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Mid-South Wrestling (4.14.1984) Review

December 13, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 12-31-1983 Magnum TA Mr Wrestling III
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Mid-South Wrestling (4.14.1984) Review  

-Originally aired April 14, 1984.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Jim Ross, and they have the $10,000 check and the TV Title medal at the desk. And because it’s such a momentous occasion, we recap the entire tournament from start to finish, including rewatching an angle with the Midnight Express from a few weeks ago to re-explain why Magnum TA got eliminated from the tournament. We also recap Terry Taylor’s incredibly long journey to the finals, including some chicanery from Butch Reed, who was faking an injury. Now to be clear, this isn’t a quick montage of clips held together with music, they’re showing whole segments and promos from the past few weeks, and it eats up the first 11 minutes of the show.

-Reisor Bowden, whose first name I’ve been misspelling this entire time, announces that they have a special presentation for Terry Taylor before the match. A woman presents him with flowers on behalf of Mary Sue, a little crippled girl who’s watching at home and couldn’t be in the arena for the tournament finals. This is pro wrestling and I have the damndest feeling that those flowers are either made of cake or made of trophies.

-And Butch Reed storms to the ring to complain that Taylor is in the finals when he never actually beat Butch Reed in the tournament. He demands a match, and Taylor isn’t dumb enough to take the obvious bait, promising to give him a match AFTER he wrestles Krusher in the tournament final. So Reed grabs the little girl’s flowers and smashes them across the apron, leaving them scattered all over the place.

-And Taylor is dumb enough to take THAT bait, going out to the floor to tend to his flowers, and Reed immediately attacks and piledrives him on the floor. Taylor is splayed across the floor with an injured neck as we pause for commercial and try to figure out what to do next because, dammit, we were supposed to have a title match!

-Back from commercial, Krusher is in the ring, proclaiming early victory because OBVIOUSLY Taylor is going to forfeit the match in this situation, but Taylor comes to the ring wearing a neckbrace and insists on wrestling injured because he came this far.


-Taylor throws punches and elbows, stunning Krusher but not really hurting him. Jim Ross declares this match to be “the fourth quarter” for Taylor as Taylor drives fists into the skull. Krusher reverses an Irish whip and Taylor’s neck snaps back on impact. Krusher goes for the neck vice, but the neck brace stops him from applying it, giving Taylor a reprieve. Krusher goes for a stungun and a piledriver instead, and Taylor is DEAD. Krusher gets the three-count and collects the $10,000 and the medal, and Nikolai Volkoff and Butch Reed head to the ring to celebrate with him. In a nice added detail, the TV Title medal has a red, white, and blue ribbon, and JR is absolutely dismayed that a pinko Russian gets a red, white, and blue championship medal.

-Bill Watts thanks the fans for their support, and he’s proud of how things went for him in The Last Stampede. Oh, yeah, the Last Stampede, how did that thing go? Well, JR excitedly announces we have highlights from the Last Stampede at the Superdome, so let’s go now to the highlights from last weekend’s match…

-So after that intro, we instead see footage from TV of the Rock & Roll/Landell & Reed match, with Cornette interfering, injuring Robert Gibson and leaving Ricky Morton to get beaten up by himself.

-JR and Boyd look confused, as we’ve obviously just seen the wrong tape, so JR throws it to commercial to figure out what happened.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (Tag Team Champions, with Jim Cornette) vs. JOSH STROUD & TONY TORRES

-And Cornette has the video tape from the Last Stampede, and he destroys it with scissors while explaining that it’s just boring footage of the Midnights beating Bill Watts’ brains out like everyone knew they would, so there’s no point in ever airing it. I love this show.

-Torres gamely takes on Bobby Eaton with elbows and a dropkick. Condrey tags in and bungles a leapfrog, allowing Condrey to take over. Stroud tags in and takes a brainbuster. Midnights finish with a Hart Attack this week!

-Well, luckily we have SOME footage intact from the Superdome, so we go to Student vs. Teacher as Magnum TA challenges Mr. Wrestling for the North American Title. Ref gets bumped, Mr. Wrestling loads up his knee with a weapon, but Magnum gets out of the way just as the referee wakes up, and Mr. Wrestling accidentally knees the referee out to the floor. Magnum puts the weapon on himself and uses it to hit the kneelift that his ex-coach taught him, and Mr. Wrestling falls out of the ring.

-And THEN another Mr. Wrestling hits the ring, in identical tights and the same mask, but much larger and muscular, and he puts Magnum in a torture rack until Magnum passes out from the pain. The mysterious man pins Magnum, and the referee is dazed and sees a guy in a white mask and white tights pinning Magnum, so he goes ahead and counts the pin, and Mr. Wrestling gets the most tainted victory imaginable.


-Veasey attacks before the bell, but Magnum reverses an Irish whip and slams Veasey. Belly to belly gets the quick win.

-Mr. Wrestling formally introduces the new guy and names him “Mr. Wrestling II.” So to recap, the guy we used to call Mr. Wrestling II is now Mr. Wrestling, and the new Mr. Wrestling is Mr. Wrestling II even though he’s Mr. Wrestling III. And to think, some people have the nerve to call professional wrestling stupid.

-The backstory is that Mr. Wrestling has been secretly training Mr. Wrestling II for the past two years. He’s bigger than Magnum and he promises that the new II is a better wrestler as well. (It’s Hercules Hernandez under a mask, if you’re wondering.) And he’s Mr. Wrestling II because he’s loyal to Mr. Wrestling, who doesn’t take a back seat to anyone, which is why he earned the right to go without a number.

MR. WRESTLING II (with Mr. Wrestling II Original Recipe) vs. JOE SAVOLDI
-II beats on Savoldi with just sheer brawn. Suplex by II as his coach proudly applauds him as Boyd laments that with identical tights and an identical mask, there is NO WAY to tell these two apart. Putting aside the obvious physique differences, II is wearing kneepads.

-So II just mauls Savoldi for a long TBS-style squash before finally applying the torture rack, but before Savoldi can submit, TA storms into the ring to take on the Mr. Wrestlings by himself. When he gets overwhelmed, Stagger Lee shows up to take care of business. TA and Stagger high-five as the Wrestling boys retreat.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
II, Cornette, and Butch Reed were some of the best heels in the business at this point, and this company booked all of them to perfection.

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