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REELZ To Debut New Documentaries About Owen Hart and Roddy Piper on Sunday

February 3, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Owen Hart, WWE, Kevin Dunn, AEW Image Credit: WWE

As previously reported, REELZ is set to debut a new documentary about Chyna this Sunday at 9 PM ET. However, there will also be documentaries on Owen Hart and Roddy Piper. The documentaries are episodes of the network’s series Autopsy: The Last Hours of…, which focuses on the deaths of celebrities.

The Owen Hart episode airs at 10 PM ET and will feature interviews with Martha Hart, Ross Hart, Bruce Hart, Jeff Jarrett, Owen’s son Oje and former WWE creative team member Kevin Eck.

Here’s a synopsis: On May 23rd 1999, world renowned wrestler Owen Hart, fell to his death plummeting 78 feet from the ceiling of an arena during a live television broadcast. He had been due to make a spectacular entrance, flying into the ring from the rafters as his superhero character, ‘The Blue Blazer’, but something went drastically wrong. At the age of just 34 years old, Owen left behind a devastated wife and two young children, who could not understand why their dad was never going to come home to them again. As the youngest child of Canadian wrestling legend, Stu Hart, and younger brother of World Wrestling Federation superstar, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart’, Owen grew up within the industry. Despite attempts to follow other careers, his natural talent and flair for wrestling led him to the WWF stage at the age of 23. Within five years he had become one of the promotion’s top stars. But how did one of the world’s most talented wrestlers, working for a multi-million-dollar company fall from such a great height? Using information from Owen Hart’s Autopsy Report, the Police Investigation, and firsthand accounts from Owen’s wife and family, Forensic Pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter uncovers how this tragic accident occurred.

The Roddy Piper episode will air a 11 PM ET and features interviews with Lanny Poffo, Evan Ginzberg and Kevin Eck.

Here’s a synopsis: Roddy overcame a tough childhood to rise through the ranks to become a household name alongside Hulk Hogan in the days of Wrestlemania. But his wrestling world was ruthless and like many of his fraternity, Roddy relied on a toxic cocktail of steroids, painkillers, alcohol and cocaine to maintain his status as the main event and medicate for the pain that had been dealt to him. Famously, Roddy was on record predicting his early death, stating that he would not survive past the age of 65 but was his wrestling lifestyle the only reason for his premature demise? Or were there other hidden factors at play? World renowned forensic pathologist, Dr. Michael Hunter analyses every detail of Roddy Piper’s life to piece together what exactly was going on in his body to find the answers.

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