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Sambus’ AEW Collision Review 02.03.24

February 3, 2024 | Posted by Theo Sambus
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Sambus’ AEW Collision Review 02.03.24  


Howdy folks! Thanks for joining us here on 411mania as we bring you live coverage of tonight’s AEW Collision broadcast. I’ve been sick over the past few days so I’m looking forward to the distraction of tonight’s show – and what a show it is shaping up to be!

Bryan Danielson vs Hechicero is the dream match I didn’t even know I wanted, and yet the second it was announced, it just made perfect sense. Honestly, I haven’t seen all that much of Hechicero outside of a great match with Michael Oku for RevPro and the PWG match against Zack Sabre Jr, but his style should match up perfectly with Danielson’s, and we could be in store for some legit technical warfare.

That match alone would be enough to carry the show, but we’ve also got The Patriarchy in Trios action against FTR & Daniel Garcia. I’m so pleased to see FTgaRcia still together after the House of Black feud as they really have legs as a team.

Outside of that, I’m stoked for Queen Aminata’s Collision return, taking on Serena Deeb. Aminata has impressed at every opportunity, so I’m hoping she still gets a fair showcase despite Deeb needing some definitive wins in her return arc.

With Eddie Kingston vs Bryan Keith rounding out the card and an appearance set for Mark Briscoe, we’ve got a cracking lineup ahead. Let’s do this!


Location: Edinburg, TX

Venue: Bert Ogden Arena

Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Kevin Kelly & Tony Schiavone

Opening credits, opening pyro, and Bryan Keith is already in the ring, awaiting our opening contest of the evening.


Match One: [Continental Crown Proving Ground Match] Eddie Kingston (c) vs ‘Bounty Hunter’ Bryan Keith

Feeling out process as we begin this one, Eddie is backed into the ropes and Keith gives him an overhand slap to the face. Eddie shrugs it off and doesn’t rise to it. Shoulder block off the ropes by Keith, one in return from Eddie. Kingston peppers a grounded Keith with some forearms, following up with some chops to the chest. Suplex in the center of the ring. Eddie and Keith trade headbutts but both feel the effects.

Kawada kick to the face of Keith, and Kingston goes for another suplex but Keith holds on. Chop by Eddie, and they get into a strike exchange. Dropkick to the knee by Keith and a big boot, taking Eddie off his feet.

Eddie to the outside and he pulls Keith out with him. Keith whips Kingston into the barricade. Back to the ring for a cover, 1, 2, Eddie kicks out. More strikes exchanged and a big arm drag by Kingston as we go to PIP break.

Keith gets to the ropes and Eddie chops him across the back. Rope-assisted stomp to the face, followed by a hard whip into the buckles. Kawada kicks again by Eddie, but Keith gets some kicks of his own. No, Eddie up for a flurry of shots, and a running boot to the jaw. Kicks to the midsection on Keith, Eddie pulls him out of the corner and they trade more chops. Back elbow by Kingston, Keith gets a headbutt to Eddie, knocking the Continental Crown champion to the floor. Eddie gets to the apron but Bryan Keith boots him back down and hits a canonball senton off the apron. He rolls Kingston back in, hits a running enziguri and nails a modified powerslam for 2.

Keith is looking for something but Eddie fires off an Exploder out of nowhere. Keith with an exploder of his own…and he follows up with the Tiger Driver! 1, 2, no! Eddie up, backfist to the future, Keith with a knee to the face, but an exploder from Eddie allows him to make the cover, 1, 2, no Keith gets the arm up.

Machine gun chops in the corner from Eddie now. Enziguri gets Keith back in control, he looks for a reverse DDT off the top but Eddie interrupts. Sleeper hold by Eddie, Keith tries to sit out with a jawbreaker but Eddie holds on. Again with another jawbreaker, no! Eddie gets a DDT for another 2 count.

To their feet, they trade slaps until Eddie hits him with the Backfist to the Future at 15:17 to pickup the win.

