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The Wrestling 5 & 1 04.07.12: Maria Menounos vs. Rima Fakih

April 7, 2012 | Posted by Greg De Marco

What a week! WrestleMania is in the books, the WWE followed up with a great RAW that included a huge return, yours truly made multiple radio appearances and more! Let’s get this party rolling, shall we?

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Last Week: Trish Stratus and Maryse Ouellet went one-on-one in the finals of Versus WrestleMania Madness, and we have a NEW #1!

This Week: We have one final piece to Versus WrestleMania Madness…the Celebrity Showdown!

The most recent celebrity Diva Maria Menounos enters the Versus Arena against one that reportedly signed a deal with the company, Rima Fakih!

Extra’s Maria Menounos!

Former Miss USA Rima Fakih!


Maria Menounos vs. Rima Fakih. Take your pick!
Stay tuned as next week as I’ll reveal the winner…!

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Overshadowing WrestleMania 28 was the return of Brock Lesnar to the WWE. Reports were flying around like crazy about Brock being in Miami, at SunLife Stadium, and finally at RAW. When he finally appeared…well…the people went nuts.

Yeah…Brock is back!

So much has been reported about Brock’s return, so we’ll combine that speculation with a little opinion and look at the major factors at play.

Brock’s First WWE Run
When Brock made his first splash in the WWE, he was best known as a collegiate wrestler. One that made it big in the WWE, headlining in just his first WrestleMania appearance. John Cena worked the opener of his first WrestleMania (20), he didn’t main event until his third (22). Few men have made the meteoric rise up the card that John Cena made, and even fewer did it faster. Brock did.

Brock’s UFC Career
This time, Brock enters the WWE as a former UFC World Heavyweight Champion. He was the top dog, and biggest draw, of the world’s largest MMA promotion. He turned heads, pissed people off and elicited true emotion every time out. In a four year span, his MMA record ended up at 5-3, or a 62.5% win percentage. Not impressed? Randy Couture retired at 19-11 for a 63.33% win percentage. Tito Ortiz? 16-10-1, or 61.5%. One of those guys is a Hall of Famer, and the other will be soon. They have far more fights than Brock, but Lesnar’s impact on MMA can’t be ignored.

Brock’s WWE Contract
Who knows if any of this is true, but the most commonly accepted reports are that Brock signed for one year, 30-35 dates, and a cool $5 million downside guarantee. Some reports have that as “Cena money,” others say it’s the most lucrative deal ever. Say Lesnar makes the larger number of appearances—that equates to $142,857.14 per appearance. Even if his salary is near the same as Cena’s, his “per appearance pay” has to be much higher.

Brock’s Locker Room Reputation
The initial (speculative) reports are that the backstage reaction to Brock’s return is largely akin to that of The Rock. Another former star coming back to steal the spotlight and make a buck. I didn’t care about The Rock’s backstage reputation during his latest WWE run, and I likely care about Brock’s as much as Brock does—not at all.

Brock’s Booking
This is the big one. You really think Brock is coming in to put anyone over? Right, and Hornswoggle is ending The Undertaker’s Streak. Brock is coming in to kick ass. The only circumstance where I can see him taking a decisive loss is if the WWE elects to go with Brock vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 29. Speaking of which…

Brock’s WrestleMania 29 Involvement
Barring an ugly and early exit from his WWE contract, Brock’s initial return will end at WrestleMania 29 (or he RAW after). The early speculation is that Brock will enter the annual supercard as the WWE Champion, and be challenged by The Rock. #2 on that list is a highly anticipated and aforementioned showdown with The Undertaker. It’s far too early to speculate on the match, but I’d bet the WWE already knows what it will be.

One thing we can be sure of is that Brock Lesnar will be a huge portion of the next 12 months. For whatever reason, he’s always big news. In the nearly 18 months that I have been writing for 411Mania, I have never been told what to write about. I’ve been told what NOT to write about—two weeks ago, actually (suck on THAT, Csonka!)—but only once has it even been suggested that we consider writing about a certain topic. That topic? Brock Lesnar’s MMA retirement.

The guy moves he needle, possibly more than anyone else in wrestling today.

