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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 11.17.22

November 17, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Main Event Kiana James Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 11.17.22  

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-My latest retro review on WCW World War 3 1997 can be found here. We are closing in on the finish line for 1997. From there I will have to figure out if I want to go to another year or just go through a collection of shows like Starrcade. Any thoughts or recommendations will be considered and are appreciated. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton 
-Taped: KFC Yum Center, Louisville, KY

Asuka vs. Kiana James

-Wait, what? I mean, cool I get to see Asuka, but she is slumming it on Main Event? And against a NXT call-up? This should be a slaughter! Even Saxton and Patrick are questioning her chances in this match. The crowd is into this because ASUKA is out there. James gets a headlock, but Asuka counters easily. She hooks a side headlock and clowns James a bit before getting some dancing in. She hits a clothesline, but misses the hip attack. James works Asuka over in the corner and backflips out and runs back in with a shoulder to the ribs. Slam from Hames gets a one count. Another and this time it gets two. James hooks a chinlock and for real, what are we doing here? Asuka has War Games in a week and she is stuck here in a competitive match with James. James gets dumb and pie-faces Asuka. Yeah, that won’t work. Asuka throws strikes and gets a backslide for two. She buries a knee to the face and goes crazy with kicks and back fists. Hip attack connects in the corner and she hits a head kick for the win at 4:15.

Winner: Asuka via pin at 4:15
-Again, kind of weird to bring Asuka down to this show considering she is part of a marquee match at Survivor Series, but perhaps they wanted her thoughts on James after working a match with her. Match was okay as James is still learning and Asuka had to basically play some of the hits to keep it basic. *

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-Ali vs. Ricochet and Butch vs. Sami Zayn are our 2 World Cup Matches tomorrow on SmackDown.

-Back to SmackDown last week as The Usos and New Days had a heck of a match for the Tag Titles. These teams can do no wrong against each other and this was no exception. Usos get the win and become the longest reigning tag champions in WWE history.

-Later Roman Reigns is set to acknowledge The Usos for their greatness, but The Brawling Brutes interrupt with Sheamus making his return. The brawl is on and Drew McIntyre is out as backup as we know this is heading towards War Games. The question is who is #5 for Drew and The Brutes? We assume Kevin Owens and hopefully his injury won’t stop that from happening.

-Back to RAW as hidden camera footage catches Miz admitting to hiring Dexter to stalk him and that he stopped paying him because things went haywire.

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-Back to RAW for Miz TV as Miz and his cardigan are out to apologize. Gargano interrupts and is happy that Miz has confirmed what he has been saying for weeks. Johnny lets us know that Miz and Dexter face off in two weeks and if Dexter wins, he gets a WWE contract and Miz has to pay him all back owed money. If Miz wins, then Dexter is gone. Dexter then unveils as one of the cameramen and Miz bails, but loses his cardigan.

-JD McDonagh introduces himself to Cedric Alexander. Cedric thinks he is creepy, but JD says his body is at zen thinking about what he is going to do to Cedric later.

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Cedric Alexander vs. JD McDonagh

-Okay! Let’s see what we can get here. JD gets wrist control and maintains as Cedric tries to roll his way out. He even tries to monkey flip out, but JD maintains control. He finally escapes, but backs into a corner to check on his wrist. Another go and JD lands a kick to the stomach and goes back to the arm and wrist. Alexander kips up to break and gets a dropkick. Cedric fires off some chops in the corner. JD escapes a suplex, but gets caught with an elbow. Cedric tries to pick up the pace, but JD goes back to the damaged arm. He drapes Cedric’s arm across the top rope as he jumps to the floor and that takes us to our commercial break.

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-Back with JD back on the arm, but Cedric is able to shove off to break. Sick clothesline from Cedric with the good arm and a nice release German Suplex sends JD to the floor. Cedric looks to fly, but JD back in to cut him off. Cedric gets a Michinoku Driver for two. Neuralizer is a no go as his damaged arm won’t let him hit the move. Nice! JD gets tossed to the apron, but low bridges Cedric. Beautiful Asai moonsault from JD and in a nice touch most of his bodyweight landed on the damaged arm. Slingshot corkscrew splash back in the ring gets two. Cedric lands on his feet off another German and lands a kick to the back. He misses a second kick, but lands a forearm. Cedric tries another clothesline, but JD rolls with it and hits a standing Spanish Fly. Sweet! Yes Kicks from JD, but he walks into a knee to the face. Both up and JD hits a headbutt. They start trading blows in the middle of the ring and Cedric gets a head kick before getting a brainbuster for the win at 10:00.

Winner: Cedric Alexander via pin at 10:00
-This was sweet! They were given time by this show’s standards as even with the commercial break you rarely see anything you get 10:00 here. Cedric winning is fine as JD is the newbie call up on a test run, but he looked good out there and the crowd got into the match. One of the better matches of the year for this show. ***1/4

-Back to RAW two weeks ago as Lashley destroys Seth Rollins which has Austin Theory cashing in for The US Title and he loses.

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-War Games commercial!

-Back to RAW as Seth Rollins defends his US Title against Finn Balor and Balor takes a rare loss. Judgment Day and OC get involved and brawl through the crowd. Austin Theory is out after the match and beats the dog shit out of Rollins. After being torn down it seems they are now rebuilding him with HHH’s vision.

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Good
The 411
Main Event made the show and I recommend checking it out. The rest is your normal episode of Main Event though Asuka brought some star power to the show.