Your winner by pinfall: Eddie Kingston

Rating: ***1/4 – This picked up very nicely in the last few minutes. Crowd still aren’t entirely sure how to react to Bryan Keith, as he’s been positioned as a face a month or two ago but was heeling it up for the most part here, and then he won the crowd round by the end. Decent showing from him once it got into second gear.

Tony Schiavone in the ring, tries to talk to Eddie but Eddie is worn out and says to talk to Bryan Keith instead. Schiavone says as of tonight…Bryan Keith is All Elite! Nice. The crowd are firmly behind him now. Eddie shakes his hand in a show of respect…as Bryan Danielson’s theme tune hits. Danielson makes his way out. Yessss he completely ignores Eddie again and raises the arm of Bryan Keith. I love Danielson being so arrogant towards Kingston. Danielson vs Hechicero is up next.

After Dynamite this past Wednesday, Jon Moxley says the assault from the CMLL guys reminds him of a bad night in Laredo, Texas. CMLL…the greatest luchadors in the world. BCC, they study the history of pro wrestling, they have respect for the sport of pro wrestling, a respect for the craft, the art. They have no reason not to show respect to the luchadors, to CMLL, to the heritage of lucha libre. But they came into his house and got in his face. Mox isn’t even mad, but that behavior must be paid for. This is All Elite Wrestling, and BCC is the elite of the elite. Show up in his backyard? They better hope and pray the BCC doesn’t show up in theirs.


Match Two: Bryan Danielson vs Hechicero

OK, Hechicero’s entrance is wild! Flaming rocks! Here we go folks, strap in. Both men grab hands and work their way down to the mat, Danielson taking control of the arm, but Hechicero works his way out. Both guys look for leg locks on the mat and seemingly have one applied each. They chop each other and Danielson jacknife’s him but Hechicero rolls through. 1, 2, no. Headscissors by Hechicero, Dragon into the surfboard though. He rears back and locks in the stretch but Hechicero crunches out of it and looks for one of his own! He goes for the rolling surfboards, drops him into a pin but Danielson is right by the ropes.

Danielson backs Hechicero into the corner, kicks and chops to the chest. Danielson heads up top, goes for a hurracanrana but Hechicero rolls through into a sunset flip. 1, 2 no. Uppercuts by Dragon, misses a clothesline but Hechicero gets a sweet guillotine legdrop. Wheelbarrow into the rear naked choke, this is beautiful wrestling here. Danielson escapes and rolls to the outside as we head to PIP.

Hechicero heads to the outside and chops Dragon against the barricade, kicking him for good measure too. Back in the ring, Hechicero with repeated shots to the head of Danielson, staying in firm control. Clothesline in the corner, discus clothesline to follow up, but Danielson ascends the buckles to start the elevated punches, only for Hechicero to move out of the corner and dump Danielson on the mat. Dragon screw legwhip working on Danielson’s legs. Chops in the corner now from Hechicero, Danielson avoids a corner shot but Hechicero with a springboard dropkick to stay one step ahead. Step up knee strike by Hechicero! He sits Dragon on the top rope and climbs up after him, but Danielson with headbutts to knock him back down.

Danielson goes for the diving headbutt but Hechicero catches him in a submission hold, trapping the legs and rolling into a pin! 1, 2, no! Uppercuts from Danielson, Hechicero follows him into the ropes with a rear naked choke, pulls the rope down to send Danielson outside, and gets a running tope over the top rope to take out Dragon on the floor!

Back in the ring, Hechicero goes for a sprinboard back in but Danielson sticks the knee out to catch him. Dragon with the LeBell Lock applied! Hechicero is fighting it though…he escapes! Hechicero twists Dragon in an inverted figure four, rolling him over to tie up the arms too. Danielson is pretzled here. Dragon with one arm free makes the ropes to break the hold. On their knees, they trade forearms, getting to their feet as Danielson delivers Yes kicks to the chest.

Dragon misses the big roundhouse kick. Spinning hammerlock backbreaker by Hechicero, good Lord. Danielson avoids a knee strike, leg whip follows up as Danielson signals for the Busaiku Knee. Misses! Rollup by Hechicero, into an arm submission, Danielson rolls backwards into a tight cover. 1, 2, 3! Danielson steals it at 15:10.

