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The Butcher & The Blade on the Inspiration for Their Team Name, Being a Part of AEW Right Now

September 29, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
AEW Dark The Butcher and The Blade Image Credit: AEW

– Speaking to LocalySYR.com, AEW tag team The Butcher & The Blade discussed how they came up with their team name, being a part of AEW and more. Below are some highlights.

The Butcher on where the concept for their team name came from: The concept for the name was taken from ‘White Men Can’t Jump.’ They go against ‘The Duck’ and ‘The King’ or whatever their name is. And that is literally how I came up with ‘The’ (before the name). That whole movie culminates with those two (Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson) going against these ‘end bosses.’ The whole concept for the tag team that we’re the ‘end bosses.'”

On being inspired by heavies in 90s movies: “We always (refer to ourselves) as heavies in like 90s movies. (The Butcher) always uses the example of the dude in ‘Roadhouse.’ Who had a knife in his boots, a shell necklace, and rips dude’s throats out. They never explain any of it. (Laughs).”

The Butcher on the character in Roadhouse: “They legit never explain the fact that this guy is wearing a native, bone necklace. They’re never like, ‘We’ve got this indigenous dude and he is a bada**.’ It’s just like, here is this slick haired pretty looking due who can throw a sick wheel-house kick with something that has a knife in it. And that’s what we are. (Laughs).”

Blade on 90s movies: “And, at least in 90s movies, it was always dudes losing their hair and that works out great for us. (Laughs).”

The Butcher on there being a buzz all over wrestling right now: “Can I interject? It’s wrestling overall. It’s all of wrestling. It’s not just AEW, everything is exploding. I think that (AEW) is the catalyst for this explosion. It’s the only major federation that has allowed (wrestlers) to go other places and show what we do. The best part is not dominating in a sense of taking over. It’s a person saying “Hey, come be with us. We want to be with you.” And I think that is the explosion.”

The Blade on being a part of AEW: “It’s a lot to be grateful for. It can be easily forgotten that we are in such a good spot right now. Especially with our story. This is my first full-time wrestling job. This is his first wrestling job and the fact that we have these jobs in the top company changing things right now is a really good time for us.”