You Decide: Are you excited for Brock’s return to wrestling? What expectations do you have for the next 12 months?

We have another WrestleMania in the books, and this one was met with mixed reactions. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Had I been in charge, I would have done some different things. But we can talk about that later. Let’s take a look at what did happen…

Epico & Primo beat Jimmy & Jey Uso and Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships in 5:03 when Epico pinned Jimmy Uso following a Backstabber
The tag champs, and Rosa Mendes, deserved to be on PPV. I think they should have joined the Johnny-Teddy fiasco, personally. This was a good match for what it was—I’m just glad they didn’t do a 28 man battle royal!

Sheamus pinned Daniel Bryan following a Broque Kick in 0:18 to win the World Heavyweight Championship
I’ve gotta be honest with you guys here—I am okay with this match. Given concerns about the show running long, they weren’t going to get 20-minutes. I see them getting 8 tops. Sure, I would have preferred a 20-30 minute classic, but that wasn’t in the cards. This was destined to be an afterthought, and as you’ll see later, it did more to hurt Sheamus than Daniel Bryan.

Kane pinned Randy Orton following a top-rope chokeslam in 10:58
I enjoyed this match far more than I expected to. Both men delivered a good performance, and the finish (coupled with the opener) showed me that we were in for a much different WrestleMania than I expected.

The Big Show pinned Cody Rhodes in 5:19 with a WMD punch to win the Intercontinental Championship
I really, really wanted Cody to win. But this is likely for the better. The set-up was all about The Big Show beating Cody and getting his WrestleMania moment, and we got it. And Cody did his job—just listen to the crowd’s reaction for the knockout. Cody carried this feud, and I hope we see him get elevated up the card from here.

Kelly Kelly & Extra’s Maria Menounos beat Divas Champion Beth Phoenix & Eve when Maria pinned Beth with a roll-up in 6:22
If you had told me they would get 6 minutes on this card, I’d have told you they must have cancelled both musical appearances and both Orton & Kane were suddenly too injured to wrestle. If you told me that the match was decent at worst, and that Maria was serviceable and and likely a middle-of-the-road Diva in terms of in-ring skill, I’d have requested a sip of whatever you were drinking. Yet we go both with none of the mentioned costs.

The Undertaker pinned Triple H following a Tombstone Piledriver in 30:47 of a Hell in a Cell Match officiated by Shawn Michaels
This match had it all—a ref bump, chairs, the sledgehammer, an HBK superkick, a ref bump, and the extension of The Streak to 20-0. It was far better than last year’s match, and didn’t even need the Hell in a Cell gimmick. We had believable near falls, including those initiated by Triple H. At the end of the day, the streak lives on and we got another great match.

Team Johnny (captain David Otunga, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre & The Miz w/ John Laurinaitis, Brie Bella and Vickie Guerrero) beat Team Teddy (captain Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali & Booker T w/ Teddy Long, Aksana, Nikki Bella, Eve Torres, and Hornswoggle) to win total control of RAW & Smackdown for John Laurinaitis when The Miz pinned Zack Ryder in 10:32 with the Skull Crushing Finale
Yet another match that delivered above the expectations. And another one with everything—just a different kind of everything. I do wish it had been more of a showcase for Mark Henry & Dolph Ziggler, but we can’t have everything. I was entertained, and that’s what matters.

CM Punk beat Chris Jericho via submission to the Anaconda Vice to retain the WWE championship in 22:23
I didn’t need the last second “if Punk loses by disqualification he loses the title” stipulation, but at least it played into the early part of the match. This was my Match of The Night, just ahead of HHH-Taker and Cena-Rock. The crowd didn’t make this match, they enjoyed it. Jericho and Punk put on a great match, and Punk proved that he can deliver. Not bad for the “King of the Indies,” huh?

