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Sheamus Still Wants To Bring Back His Classic Theme Song: ‘I Haven’t Given Up’

September 23, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Sheamus Raw Talk Image Credit: WWE

Sheamus is still hoping to be able to bring back his classic WWE theme song and says he hasn’t given up trying. While the Smackdown star has been using his most recent entrance theme for a while, it is “Written In My Face” that fans most remember — often for the memorably misunderstood lyrics “It’s a shame that they lost their head,” or as well all know them better, “It’s a shameful thing, lobsterhead.”

Speaking with Inside the Ropes for a new interview, Sheamus said that he’s been pushing for the entrance theme to return but hasn’t had any luck with it, though that won’t stop him from trying. You can see the highlights below:

On wanting to bring the theme song back: “I definitely would love to bring that song back. Before, I know, it was stopped, they weren’t gonna let me have it. It’s amazing what a song can do or an entrance music can do to bring people back in with that nostalgia. I definitely will keep pushing to have that song back, and it’s something that I haven’t given up on. But I think there’ll be a time and place for that to come back. I think that it will be massive and I’ll be able buzzing off it too because like that just brings back so many memories of the beginning of my career and for fans too as well. So yeah, it’s cool. I don’t know.”

On previously pushing for the song to come back when he returned in 2019: “It’s a song that I like man, it’s just you know it’s part of my entrance. I wanted to bring it back when I came back and when I brought the old look back. So the reason I wanted to change the music when I had the Mohawk is just a completely different look, kind of different character and then when I came back the idea was to bring back the old music back, but some things you can get by, you know, some things get knocked back. But I haven’t given up hope. I think when that happens, it will happen, I think it will be awesome.”

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