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Sambus’ AEW Collision Review 09.09.23

September 9, 2023 | Posted by Theo Sambus
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Sambus’ AEW Collision Review 09.09.23  


Hello everybody! Theo Sambus here, back to provide your live coverage of this evening’s instalment of AEW Collision. HUGE thanks to the one and only Lee Sanders for stepping up while I’ve been away. I had a family holiday last week, and the week before I was in attendance at Wembley Stadium for All In: London, so it’s great to be back for tonight’s show. I had an absolute blast at All In – it was just such a fun show from top to bottom, and while nothing stood out as a legit MOTYC, the atmosphere all night was electric. Hearing 87,000+ fans going nuts for our AEW favorites was pretty special, and seeing pretty much the entire roster be so over with the crowd was tremendous.

Of course, things moved pretty quickly after All In, and now Saturday nights on Collision will be CM Punk-less moving forward. As a viewer, it’s unfortunate, as I was very much enjoying his contributions to the company as a performer, but it’s certainly not a death-knell. If tonight’s show is anything to go by, it looks like we won’t miss a step.

Seriously, just look at the card for tonight! Massive banger potential in Samoa Joe vs Penta El Zero Miedo and Roderick Strong vs Darby Allin, both in the World Title Eliminator series. Plus, Bryan Danielson will make his first appearance since winning that insane Strap match against Ricky Starks at All Out, Moxley makes his Collision debut in another defence of the International championship, and Bullet Club Gold will be competing in a match against Aerostar, Dios Del Inframundo, & Gravity, for which my typing fingers are already sweating.

With that in mind, let’s get on with tonight’s wrestling festivities!


Location: Cleveland, OH

Venue: Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

Commentators: Nigel McGuinness & Kevin Kelly


Roderick Strong continues the march to Max and he will break Darby’s back. Darby admits his back is already destroyed, but he will leave his body in the ring tonight, no different to any other night. Opening credits.

After the opening pyro, Jon Moxley makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. In-set pre-match promo from Moxley, who says that the difference between the BCC and anyone else is that when they say anytime, any place, they mean it. Moxley wishes Andretti good luck.

Match One: [AEW International Championship] Jon Moxley (c) vs Action Andretti

Grapple to start, and a go behind from Mox. They reverse each other’s holds for a bit, before Jon backs him into the corner and gets a quick chop to the chest. Andretti spills to the outside to recoup. Back in the ring, they greco-roman knuckle lock up…but a straight right hand from Moxley breaks that up.

Andretti tries to fire off a few chops but Moxley takes him to the outside, raking the eyes. Handspring from Andretti knocks Moxley off the apron! They trade blows on the outside, and Moxley nails some hard headbutts before sliding Andretti back in. Moxley to the top, misses, and Andretti tries to take control with some kicks. Headscissor takedown and dropkick is followed up with a springboard rebound tornillo and then an Asai moonsault to the outside (which he almost missed, Mox covered well there). We go to PIP as Action maintains control, going for a cover back in the ring.

Body slam from Action gets a 2. He wrings the leg of Moxley on the ring apron and hits a dropkick to the chest, before locking in a single leg crab. Moxley battles his way out and kicks Action off, but Andretti goes straight back to the leg. He kicks the inside of Mox’s knee, and gets a stomp to the knee as we come back from break.

To the outside with a clothesline, but Mox avoids a dive and gets a suicide dive of his own! In the ring, Andretti goes for a springboard but Moxley nails a SWEET cutter outta nowhere. Handspring off the ropes is caught by Moxley and he locks in a sleeper. Andretti works his way out and gets a dropkick, and a low running clothesline. Falcon arrow gets a 2 for Andretti. Action heads to the top rope, Moxley follows him up. German off the top but Action lands on his feet! Enziguri from Action, John Woo dropkick, and one of his own from Moxley! Springboard tornillo off the inside buckle from Andretti gets a 2.

Andretti garners some major heat for going for the arm-trapped stomps. But Moxley grabs him in the rear naked choke out of nowhere and Action has to tap at 11:11.

Your winner by submission and STILL AEW International Champion: Jon Moxley

Rating: *** – I always appreciate a bit of limb work, and it was nice to see Action spend a bit of time targeting the legs, rather than just firing off highspots. Good opener, and holy smokes Moxley DIDN’T bleed!


Roderick Strong video package, and Roddy says he’s still here for Adam Cole. Cole has let him down time and time again, and Cole knows what that does to Strong, how alone that makes him feel. But Strong is going to win the tournament, beat Max and become AEW World champion, but he won’t be happy as he just wants his friend back.