Your winner by pinfall: Bryan Danielson

Rating: **** – Oh yes, get this in my veins! Danielson was very giving here, which was smart to allow new audiences to get accustomed to Hechicero and his unique style. So many varied and unique submissions in this one, I didn’t stand a chance in calling the names! This ruled.

Hechicero attacks Danielson immediately after the bell rings! And here comes Claudio Castagnoli to run him off.

Lexy Nair is backstage with FTR and Daniel Garcia, reflecting on the big win last week, and wonders if their trio will stay alive. Garcia thinks maybe they should get matching gear? He’s happy to have them by his side. Cash likes it, he likes having this guy on their team. Dax says the rankings are back, and they made the Trios rankings. They are starting a new chapter with a focus on the Trios championships, and that starts tonight.


Match Three: [Two-on-One Handicap Match] HOOK vs The Outrunners (Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum)

Double teaming from the Outrunners here, poke to the eye on Hook, allowing Truth to capitalise. Quick tags, double suplex on Hook. But Hook is right back up, and nails a diving clothesline to take down both men. Capture suplex, exploder sends Truth to the floor, Redrum applied to Turbo! Floyd has to tap at 2:34.

Your winner by submission: HOOK

Rating: N/R – Quick squash to give Hook some heat back after the recent loss to Samoa Joe.


Back from break, Tony Schiavone is in the ring to introduce Mark Briscoe. Briscoe makes his way to the ring, and Tony asks him about last week and being there for FTR. Briscoe says he used to watch Tony Schiavone on a Saturday night talking to Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, so it feels good for him to be there with Tony tonight.

Briscoesays he came to the aid of FTR and Garcia, as they fight for their friends and family. He walked 5 steps onto the stage and got stomped by House of Black. HoB left him for dead, but Briscoe came back and stood tall by the end of last week’s episode. That’s how they do – knock them down, they get right back up. Briscoe has had the hardest year of his life, and after 20 years of being one half of the baddest team on the planet, he finds himself on his own. Knock him down, he gets back up, shoot him, you better kill him. He will fight til he can’t fight no more and then fight some more.

The lights go out! House of Black appear on screen. Black says this is very emotional. He loves magic tricks, especially when magicians make people disappear. That’s what they will do – they will make Mark Briscoe disappear just like that. Black clicks his fingers and the lights come back on. Briscoe is still there in the ring, but Black says it’s as easy as that, they’re in his head.

We go to a video package on Adam Copeland and the Cope Open. Copeland will be in Vegas next week on Collision.


Match Four: Queen Aminata vs Serena Deeb

Go behind by Deeb, headlock takeover. Aminata in control now but Deeb sweeps the legs and locks in a see-saw surfboard. Pinfall attempt by Deeb, 1, 2, no. Test of strength called for by Deeb, Aminata goes behind, shoulder block to Deeb. Leg pick by Deeb into the single leg boston crab, and Aminata gets the ropes.

Aminata kicks Deeb away and hits a nice snap suplex and a cover for 2. Kick to the back by Aminata, and a clothesline to take Deeb down again. Aminata makes the cover and gets 2. Snapmare by Aminata, locking in a rear chinlock. Rollup by Aminata gets 2, and she knocks Deeb right back down with a hard right hand. Slap to the stomach by Deeb, and a chop to the chest, one from Aminata now. Another snap suplex by the Queen, one more! 1 count kickout this time. Deeb bridges out of a pin attempt, gets to her feet, ducks a lariat and gets one of her own. Jabs by Deeb, discus forearm, and Deeb to the apron. Neckbreaker over the ropes on Aminata! Back in the ring, the swinging neckbreaker connects for another 2 count. Detox attempted but Aminata sits out for a pin attempt. Deeb goes for a backslide, they turn each other inside out until Deeb finally gets the backslide. 1, 2, no. Headbutt by Aminata.

