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Sanada Asks for Lumberjack Match Against EVIL at NJPW Destruction in Ryogoku

September 19, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
NJPW Destruction in Ryogoku, Sanada vs EVIL Image Credit: NJPW

– Per NJPW1972.com, IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Sanada and EVIL took part in a press conference earlier today in Tokyo, Japan to promote their upcoming title bout at NJPW Destruction in Ryogoku on October 9. During the press conference, Sanada suggested the stipulation for their upcoming title match be changed to a Lumberjack Match.

Sanada said on the matchup, “This might not be fitting of an IWGP World Heavyweight Championship match, but I would like to propose lumberjacks for our title match. He stole the title from me and there’s been nothing but interference in all our matches. He was once my best tag team partner, and I always felt it a goal of mine that we should go one on one for the world title. I want this to be a fair fight, so let’s make it a Lumberjack Match.”

EVIL said he would think about the challenge. When pressed on the idea for a Lumberjack match, Sanada stated, “Whatever happens (HOUSE OF TOTRTURE) are sure to get involved anyway, so why not have them at ringside from the start, and Just Five Guys out there too?” He closed things out at the press conference by saying, “EVIL is a big thinker, and I’ll have to outthink him if I want to win.”

The event will stream live in English on NJPW World on October 9.