Match Two: [AEW TBS Championship] Kris Statlander vs Robyn Renegade

Takedown by Kris, but Renegade stomps the foot. Statlander locks in an armlock, whips Robyn into the ropes and gets a shoulder block. Robyn goes for some knees in the corner but Statlander catches her and tosses her. Charges into the corner, but the other Renegade, Charlette, distracts her, allowing Robyn to gain momentum. Robyn chokes Kris on the bottom rope, and Charlette joins in when the ref is distracted.

Kris makes it back to her feet and gets a barrage of offense in the corner, followed by a Blue thunder bomb which gets 2. Renegade goes for a running helluva kick, but Kris gets her on the shoulders and plants her down facefirst with an electric chair drop. Pinfall combination applied, Kris rears back to get the leverage pinfall at 4:20.

Your winner by pinfall and STILL AEW TBS Champion: Kris Statlander

Rating: ** – Little more than a squash, nothing to write home about on the Renegades, but Statlander looked strong.

Post-match the Renegade sisters attack and beat down Statlander…but JADE CARGILL IS BACK!! Cargill for the save! Cargill hits big kick and a huge chokeslam on the Renegades and stands tall. But then she nails Kris Statlander! She is back for the TBS championship. Smart Mark Sterling joins her in the ring to celebrate her return.


Renee Paquette is with Ruby Soho and Saraya, and Ruby is livid that Toni Storm cost her the TBS championship. Saraya will defend her championship at Grandslam against the winner of a 4-way qualifying match.

Tony Schiavone sits down backstage with Claudio Castagnoli and Eddie Kingston. Claudio doesn’t get it, but Eddie calls him out on the BS. Eddie says Claudio left the independents without doing business, without passing the torch. Claudio says Eddie’s parents wishes Eddie were more like Claudio. Eddie says his parents will watch at Grand Slam…NJPW Strong Openweight championship on the line, Eddie vs Claudio.

Claudio says Eddie owes him a handshake. At Arthur Ashe, Eddie will shake his hand. May the better man win. And the better man will never be you, Eddie.


Match Three: [Trios Match] BULLET CLUB GOLD (Austin Gunn, Colten Gunn & Juice Robinson) vs Aerostar, Dios Del Inframundo, & Gravity

Gravity and Austin start out, Austin gets a facebuster early on, and tags to Colten, in with Dios now, splashing him in the corner. Dios with multiple kicks to the knee but a clothesline puts a stop to that. Juice in, nails the jabs and a big right hand. Andrade is watching backstage by the way. Gravity and Aerostar in, double teaming Juice with kicks. Colten in from behind to take them out.

Juice stomps on Gravity in the corner, and Austin follows up with more stomps. Colten fires off a suplex for 2. Juice hits the big senton on Gravity. Tilt-a-whirl slam from Juice just gets a 2, and Juice pounds the canvas in frustration. Juice stands on the hands of Gravity and locks in a chinlock to maintain control as we come back from commercial break.

Stundog from Gravity breaks the hold but the Gunns tag in…but Aerostar is tagged in too. Dropkick to Juice, springboard cutter to Austin, and a tag to Dios. Half Nelson slam from Colten, this is breaking down now. 3:10 to Yuma on Gravity! Leg lariat to Dios. Juice with the DDT for the pinfall victory at 7:43.

Your winners by pinfall: Bullet Club Gold

Rating: **3/4 – I think tags went out the window in the last 30 seconds and it all got a bit crazy there. Not a great showing from the AAA team, but this was evidently designed to be more of a showcase victory for Bullet Club Gold.


CJ Perry talks about Miro and says he lost himself when he lost the gold. Perry will help him regain his former glory. She sat on the sideline for 2 years, wondering if she had what it takes. A voice said “Don’t leave til you find out”. She wants to manage Miro again. That was a good showing from CJ Perry there.

Quick Dark Order video package. “You don’t want to be supporting the bad guys, right? Support the good guys, like us!”

The AEW Trios Champions The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass speak backstage, and their next stop is New York City. They want to bring the biggest scissor party all over the country.


Match Four: Rey Fenix (w/ Alex Abrahantes) vs Angelico

Angelico sighting, this is huge! Kick to the midsection from Rey, misses a spin kick but nails a dropkick and a huge suicide dive to the outside. We are off to a fast pace already! Rey jumps to the apron and springs off with a kick to the head, rolls Angelico back in and follows up with the arm-clutch rope walk…but Angelico catches him and knocks him off. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Angelico grounds Fenix, who works over the arm. Fenix kicks his way out and kips up, nailing a springboard armdrag. Back up to the top he gets the top rope frog splash for 2.

Superkick to Angelico, kick to the spine, goes for a German but Angelico gets out, rolls into a pinning combination for 2. Angelico rears back and gets a big right hand, but Fenix retaliates. Serpentico tries to interfere but Fenix runs the ropes and kicks him. Rolling jumping DDT, knee to the head, sitout emerald fusion for the pin at 5:50.