The Rock pinned John Cena with a Rock Bottom in 30:36
This was the money match, and it delivered in my opinion. I delivered…what it had to. All they needed was a “good match.” A match that would have played out well on another PPV, on RAW, or even a big house show. But this match got a big boost from the crowd—a Samoa Joe vs. Kenta Kobashi like boost. And if He Who Shall Not Be Named gave Joe-Kobashi five stars back in 2005, then he must have given this one seven, because it was better. I’ve read reports that the crowd wasn’t as loud as expected. Listen, this event took place at an open air stadium—no roof to open and close. I guarantee you they were loud as hell. I really liked the abrupt—and surprising nature—of the finish. I expected a Cena win, but there is obviously more story to tell with The Rock. Good.

I very much enjoyed this year’s WrestleMania. It beats out 25, 26 & 27. WrestleMania truly has become the Showcase of the Immortals, and I can’t wait to see what they do next year. If the speculated triple main event of John Cena vs. The Undertaker, The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar and CM Punk vs. Steve Austin plays out, then we’re in for a wild ride!

You Decide: Easy one here…what did you think of this year’s WrestleMania?

Going completely against what I predicted, The Rock pinned John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania, and is adding ‘Mania his wins against Steve Austin & Hulk Hogan to call himself the greatest WWE Superstar of All Time. I still think that goes to Austin, personally. The match itself was good, and I was fine with the musical introductions. At least the musical acts—who you knew were going to take up time—played into the main event.

The immediate question goes to what The Rock does next year at WrestleMania 29 in Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. Well, on RAW he made his intentions perfectly clear—to once again wear the WWE Championship. There are two major storylines that could be born here…

WWE Champion John Cena vs. The Rock
The story is simple, The Rock wants a WWE Championship match and John Cena wants another shot at The Rock. The Rock initially says no, but finally tells John Cena that he’ll give him the WrestleMania rematch he wants—if Cena is he WWE Champion. Cena makes a march to the title, holds on to it until ‘Mania and defeats The Rock to retain.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock
This is a big money match. I would have an amazing build, and it would draw a ton of viewers. It’s highly possible, and highly anticipated. Sure, it’s happened before, but look at where both men are now. This would be newsworthy—the wrestler turned movie star vs. the wrestler turned MMA champion turned wrestler once again. Causal fans would come back for that match. MMA fans—despite what some claim now—would tune in for this. It’s basically a license to print money, and it could be amazing.

You Decide: What do you want to see from The Rock over the next 12 months?

Maryse reminds of this girl who used to date a friend of mine in college.

Well he wasn’t a friend, but a fraternity brother. None of us wanted to let him in, but he was sort of a local celebrity and he had the best weed connections in town.

He wasn’t a bad guy, just really obnoxious and he had a habit of mimicking whoever he thought was cool, which was pretty annoying. He even tried to get us to call him “The Wiz”, so we just called him Dorothy.

He was sort of unusual looking as well.

If Kermit the Frog was gang raped by the boys from South Park and became pregnant as a result, Dorothy would have been the result.

So one day he shows up with this chick. She was so stunning that we couldn’t figure out what she was doing with him.

We ran through the most obvious scenarios.

Was he paying her? No. Dorothy borrowed $50 on a weekly basis just to buy hair gel and self tanner, so we knew he wasn’t rich.

Was he blackmailing her? No. We remembered that time Dorothy got lost in the library and dialed 911 for help, and we realized he lacked the guile to pull blackmail off.

Was he packing 12 inches of limp ding dong? No. Dorothy was seen taking a leak off the balcony and his dick was so small, he pissed on his balls.

I went over and said hello, but I really just wanted a closer look. Her hair was actually white and she seemed to be wearing stage makeup, then she said some shit I couldn’t understand. Yet even with all these flaws, she was still a fox.

As the days became weeks and the weeks became months, she was still with him and even though nothing about her changed physically, our gawking became less and less frequent. Before long we barely noticed her. And some guys even began to think she was ugly. It was an unusual phenomenon.

Later I realized that this beautiful girl suffered from what became known in certain circles as “Reverse Ugly Duckling Syndrome” and it is quite common.

It happens anytime a guy punches above his weight and dates a girl so far out of his league that he actually steals her beauty, like a cat stealing a baby’s breath.

I looked her up online and she’s out in LA now. On her Facebook page she claims to be modelling and opening a fashion line.