Running hip attack in the corner from Aminata, but misses a running dropkick. Deeb grabs the legs, figure four around the ringpost (yes, yes, the HEARTBREAKER!). Aminata blocks the Detox, but can’t block the Wax On Wax Off. She applies the Serenity Lock, pounding the knee into the mat, and Queen Aminata taps out at 10:01.

Your winner by submission: Serena Deeb

Rating: *** – As I hoped, this wasn’t a squash, and Aminata got to survive a fair bit of Deeb’s best offense. Aminata didn’t get much shine, but again she delivered well in her role here.


Tony Schiavone introduces the number one ranked contender to the World Title, Swerve Strickland, accompanied by Prince Nana. Schiavone says this Wednesday, it’s the third match between Hangman Adam Page and Swerve Strickland, with the winner facing Samoa Joe at Revolution for the World Title. Strickland says it’s Black History Month, and he’s noble enough to recognise all the people that paved the way for him. Ron Simmons, Kofi Kingston, and closer to home, the ROH Women’s champion Athena. Pretty soon they will add another name to that list. Swerve has an opportunity to become AEW World Champion. He admits he hasn’t been a saint, but he had to do those reprehensible things to get to this point.

Schiavone says what about Page’s claim that Swerve can’t beat him without the Mogul Embassy. Nana tries to interject but Swerve cuts him off. Swerve says Page is a man who is in his way. Page has left scars on his body, shed his blood….but Swerve has beaten him twice. Third time’s a charm? He can put Page behind him once and for all, and Swerve will become Black History. He will move on to Revolution and become champion. Nana says they will be right there beside the boss. Swerve says Mogul Embassy is family and business, but Swerve says no interferences. He wants no more excuses, Hangman. He’ll see him Wednesday in Swerve’s House. Good stuff, as Swerve Strickland continues to kill it each and every week.

Toni Storm addresses Deonna Purrazzo. Mariah May wants to know if Storm watched her match last week…but Storm says if you’ve seen one women’s match, you’ve seen them all. Storm wants to show the world just how technical she can be.


Match Five: Red Velvet vs Vertvixen

Leg lariat from Velvet gets a 1 count. Vertvixen goes for a body slam, Velvet avoids it. Wheelbarrow into a bulldog. Back elbow from Velvet, another wheelbarrow but Vertvixen catches her and plants her for a 2 count. Pump kick in the corner from Vertvixen, goes for a back suplex but Velvet gets a crossbody out of it. Drop toe hold into the ropes, and Velvet with double knees to the back. Step up enziguri “Stir It Up” connects…well, it doesn’t, but it’s enough to get the pin at 2:21.

Your winner by pinfall: Red Velvet

Rating: N/R – Cool to see Velvet used in a capacity other than enhancement talent. Looks like she might be getting some momentum behind her.


Match Six: The Patriarchy (Christian Cage, Killswitch & ‘The Prodigy’ Nick Wayne w/ The Matriarch) vs FTR & Daniel Garcia

Looks like we have some decent time for this main event. Daddy Magic joins commentary as Dax starts this one out against Nick Wayne. Wayne tries to use his speed early on but Dax chops him hard, and he tags in Cage. Dax gets an early rollup but only gets a 2. Cage tries for a body slam but Dax gets another rollup for another 2 count. Cage tags Wayne back in.

Wayne slaps Dax hard in the face! Dax tags Garcia in and the two young guys go at it. Shoulder blocks by Garcia, arm drag by Wayne, and we get a stalemate. Wayne slaps Garcia and does the Garcia dance! Garcia sends him to the floor and sends Cage out after him. DG goes to dance but in comes Killswitch. All six men in the ring now, coming face to face. Dax, Garcia and Cash all dance together!! Amazing.

Killswitch in, working over Garcia in the corner. Sideslam to Garcia, and Wayne in with a springboard senton. Kick to the back of Garcia and Cage is tagged in now, peppering the head of Garcia with cocky kicks. DG fights back but Cage knocks him right back down with a right hand. Killswitch in and he stands on the neck of Garcia before Cage drapes Garcia over the middle ropes and nails his patented rope choke. Snapmare by Cage. Killswitch and Wayne hold Garcia back in the corner but Garcia gets the boots up. He tries to make a tag but Christian cuts him off. Cage heads up to the top rope, misses a diving headbutt. Dax and Cash try to rally Garcia. Cage tags in Wayne, and Garcia makes the tag to Cash Wheeler.

