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Ron Harris and Aroluxe Respond to Lawsuit From TNA Production Company

January 4, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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– There is dissension among the defendants in Audience of One’s lawsuit against TNA parent company Impact Ventures LLC, Aroluxe LLC, Dean Broadhead and Ron Harris. PWInsider reports that Harris and Aroluxe have filed responses to the lawsuit, which alleges that Broadhead, Harris and Aroluxe conspired to bring Audience of One on as a production company for TNA under false pretenses of using them regularly and then failed to pay them for their work.

Both responses were filed on January 3rd, and Aroluxe’s claims that they should not be defendants in the case. They say that claims that Harris is a “principal” in their company are wrong, and that “Aroluxe lacks knowledge and information sufficient to form a belief” as to the claims against them. They also say that many of the claims are specifically against Impact Ventures, Harris and/or Broadhead and thus they don’t need ro respond.

Meanwhile, Harris’ response denies all allegations against him and claims that Virginian court has no jurisdiction over him. He says that any allegations should be aimed at Impact Ventures or Aroluxe’s parent company and that Audience of One has failed to state a claim in which they can receive any sort of remedy from him.

Essentially, both sides are saying that the other defendants (mostly Impact Ventures) should be the defendants in the lawsuit. This is problematic for Audience of One because with Anthem’s purchase of Impact todat and the formation of a new LLC for the company, there may not be much left in terms of assets that can be paid to the plaintiffs.

Harris and Aroluxe have both asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice and that Audience of One be required to pay all court costs. A hearing is set for February 3rd.

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