But every “modelling” picture she posts was clearly taken at Glamour Shots in the mall and her “fashion line” consists of a series of the same friendship bracelets girls made in junior high.

Rumor is she is maybe one late rent check away from doing porn.

Trish…definitely Trish.

Posted By: Frisco Kid

And that’s it.


More comments should return next week!

In what has fast become one of my favorite developments in recent years, Daniel Bryan became a star at WrestleMania. A huge star. In fact, I’d argue that losing to Sheamus in 18-seconds id going to turn into the best thing to ever happen in his career. If Sheamus and Bryan went to a 20-minute classic and Sheamus won, this wouldn’t have happened. In fact, Bryan had to be “screwed” for an entire community—The WrestleMania Community—to react in this manner. They cheered for him during the rest of the show. They cheered for him throughout RAW. Smackdown. Hell, they cheered for him at the Miami Heat game!

And what happened is the beauty of wrestling. I termed that community “The WrestleMania Community” because it’s unique to one event per year. It’s a strange combination of casual fans who want to be a part of the spectacle and the normally small minority of smart fans who travel and aren’t really the minority for one show every 12 months. And it just so happens to be the industry’s biggest show. Those smart fans? They largely LOVE Daniel Bryan. He’s a hero to them. He’s an indie wrestling god, getting the girls (AJ in a storyline sense, reportedly a Bella twin in real life), and giving people something to latch onto: “YES! YES! YES!” Those chants were part of a heel persona that has slowly won over fans. Remember, Daniel Bryan was going to cash in a WrestleMania—the good guy underdog story that we all wanted to see. Instead, WWE creative—normally criticized beyond belief—gave us something that we soon realized was better. And The WrestleMania Community took it to a completely new level. It’s spawned two shirts—one from the cult favorite Barber Shop Window and one from the WWE.

Which one do you like?

Hell, it even spawned a Facebook group that you all need to join! Seriously, you’ll love it!

This takes place after RAW, and it was just an amazing display of an entire community—not the IWC, but The WrestleMania Community, took to one man and one catchphrase.

You Decide: Is “YES!” the new “WHAT?!?” I can’t wait for the dueling chants…

WrestleMania weekend also brings about “supercards” from two of the biggest and most beloved independent wrestling promotions in the United States—Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA. It’s hard to believe that Gabe Sapolsky, the founder and Executive Vice President of Dragon Gate USA was let go from Ring of Honor four years ago. Since then, he founded Dragon Gate USA and Evolve, promotions he built in an image of competition and an independent spirit that largely left ROH with Gabe himself.

Since 2005, Ring of Honor has presented an official “WrestleMania Weekend” of events, loosely termed such throughout their tenure. It all started with a triple shot in Detroit and Chicago, and has grown into a series of double shots held in the same area as WrestleMania itself. In 2010, DGUSA presented it’s first competing shows during WrestleMania weekend, resulting in an abysmal failure in Phoenix, AZ. You see, I was part of the ROH events and am largely connected with some close to the DGUSA events. The promotion has used some WCW-esque tactics, like offering admission Phoenix’s Friday night show to anyone with an ROH ticket. In 2011, they did not run competing shows, allowing fans to attend both promotions events in Atlanta. They competed once again in Miami, with DGUSA choosing to run their Friday iPPV against ROH’s iPPV for a price of $1.99. In years past, DGUSA has drawn small crowds and likely lost money. For example, in Phoenix they drew 200 and 400 against ROH’s 900 and 1100. ROH’s facility was set-up to hold 1500, DGUSA’s shows were in a 3000 seat theatre.

DGUSA at Phoenix’s Celebrity Theatre

But in Miami, the outcome was very different. Ring of Honor ran two great cards, both presented by GFL.tv in iPPV format. The shows were good live, but the iPPV streams were terrible. Websites covering the streams live had to give up on the coverage.

To make thing worse, former owner and current ROH Ambassador Cary Silkin personally responded to a message and promised a friend of mine that the company would “make it right.” They offered two missing matches from day 2 online—for all to see.

