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Tim Storm On Billy Corgan’s Passion For the Business, NWA Powerrr’s Debut

January 24, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Tim Storm spoke about working for Billy Corgan in the NWA and looked back on NWA Powerrr’s debut during his recent interview with Wrestling Headlines. You can check out some highlights below:

On the debut of NWA Powerrr and his match against Nick Aldis: “Everything that Billy and Dave did exceeded expectations, always. Just walking into that arena and seeing the old school colors, kind of a new backdrop, it was a good mix of old new. Setting the tone is always important. Main event of a TV show always important. I think we walked into that with at least a comfort with each other having had two-four matches. The unknown was gone. We know what to expect. Let me be honest…I wanna put Nick over on this…Nick should get credit for that because as I continue to get older…I have more and more limitations. At that point Nick knew what I could do and what I couldn’t do. There wasn’t a spot in there like there was in our first match where it was like, “okay I’m not quite sure if I’m good with this but I’m going to try it because it’s a big match.” I go back and I look at that match…I can picture parts of it in my head especially towards the finish. I like watching the fans instead of watching the match. What I live for as a wrestler is connecting with an audience, reaching out, and getting some kind of reaction. Watching the fans in that match…they were on the edge of their seats, they were standing, they were literally living and dying as those finishes started happening, and you can watch the faces and see who was cheering for Nick and who was cheering for me. That’s wrestling. That’s why we do this. Did I know the importance of that first match in kicking off this? I don’t know that I grasped it. I did feel the pressure of, “We need to deliver in this situation.” And we did. Nick gets a lot of credit for that because he knows what I can and cannot do.”

On Billy Corgan’s passion for the NWA and the wrestling business: “Billy is very VERY hands on. He knows the wrestling business. Here is what I respect most. He is passionate about the business. He had that history with IMPACT. A lot of people…if they weren’t passionate about the business…that would have been it. They would have broken it off. “I had a bad experience so I’m not going to do that again.” Just the fact that not only did he continue with that and he went out…and I tell people this…he could have started Billy Corgan Wrestling promotion and called it that. He went after a brand that he knew and he respected because he loves that old-school wrestling. This was his vision. When he said we were going to bring studio wrestling back…I grew up watching Memphis Championship Wrestling. I watched World Class, even the old Mid-South stuff was studio wrestling. There were a lot of people out there that thought, “This is never going to work.” The fact that Billy had the vision, that he had the passion, and the ingenuity to move forward with that, and he made this presentation to some pretty big companies who couldn’t see that vision. For him to do that…step out, and not only do it but make it work. I remember the first episode of Powerrr when it aired you can go in and click the video and see the views, after a week we were getting up to about half-a-million views. For a new start-up thing…who has that vision and knows it gonna work?”