Dropkick to Cage, chop to Wayne and a backslide for 2. Blind tag to Dax, but Killswitch in and catches FTR for a double chokeslam, no he just shoves them away. FTR double team him with the High-Low, but Nick in for a surprise rollup. 1, 2, no. Code Red by Wayne! 1, 2, no. Wayne ascends the buckles but Dax crotches him and hits a huge back suplex off the top rope! Both Dax and Wayne are down but Dax makes the cover, only for Killswitch to make the save. Dax goes for a piledriver on Killswitch but reversed. Chokeslam by Killswitch to dax! Wayne makes the cover but Dax intercepts as we go to PIP.

Wayne tags in Cage to work over Dax in the corner. Neckbreaker by Cage gets a 2 count. Dax heads outside to recover, Wayne shoves him back in the ring and brings in Killswitch. Dax whipped chest first into the buckles. Christian back in but Dax starts to mount a comeback with chops. Back body drop to Cage, but Wayne knocks Garcia off the apron. Dax fights off the Patriarchy, receives a suplex by Wayne though, which gets a 2. Nick locks in a headlock as the crowd rally behind Dax. Back suplex out of desperation by Dax. Tag to Cage, who throws Dax to the outside. Cage goes for the Killswitch, Dax shrugs him off, but both Cage and Dax smack heads, knocking them both down. Cage claws his way back to his corner while Dax tries for the tag.

Cage tags in Wayne, and Garcia is tagged in too! Saito suplex to Wayne. Running clothesline in the corner. Cage interrupts but Garcia with a flurry of shots to the midsection. Dax in, both he and Garcia deliver the 10 count punches to Wayne and Cage. Garcia opens up the ropes, allowing Cash to suicide dive onto Killswitch on the outside. And a brainbuster by Garcia on Wayne!

DG looks for the sharpshooter by Wayne kicks him away. Fisherman’s suplex by Wayne gets a 2. Wayne is all cocky now, doing a little Garcia dance, and he paintbrushes Garcia with slaps to the face, but Garcia grabs a rollup for 2. Swinging neckbreaker by Garcia gets a 2 count. DG heads to the top but Cage cuts him off. Dax and Cage battle on the apron, down goes Cage but no, Cage shoves Garcia off the top and Wayne catches him with the Wayne’s World! 1, 2, NO. Cage on the outside hits the Killswitch on Dax too.

Dax saves Garcia, who hits a powerslam on Wayne. Chokeslam to Cash by Killswitch. Garcia is SPEARED by Cage but Dax gets Cage in the sharpshooter. Wayne’s World takes Dax out! Wayne signals for a spear on Garcia, misses. Jacknife by Garcia! 1, 2, 3! DGFTR get the win at 23:01.

Your winners by pinfall: Daniel Garcia & FTR

Rating: ***3/4 – DGFTR are still cooking, and this was great work from all 6 men, even if Killswitch took a bit of a backseat (presumably by design). First half worked well with more traditional rules and heat segments, and then things broke down in the latter half as they all went balls-to-the-wall. Fun way to cap off the show.

Garcia locks eyes with Christian Cage as he has his sights set on the TNT championship. We run down the card for Dynamite on Wednesday (which looks super stacked) and with that, we’re done! Good night everybody!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Collision is killing it. Another week, and we're treated to a tight, pacey show that flies by and keeps you engaged. Even the stuff I'm less fond of, like another Hook squash, simply isn't an issue as it's all over in the space of 3 minutes. The stuff that counted really hit the mark too - Swerve Strickland hit all the right notes in his promo en route to the World Title, and it felt refreshing to have that neat through-line from Dynamite to Collision. In-ring content was top notch tonight - the main event Trios match was a load of fun and afforded some decent time, and that Danielson/Hechicero match wowed us all in the technical showcase we all hoped for.

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