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TCW Show 13-38 Recap and Review

October 12, 2013 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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TCW Show 13-38 Recap and Review  

Show opens with a look back at the rivalry between the teams of Genetic Perfection and Boyd Bradford’s Hounds of Hell.

Match #1 – Jon Omari w/ Big Mike and Angel Blue vs. Jon Saxon

Collar and elbow starts off the match, and Saxon gets an armdrag. Another lockup, and Saxon manages to get a headlock. Omari throws him off, but Saxon knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Omari gets a wrist lock, and does more damage to the arm with some shoulder thrusts. Saxon pushes him off and nails a stiff hiptoss. Saxon with another armdrag, this time keeping the arm locked. Boyd Bradford and Kincaid are standing at ringside.

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Omari in control as he lands strikes in the corner, including a spinning sole butt to the chin. Omari goes for the pin, but Saxon kicks out. Saxon appears to may have a broken nose now. Saxon stands up and hits a snap mare, follows it up with a stiff kick to the back of Omari’s head. Both in the corner, Saxon nails some stiff chops before hitting a dropkick to a downed Omari. Saxon picks up Omari and hits a vertical suplex. Saxon leaps on the ropes and hits a leg drop! Saxon goes for the pin, but Omari kicks out. Omari manages to throw Saxon to the outside, and Big Mike gets some cheap shots in before rolling Saxon back in. Omari locks in a chin lock, keeping Saxon grounded. Camera stays on Bradford and Kincaid. Omari climbs the turnbuckle and attempts a moonsault senton, but Saxon rolls out of the way! Both wrestlers are trying to recover. Omari takes a sip from his camel back, but Saxon gets some strikes in. Saxon lifts Omari up and slams him down with a scoop slam. Saxon runs to the ropes, but Angel trips him up. Saxon grabs Angel by the hair. Omari tries to attack, but Saxon moves out the way and Angel takes the blow. Saxon nails a Tiger Driver, and follows it up with a Texas Cloverleaf. Omari quickly taps out!
Winner via submission: Jon Saxon
Decent match. It is good to see Omari back in TCW, as I felt he is impressive in his outings. There is quite a bit of stiff offense in this match, but the finish was a bit botched. My only gripe comes from the editing, where at one point they keep the camera on Kincaid and Bradford for way too long. Beyond that, this was a fine, quick opener for the show.

Greg Anthony is shown backstage talking to Colonel Parker. Parker is mad the Empire assaulted him and says Anthony has a match against Tracy Smothers. Sigmon shows up and introduces his new agent, Victor Von Glorious. That name is awesome. Nothing comes from this.

Match #2 – Tracy Smothers vs. ‘Golden Boy’ Grey Anthony

Crowd is completely behind Smothers. They lock up and Smothers gets a hammerlock, quickly rolling up Anthony. Anthony kicks out and claims Smothers grabbed the tights. A bit of chain wrestling ensues which ends in a standstill. Smothers gets a waistlock, and Anthony hits the injuried eye with a back elbow. Anthony continues to attack at the eye, keeping the upper hand in this match. Smothers finally gets more offense as he goes for Anthony’s eye. Anthony manages to knock down Smothers to block off his offense.

Commercial break

Anthony keeps Smothers grounded with a chin lock, and used the ropes to apply more pressure. Anthony argues with the ref, and Smothers goes for a backslide. Only a one count and Anthony quickly goes for the eye once again. Anthony keeps up the strikes, until Smothers fights back with his own set of strikes. It does not last long as the eye is attacked again. Match starts to break down as the two trade strikes. Anthony once again pokes at the eye and keeps Smothered grounded with another chin lock. Smothers in the corner, and Anthony rains down blows. Anthony spits on Smothers before hitting some chops. Smothers is fired up, and he puts Anthony into the corner and nails his own chops. Smothers mows down Anthony with some clotheslines before hitting a spear! 1…2…not enough for the win. Anthony goes back to the eye before hitting a side russian leg sweep. Anthony locks in a crossface type submission right on the injured eye. Smothers taps out!

Winner via submission: ‘Golden Boy’ Greg Anthony
Lackluster match. I’m usually happy to see Smothers in the ring, but this outing just wasn’t very good. Anthony was going for the eye every five seconds it seems. It is a good strategy, just hard to work over an eye for the whole of a match. Anthony has had some good matches in the past for TCW, but this one stands out as one of his least memorable matches

Backstage, Genetic Perfection talks about their incident with the Bradford Family. This promo was painful. Titan is shown backstage with Lily. There is some sexual innuendo as Lily pumps up Titan for an upcomming match against Genetic Perfection.

Main Event – Mr. Wrestling 3 vs. Scott Phoenix

MW3 gets a headlock, but Phoenix pushes him off. MW3 with a shoulder tackle to get the upper hand. Phoenix gets a shoulder tackle of his own. Phoenix gets a small package, but MW3 kicks out. The two trade pinning attempts until there is a standstill. Phoenix pushes MW3 to the corner. The ref breaks it up and MW3 shoves Phoenix away. They lock up again until Phoenix hits a belly to back suplex. Phoenix hits a leaping leg drop, and MW3 rolls to the outside. Phoenix goes for a plancha, but MW3 just strolls out of the way. MW3 picks up Phoenix and shoves him into the ring steps. MW3 rolls Phoenix into the ring and goes for a pin. Not enough as Phoenix kicks out. MW3 takes some cheap shots, going for the eyes. MW3 goes to the middle rope and knee drops Phoenix right in the back. MW3 has a chinlock as Phoenix fights back, standing up and getting some strikes right in MW3’s face. Phoenix hits a flying shoulder tackle before a dropkick. MW3 begs off, buying time to get an advantage. MW3 hits a discus clothesline and goes for a pin. Phoenix kicks out again. MW3 waits for Phoenix to his knees before hitting a running knee lift! 1…2…no! MW3 appears to be going for another one, but Phoenix recovers and nails a superkick! Phoenix goes for a pin, but MW3 kicks out! Phoenix goes to the top and hits a crossbody. Phoenix tries to run to the ropes, but MW3 grabs him and hits a belly to back suplex. MW3 goes for a submission, but Phoenix counters with a neckbreaker. Both get to their feet and trade punches. Phoenix gets the advantage, but MW3 pushes him off and goes for a clothesline. Phoenix ducks and jumps off the ropes. Phoenix Rises! 1…2…3!

Lance Hoyt runs in and attacks Phoenix with a lariat and chokeslam.

Winner via pinfall: Scott Phoenix
Another match that fell short of my expectations. There were some good moments, but for a main event, it seemed a bit short. Phoenix has some great ability, and I’m looking forward to his rematch against Hoyt. I will say it was quite a treat to see Mr. Wrestling 3 aka Steve Corino come to TCW. Hopefully he will return again at some point.

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The 411: I have to say, this is probably the weakest TCW show that I have reviewed. The wrestling just was not good enough to make me give it a full recommendation. The promo work was also a bit weak. That being said, I will give TCW props every week for keeping them short, and keeping most of the attention on the wrestling matches.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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