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Pentagon Jr. and Fenix Accept Offer to Wrestle in AEW at Come Hell or High Water Event

February 2, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Pentagon & Rey Fenix 3 MLW Lucha Expo Lucha Bros Impact

– AEW’s Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes appeared at last night’s Come Hell or High Water event in Atlanta, Georgia. The group has recently been making some surprise appearances at indie events, including ones from Bar Wrestling and Defy Wrestling. And it appears they were at last night’s show to court Pentagon Jr. and Fenix.

During the show, SCU was set to take on Pentagon Jr. and Fenix. The Young Bucks then came out and asked them, “Why don’t you guys come wrestle for AEW?” Pentagon Jr. and Fenix then shook hands with the Bucks in response. So, it looks like they are now part of the promotion.

The Come Hell or High Water show is currently available on FITE.tv. Also, you can check out some short clips and images of what took place at last night’s event that were posted on Twitter by the TDE account.