Grey breaks up the count. Sunil hits a Rude Awakening (nice call by Phillips) and follows with top rope elbow for two. Atlas shoves Sunil into his partner and a tag is made to Grey. Sunil didn’t see the tag and ends up getting murdered by a superkick from Atlas and then Grey finishes with his rope walking cross body at 6:21.

Winners: Jake Atlas and August Grey via pin at 6:21
-Weird one here as it started slow with a short heat segment and then kind of rushed to a finish. **

-Daivari and Nese make their entrance and have a stare down with Grey and Atlas to continue the Daivari/Atlas stuff.

-WWE Shop Commercial!

-Make A Wish Commercial!

-Back to NXT as Legado Del Fantasma dominates MSK and Kushida in a banger of a match.

Ever-Rise vs. Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari

-Martel starts with Nese and no lock-up as Nese just kicks him in the gut to start and things go badly for Martel from there. Daivari gets the tag and stomps away before tagging back to Nese. He continues with the boots and tries a cover, but Martel is out before one. Martel tries to crawl to his corner which lets Nese get the mount as lands some hammer fists to the back of the head. Martel gets sent into the corner by Daivari and then a neckbreaker for two. This is just a beating at this point! Tag back to Nese as he just looks disgusted staring down at Martel. Nese connects with a standing splash for two and then takes time to do some sit-ups. I mean, based on that dudes abs, I am shocked when he isn’t doing sit-ups. Daivari back in and he hooks in a chinlock as this beating is just rolling along. Martel lands a strike, but a dropkick kills that brief flash of hope. Daivari talks crap to Parker on the apron and at this point this either needs to just finish as a SQUASH or we need the upset win. Martel finally gains traction as he snaps off a DDT and the race is on for each man to their corner. Nese heads out and pulls Parker off the apron in a wonderful dick move. Nese back to his corner for the tag as he his the Randy Savage throat first clothesline on the top rope. Nese hits the springboard moonsault and Daivari follows with the Frog Splash, but Parker makes the save. Martel gets a backdrop and finally makes the hot tag and he gets to run wild for a bit. He drops Nese with a Gory Bomb for two and then looks to make a tag which seems unnecessary. Martel is out though so no tag. Parker up top and Nese meets him up there for a superplex, but Parker reverses to a top rope neckbreaker. Nice! Martel back in and he gets caught with a shot to the throat. He avoids a double team backdrop and sends Nese to the floor, but Daivari gets a slop drop for two. Martel gets put up top, but shoves both men off. Nese is back up though and hits a palm strike. Daivari hits Iconoclasm and Nese follows with a 450, but Martel is out at two in a good near fall. Nese and Daivari are rather annoyed now and just take turns pounding away. Martel continues to fight back though and gets a second hot tag as Nese accidentally blasts Daivari. Nese gets double teamed for two and then eats a Powerbomb from Martel into a Boston Crab. Daivari breaks that up with a superkick and then Parker back in to rock Daivari with his own superkick. This is getting pretty awesome! Nese drops Parker, but Martel is back with a superkick. Ever-Rise hit the step up elbow drop on Daivari, but Nese drives Parker into Martel and hits a knee strike. Nese heads to the floor and misses a cartwheel off the apron, but lands a right hand. He heads back in the ring and looks to fly, but charges into a Double Stun Gun for the upset at 11:59.

Winners: Ever-Rise via pin at 11:59
-This was great and just kept getting better and better as the match built to the finish. Martel looked great as he survived a beating and Ever-Rise getting the win was the right call here. Wonderful stuff and easily best match from Ever-Rise on this show and one of best matches I’ve watched since I started reviewing last May. ***1/2

The final score: review Good
The 411
The Tag Main Event was great and made this a good show after a suspect start with the opening tag. I liked that they kept the opener a little short to give more time to the Main and they delivered. Props to Ever-Rise as they stepped up their game tonight and deserved both the win and chance to show what they can do. Definitely check out the Main Event this week.

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