Your winner by pinfall: Rey Fenix

Rating: *** – Great to see both guys back in action, but I definitely wanted more! That’s no bad thing, of course.

FTR call for their next challengers to step up.

Roddy vs Darby time. Luchasaurus attacks Darby pre-match while Darby was skating towards the gorilla position! Christian Cage gives Darby a warning, and Luchasaurus sends Darby head-first into the steel shutters backstage. He is out of it! Roddy is smiling, he may get a bye here. But no, Darby makes it out to ringside, accompanied by Nick Wayne. Darby stumbles to the ring, and it looks like we will indeed get our scheduled match.

Match Five: [World Title Eliminator Semi-Finals] Roderick Strong vs Darby Allin

Roderick immediately jumps the gun with a backbreaker, continuing the assault. Darby breaks out though and gets a 2 count! Darby sends Strong to the outside and hits a huge diving coffin splash through the ropes. Allin sends Strong into the barricade, hoping to even the odds. Back in the ring, Darby fires off some right hands but Strong gets a stomach-breaker and follows up with some stomps to the gut.

Strong does jumping jacks around Darby, nailing another backbreaker variation. Overhead press into the gutbuster gets a pin attempt but Darby gets a foot on the ropes. Darby tries to get some offense on the outside, but Strong catches him and drives him back first into the ringpost, before tossing him against the barricade.

In the ring, Darby gets a guillotine on Strong over the middle rope until the ref breaks it up. Strong goes for another backbreaker but he has gone to the well too many times, crucifix from Darby for 2! Code Red for 2! He stays in position, looking for a submission, but Strong transitions into a STF. Darby gets the ropes. Strong has him up on the ropes now and ascends with him. Darby battling out now, headbutts Strong off…looking for a Coffin Drop but Strong pushes him forward into the ringpost. Strong pounds the back of the neck….Uranage backbreaker across the top turnbuckle, holy shit! Darby fell hard onto the apron afterwards too.

Roderick hoists him up and slides the dead weight back in the ring…1, 2, no! Darby kicks out somehow. Stronghold boston crab from Strong, middle of the ring. Darby slaps himself in the face to stay with it…claws to the ropes and makes it! Strong has to let go. Strong fires off some huge chops but Allin starts to fight back. Coffin drop off the middle rope! Sends him shoulder first into the buckles and then Darby goes for the eyes. He goes for the Coffin Splash but Strong gets both knees up, driving them into Darby’s back.

Both men are on the apron now…Strong is looking for a DVD…but a floatover stunner from Darby knocks Strong off. Coffin Drop off the top turnbuckle to the floor below!! Both men are down. AR Fox rushes out to side with Nick Wayne to fend off Bennett and Taven. In the ring, Strong gets a sick kick out of nowhere! But Darby gets a Reverse DDT a la Sting in retaliation. AR Fox inadvertently takes out Wayne on the outside, as he was aiming for Bennett and Taven with a step up moonsault. Coffin Drop attempt in the ring but Strong was waiting. End of Heartache! 1, 2, 3, Roderick Strong advances at 14:46.

Your winner by pinfall: Roderick Strong

Rating: ***3/4 – The pre-match assault helped give some added drama from the get-go, and they made the most of every single minute here. Yeah this ruled. Darby took some insane punishment, and this was equally a fantastic outing for Roderick Strong.

Afterwards, AR Fox and Nick Wayne have words with each other in the ring.

Powerhouse Hobbs video package now. Hobbs proved he prays to no man. Last Sunday, he stood tall, but the next chapter is still unwritten, and everyone will fall to the Book of Hobbs.

Lexi Nair is standing with Keith Lee, who wants to do things solo from now on, especially now that he joins us on Collision. Keith Lee says he IS the Collision, the one. His advice to everyone: RUN.

Another vignette for The Righteous, familiarising them to those who may not have seen the gang on ROH.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring to introduce the ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson. Tony mentions the Strap Match last week, and wonders what is next for the American Dragon.

Danielson told his daughter that once she turned 7, he would finish up his career. She’s 6 now, and he intends to keep his promise. Which means that time is running out. That said, he will not go gently into that good night. He’s gonna kick everybody’s head in. Because if this is Danielson’s last year, his final year…this will be the most epic year of his career. He’s calling his shots. 10/1, WrestleDream, Danielson wants to face…ZACK SABRE JR!!! Please Lord.

Ricky Starks and Big Bill interrupt, Starks tells him to hold on. Starks had to sit in catering again and wait while the attention is on someone else. Starks feels he got everyone’s attention and put everybody on notice after this past Sunday. He will do things Danielson never could have in his entire career. Starks is going to take and take and take because it’s in his nature and it’s what he does.

