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Mid-South Wrestling (3.23.1985) Review

May 2, 2022 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Terry Taylor Mid-South Wrestling 3-9-1985 Image Credit: WWE/Peacock
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Mid-South Wrestling (3.23.1985) Review  

-It’s March 23, 1985.

-They’ve changed the stock music replacement theme to a different stock music replacement theme. I really just wish they’d fork over whatever figure it takes to make the RIAA go away.

-Your host is Jim Ross. Terry Taylor is the new North American Champion, but that creates a conflict because he already had the TV Title, therefore, the TV Title is now vacant and we’re going to have a tournament.

-Ted DiBiase, dressed to wrestle, formally protests his title loss because there was no contract signing and his understanding of the spontaneous match last week was that just the TV Title was on the line. JR calls that out as a complete lie, and DiBiase’s rationale is nobody would ACTUALLY put the North American Title on the line without putting it in writing, and everyone knows that.

-Butch Reed comes out and tells DiBiase to quit whining, and DiBiase is completely outmanned by JR and Butch speaking up about every time he contradicts himself, so he just leaves in frustration. Butch Reed gives Taylor his props, but challenges the new champ to a title match because he’s still a contender. And to prove it, he’s also entering the TV Title tournament, hoping to win both titles and creating a nightmarish unending cycle of vacated belts and tournaments.

-Oh, also, more business to tend to. JR explains that the tape was still rolling after last week’s sign-off, so we play the post-show footage of the Dirty White Boys attacking the Rock & Roll Express from behind. Express is up to the task and it turns into a pull-apart brawl, with the locker room emptying to…pull apart the brawl, I guess. Because it’s a pull-apart brawl.

-Skandar Akbar is here. Kamala is going for the North American Title this week, and Terry Taylor’s title reign, AND his career, do not have long to last. He promises that Taylor will break Kerry Von Erich’s record for shortest title reign.

BARBARIAN (with Skandar Akbar) vs. JOSH STROUD
-JR and Joel Watts speculate that Stroud will present an actual challenge to Barbarian for the first time–Stroud has a GREAT physique and JR is putting over his football background–but Barbarian easily shoves him and slams him like any other opponent. Big boot by Barbarian, and the full nelson gets the submission. Post-match, Barbarian won’t relent, beating on Stroud until the referee gets fed up and reverses the decision, giving Stroud a win by DQ. Barbarian’s unfazed, so he STILL beats on Stroud until Butch Reed has seen enough and shows up for a piece of Barbarian. Barbarian simply shifts his attention and kicks the hell out of Butch Reed, ripping his suit apart in the process, and the locker room empties again to pull everyone apart.

-Butch Reed, irate and pantsless at the commentary table, demands a ghetto street fight with the Barbarian.

-Williams heaves Daniels across the ring. Jobbers try targeting the arm (Williams is wearing an Iron Mike Sharpe armbrace) and that works until Williams beheads Daniels with a clothesline. DiBiase tags in, in a foul mood, and elbows Daniels. Williams comes back in with a badass strength hold, applying a front facelock on Daniels and then just using his entire body like a whip in that position.

-Shawn Michaels tags in and tries to save the day, but DiBiase powerslams him, and the figure four gets the submission.

NORTH AMERICAN TITLE: TERRY TAYLOR (Champion) vs. KAMALA (with Skandar Akbar & Friday)
-Like Brad Armstrong, Taylor opts to just lug the belt around because it won’t fit.

-Taylor starts off with evasive maneuvers, which works until Friday distracts him and Kamala lands a series of big fat chops on Taylor. Kamala chokes and smothers the champ while the referee frantically tries to tell Friday to get control of this guy, because there’s no way even for a referee to communicate.

-So because Kamala’s side started the rule-breaking, Taylor tries a thumb to the eye, which slows Kamala down a little bit, but not nearly enough. Chokes and chops by Kamala. Akbar is demanding that Kamala go off the turnbuckles, but Kamala ignores the order and keeps choking away. Stungun by Kamala, as the untamed savage again shows a tiny indication of being able to learn.

-Taylor tries one last tactic, a dropkick, but Kamala dodges it and splashes Taylor, which looks like enough to finish, but then to Akbar’s total exasperation, NOW is the time when Kamala follows the order to go up to the turnbuckles. Akbar throws a fit about Kamala’s crappy sense of timing, and Taylor has enough sense left to roll out of the ring while Kamala is climbing, so Friday has to get up to the apron to make him stop.

-With the referee distracted by Friday and Taylor on the floor, Akbar sees an opening and rams Taylor into the post, lacerating him, and Kamala goes crazy at the sight of his opponent’s blood. Kamala goes for an avalanche. Taylor avoids it. Kamala tries another one but accidentally crashes into the referee.

-Five-arm by Taylor could finish, but the referee’s out, so Jake Roberts runs in to come get some. Taylor fights him off and leaves Jake sprawled on the mat after a back suplex. Kamala has recovered and tries to finish off Taylor, but Taylor bodypresses him as Kamala is standing over Jake’s body. Jake accidentally schoolboys Kamala with Taylor on top of him right as the referee recovers and counts three, and Taylor gets three to retain the North American Title. KAMALA’S BEST MATCH EVER, holy hell. Post-match, Kamala is confused about what happened and beats the hell out of Jake, Akbar, and Friday while they all struggle to calm him down.

-This is pretty ahead of the game for 1985.

-Prichard and Ricky Morton start, based on the random drawing held before the match. They have a good scientific battle. Armstrong and the Snake end up in there. Armstrong surprises Jake with rapid near-falls and Jake slowly backs away and tags out. Victory sets up Armstrong for an attempted double-team, but when Jake tags in, Victory loses his grip, and Jake looks annoyed with his partner.

-Armstrong gets worked over by the DWBs as JR teases that the Freebirds and the Road Warriors will be involved in some of these four-team elimination matches coming soon to an arena near you. Prichard tags back in, and a Samoan drop by Len Denton is enough for a three-count to eliminate our first team. And then there were three.

-Denton and Gibson get into a fistfight. Knee to the face, and Denton decides that’s about as much of this as he’s in the mood for, so Jake tags back in and Gibson has his own struggle. He tags Victory back in and uses a cheap shot from the apron to take control.

-Dirty Whites still want a piece of the Rock & Rolls so they trade off on Gibson. We get inter-team cooperation as Jake tags in for some double-teaming with Len Denton, and JR is concerned that this match has turned into a 4 vs. 2 effort. Legdrop by Tony Anthony gets two as Gibson is fading away slowly, but keeps kicking out at two. Victory goes in for the kill, but he misses a blind tag, and the Express takes him out with a double dropkick for three, and Jake & Jack are gone.

-But that leaves only a minute of TV time, so the match is called with no winner! Oh come on!

-So we use up that last remaining minute for a Kerry Von Erich video montage.

The final score: review Very Good
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Just gold.

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