To make matters worse, ROH COO Joe Koff provided the following comments to ProWrestling.net’s Chris Shore:

“We are a customer of Go Fight Live. Fans paid Go Fight Live for the PPV. We felt it was Go Fight Live’s responsibility to address the issue with those who purchased the PPV, and they did reach out to those fans. But the situation was beyond our control, so I don’t feel like we had to address it. Had the problems occurred on our end, with something we were responsible for, I probably would have responded in a greater and quicker manner.”

In the words of Booker T, “WUT DA HELL?!?” You paid GFL to present your product. They presented YOU. When I watch a Ring of Honor iPPV on GFL.tv, I am watching ROH, not ROH on GFL. I could give two shits about GFL. ROH is the name on the marquee. You’re the one selling and promoting the event. You have the most to gain and the most to lose. You, Ring of Honor, need to take care of the customers—your customers—who didn’t get what they paid for. If you go back and recoup most of that from GFL? Great. If not? Great. Who cares. You take care of your customers.

Meanwhile, Gabe’s Dragon Gate USA presented three shows, two that were presented through the company’s WWNLive.com. The Friday show was priced at a dirt cheap $1.99, though limited to the live stream only. And the show featured an amazing Low Ki vs. PAC match, one of the weekend’s best. Gabe Sapolsky, likely knowing about ROH’s stream issues, repeatedly asked “How’s the stream” on Twitter. That was probably 50% concern and 50% “in your face, ROH!”

So let’s take a look. Friday, ROH presented a show littered with issues. DGUSA presented an amazing show for $1.99 with minimal issues. Saturday, ROH lost two matches. DGUSA presented an amazing show with minimal issues. Maybe ROH should change iPPV vendors…to WWNLive!

THE BIG WINNER: Gabe Sapolsky and Dragon Gate USA.

And remember, I’m an ROH guy! I love the promotion, and I think some of Gabe’s tactics and business practices are cheap and underhanded. ROH presented two amazing shows. Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin is being called the early Match of The Year favorite and the best match of the weekend. Roderick Strong captured the Television title and became the company’s second ever triple crown champion.

But Gabe Sapolsky won out on this weekend. Plus, DGUSA already has their WrestleMania Weekend 2013 shows booked, partnering with CHIKARA and CZW. Ring of Honor? Likely still booking events for the summer.

I hope this is an isolated incident. But ever since the SBG buyout and the firing of Syd Eick, many people’s fears—a changed product, corporate influences—are coming true. I love Ring of Honor. I just want them to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

You Decide: What did you think of the weekend’s iPPV events?

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This week: WrestleMania is in the books! Did the event live up to the hype? Were you upset by Sheamus’s 18-second win? Did Rock & Cena deliver? What about Punk-Jericho? Are you happy with HHH-Taker? And how about Monday’s RAW and Brock Lesnar’s return?!?! 411’s Steve Cook joins in to talk ‘Mania, and Tony Acero chimes in on RAW.

DeMarcette Veda Scott joins the program to discuss Ring of Honor’s WrestleMania weekend Showdown in the Sun events and talks about her upcoming match with Sara Del Rey at AIW’s Girl’s Night Out 6! Plus, Bandido Jr chimes in to discuss his career, his father El Bandido and his participation in this weekend’s ECWA Super 8!

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I also represented 411Mania, the VOC Nation and the Greg DeMarco Show over at SmartMarkRadio.com for their WrestleMania 28 preview! Listen in as I outclass their entire panel! I’m kidding, of course. This was a great show, and I was very impressed with many of the voices and opinions I heard.

Finally, I made an appearance on Tuesday’s Wrestling Roundtable program, hosted by Eric Santamaria. Head on over to WrestlingRoundtable.com to check It out.

Also, don’t forget to join the VOC Nation mothership program for a great WrestleMania Breakdown with Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Brady Hicks, Bobby Fish and Matt Hardy!

Brady Hicks joined The Voice of Choice and recapped Wrestlemania, the Wrestlemania weekend festivities including Wrestlereunion, and the return of Brock Lesnar.

Matt Hardy joined the show and discussed:

– On Wrestlereunion and hanging out with the fans: “I’m a wrestling fan at heart. It’s always nice to interact with the people here, especially when everyone is converging from all around the world for an event like Wrestlemania…it’s a great week to be a wrestling fan.”