Danielson wishes he would have been more patient because Dragon isn’t done yet. He saw the heart of Starks last week. In the BCC, if you want to be with us, you gotta bleed with us…OH but Big Bill jumps Danielson! Starks pulls him off but then jumps Danielson himself. Moxley here for the save! But Big Bill takes control, Bill and Starks are beating both BCC members down. Starks chokes out Danielson with a shirt around the throat, like in the strap match but reversed. Starks and Big Bill stand tall and Ricky does the Yes chant to rub it in.

Next week on Dynamite: Roderick Strong vs the winner of Joe/Penta, Britt Baker vs Nyla Rose vs Toni Storm vs Hikaru Shida in a four-way title contender eliminator, Adam Page vs Brian Cage, and Moxley vs Big Bill. FTR vs Iron Savages tag title match is signed for Collision as well next week. And yes, it’s confirmed, Danielson vs Zack Sabre Jr is happening on October 1st! That is the most glorious news.

Post-commercial, Schiavone is with Big Bill to talk about Bill vs Jon Moxley for the International Championship. Bill says Mox is supposed to be the toughest guy in the company, but he just beat his ass. Next week, Big Bill will beat his ass again. Rey Fenix interrupts to complain about Bill skipping the line, as he has unfinished business with Moxley first.

Match Six: [World Title Eliminator Semi-Finals] Samoa Joe vs Penta El Zero Miedo

Joe is calm, cool and collected as we begin. Lockup, pushes Penta off, but Penta shoves back with the Cero Miedo gesture. Superkick from Penta! But a big shoulder block from Joe cuts him off. Joe with jabs and blows in the corner, whips him off the ropes, but Penta gets a dropkick, sending Joe outside. Basement dropkick misses but he gets a slingblade on Joe on the outside! Kick to the back of the leg on Joe and they trade chops by the barricade. Joe breaks the count, allowing the action to continue outside.

Massive chops on each other until Joe gets a poke to the eyes. Alex Abrahantes and Penta get out a table! They prop it against the barricade for safe keeping. In the ring, Joe gets in a few jabs to knock Penta to the mat, and then gets his boot in the face. He tosses Penta back outside and runs him midsection first into the steel steps. And now he tears at the mask of Penta!

Penta nails repeated enziguris to regain control, and goes for a top rope stomp but a big back elbow cuts him off. Joe applies a neck yank, Penta battles out…but Joe gets a snake eyes into the buckles. Snapmare and a knee to the back, pulling the arms of Penta back behind him. Another snapmare from Joe and a running elbow drop gets a 2.

Joe hoists Penta to the top rope looking for a Muscle Buster but Penta flies off the top with a crossbody. Penta gets the backcracker off the ropes for 2, and then Joe with a huge spinning powerslam for a nearfall!

Joe is down against the bottom buckle and Penta gets a low superkick for 2. Roundhouse kick to the head, big kick to the spine, cover, 1, 2, no. Penta is looking for the arm-breaker but Joe gets an inverted atomic drop and the senton, 1, 2, no!

Penta on the apron with a superkick, runs the ropes and dives with a big swanton. Looks like we’re going into some overtime today, TV time remaining! Penta goes for another dive but Joe casually strolls out of the way and Penta crashes and burns straight through the table!! Rolls him in the ring, 1, 2, NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Made in Japan attempt by Penta, but Joe slips into the Kokina Clutch and Penta has no choice but to tap at 15:00.

Your winner by submission: Samoa Joe

Rating: ***1/4 – I don’t think anyone really bought Penta winning at any point, so they did a great job in making this seem competitive. Joe got to look like a beast, and Penta got his shit in for his Collision singles debut to cap off tonight’s show. Good stuff.


Samoa Joe advances to face Roderick Strong in the World Title Eliminator Finals next week! With that, we are out. Thanks for joining us folks, see you next week!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This was an in-ring action heavy episode, which is always good in my book, and Collision continues to spotlight some alternative talent. We had the big return of Jade Cargill to shake up the women's division, and she still has that fantastic presence, which is sorely needed. Seeing more of the BCC and the Lucha Bros on Collision is great for everyone, and we even had an Angelico appearance. Plus, Keith Lee appears to be making moves towards a singles run on Collision, so despite the soft roster split seemingly ending, it looks like we'll still have some dedicated talent going forward. The one in-ring promo segment set up Danielson vs ZSJ so that's already a huge success, while also expanding Ricky Starks' feud in an exciting direction. Roddy vs Darby was your clear MOTN, with drama, nearfalls, and a ton of sick spots, so make sure you check that out if you haven't. Yep, another Collision, another good show.

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