– On his You Tube Stardom: “Youtube.com/matthardybrand. (Reby Sky) has been doing a lot for me. We’re putting together videos and inviting fans from around the world to check it out. We’re going to be doing a lot more interactive stuff in the future.”

– The difference between WWE and TNA: “The longer TNA exists and grows, the more that the management style will grow to be like WWE’s. A lot of the guys go to TNA for the better schedule, but TNA has picked up a more aggressive schedule now, and are putting more pressure on guys because they want to move to the next level. It will be a long time though before anyone catches up to WWE.”

– On working in front of the same crowd every week in Orlando: “The Orlando audience definitely made it tough as a performer. It’s hard to motivate yourself as a performer when the fans don’t get behind you as much. There is nothing like being on the road for WWE. WWE is on a larger level.”

– On business right now: “Wrestling is cyclical, and it’s only a matter of time before the next wave hits.”

– On his body breaking down after the numerous TLC matches over the years: “My back is beat up and I’m about to have some work done, but I’m going to get myself healthy and take it from there.”

– On Reby Sky’s influence on his career: “We are all flesh and bones, but the human skull is indestructible. That’s why my new slogan is ‘Stronger than Death’.

– On a possible WWE comeback: “Never say never. The unexpected always happens.”

Jimmy Hart then made a surprise appearance to discuss his Wrestlemania experience along with the state of the business:

– On Wrestlemania: “What a great production. It was one of the best Wrestlemanias that I’ve ever been a part of. I love the CM Punk match with Jericho, Big Show and Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton…the production was great, even with the planes flying over the stadium during the National Anthem.”

– On the passing of Chief Jay Strongbow: “What a great man. It’s really heavy because he was a wonderful human being.” (Jimmy then told a funny story about Strongbow as a road agent)

– On Batista: “I just saw him in the airport and he was in phenomenal shape.”

– On Wrestlemania’s International Crowd: “It seems like every year people from all around the world base their vacations and sometimes even marriages around Wrestlemania…it’s unbelievable.”

– On Legend’s House: “We spent a month out there and it was one of the biggest thrills I have ever had in this business. I can’t wait for the fans to be able to see it. The fans will be able to see us the way that we really are in and out of the ring.

– On Becky Bayless: “What a great person she is. We used her on Wrestlelicious. I recommended her to Russo at TNA when I was there and the rest is history. What a great, great girl.”

– On working special events for WWE: “I think it makes it special when you’re not on TV all the time. The role we play is good because people are happy to see us because they don’t see us all the time.

– On what’s next: “I will be in Toronto for Wrestlereunion next week, and then in New York in June for Comic-con.

– On Lesnar’s return and a new potential “golden era”: Business has its peaks and valleys, but I don’t think it’s ever been that bad. Over the last couple years things have really been strong. When you think you know what’s going to happen, they change it on you and keep you guessing. The WWE is not predictable and it makes things great.

Bobby Fish also joined the show to talk about April 7th’s ECWA Super 8, where Indy wrestlers become WORLDWIDE superstars. One of Daniel Bryan’s first east coast appearances was at the Super 8 in 2003.

Listen to the show here!

Our buddy Michael Ornelas released the third edition of his hit show Shenanigans. If you ‘re not watching, you’re missing out! Michael also returned to 411, covering Smackdown’s Instant Analysis and The Contentious Ten.

Hit up the ‘Mania on the TWITTER (so Ashish will like me, okay?)

http://www.twitter.com/gregdemarcoshow – that’s me!

She finally completed her full heel turn, and now Eve Torres is primed for a big WWE Diva push. Which means…I honestly don’t know what that means. Hopefully something great!

I’ve become a big Eve fan as she’s started to turn heel.

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So I’ll help you…

Versus: Rima or Maria??
What do you think now that Brock’s back?
What were your thoughts on WrestleMania 28?
What does the future hold for The Rock?
Is “YES!” the best thing to happen to Daniel Bryan?
Did Dragon Gate USA outshine Ring of Honor in Miami?

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