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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Genesis 2006

November 11, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Genesis 2006  


-The cool video that kicked off the Road to Genesis show kicks off the PPV tonight.

-Tenay and West welcome us to the show.

MATCH #1 The Voodoo Kin Mafia (BG and KIP James) vs. The New Movement (Devine, Kazarian and Matt) aka Serotonin

BG and Matt to begin. To the corner and the Movement beat down BG. BG back with jabs and takes all three member down until he eats a superkick by Matt. Devine in and gets an Irish whip and spring board cross body to BG. The Movement all beat down BG again with the white stick of doom. Matt in and looks like a cross dresser even more tonight, snap mare and basement dropkick to BG gets 2. Neckvice by Matt. BG to his feet, escapes and gets a flying forearm to Matt. BG tries a kip up, fails for comedy and has the ref help him. Tag to Kip and he cleans house. Pedigree try and mails it on Matt. He mocks the superkick and then tosses Matt. Tosses Kazarian. Devine leaps in, cobra clutch slam. 1…2…3.

Winners: VKM @ 3:39 via pin

-After the match BG on the mic. He tells McMahon, HBK and HHH that they declared war. They promise this, now the ground war begins. Tune in Thursday night, because you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • It was just like watching DX vs. Spirit Squad, only a little worse but with complete burial. (DUD)

    -Tenay and West welcome us again to the show. They hype all three title matches, Cage vs. AJ and Joe vs. Angle.

    -The Movement is back in the ring. They have Devine blindfolded and Raven comes to the ring as expected in a PIMP white suit and Sub Zero type mask! This is cool, I like this because this is how Raven should be used.

    -They all have the sticks and BEAT Devine! Devine doesn’t resist and takes the beating like a man and there are MAD welts on his back. Raven walks off and Devine gets to his feet.

    -JB is with the Naturals and Shane Douglas. The Naturals have newer gear and Douglas says the Naturals took out Team 3D. They got what they deserved for disrespecting him. He says Team 3D ran off to Japan because they are loved there, but in TNA, the Naturals showed them what was what and show a table that says “TEAM 3D was here.” They will take out Dutt and Lethal next in Team 3D’s place.

    MATCH #2 The Naturals (Douglas and Stevens) w/Shane Douglas vs. Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal w/Jerry Lynn

    The Naturals jump before the bell and beat down Jay and Dutt. They talk shit to Team 3D and Stevens tries a powerbomb to the floor, Douglas is tossed onto Stevens and Dutt and Jay get stereo dives onto the Naturals! Jay and Stevens in now, off the ropes and a double team kick and bulldog to Stevens. Jay covers for 2. Tag to Dutt, up top and an ax handle to the shoulder of Stevens. Elbow drops and a cover for 2. Tag back to Jay and shots to the back of Stevens. Rights by Jay, Irish whip and a back elbow and LOW BLOW by Stevens. Douglas in and he tosses Jay to the corner. He chokes him out and the ref makes him break. Douglas gets a low blow as the ref was distracted. Tag to Stevens, they beat down Jay in the corner and then Stevens chokes him out. Seated abdominal stretch by Douglas. Stevens grabs his arm and adds leverage behind the ref’s back. They try again and the ref breaks that. Jay fights back, off the ropes and a high knee from Douglas gets 2. Tag to Stevens, running kick to Jay. Jay tries to fight back again, off the ropes and a wheel barrel toss by Stevens gets 2. Stevens goes up top…and connects with a double ax handle for 2. Tag to Douglas, up top…double ax smash countered by Jay and both men are down. Tag to Dutt and Stevens. Chops by Dutt. Rights now and off the ropes and a leg lariat to Stevens. Head scissors and a superkick to Douglas. Neckbreaker to Stevens and a cover for 2. Stevens fights back, misses a charge and a springboard press to Douglas. Enziguri to Stevens! Asai moonsault to Stevens gets 2. Rights by Dutt, off the ropes and a boot to Stevens. Up top…he nails Shane but Stevens grabs him…and the Naturals get the doomsday dropkick/powerbomb to finish things off, albeit a bit botched.

    Winners: The Naturals @ 8:30 via pin

  • The match was ok, but rather disappointing considering what I have seen these guys do. (**)

    -In the back JB is with LAX. They talk about Petey stopping them from burning the flag. They say Petey is a coward and Konnan goes onto bash America because war is profit. Nothing matters, if you try and stop them they will take you out. They vow to burn the flag. They are 5150 and if Gail tries to get involved again, she get it even worse. They don’t fear Cornette or anything he can do to them.

    -Tenay and West discuss what LAX had to say.

    -We get a video package for the X-Title match.

    -JB is with Daniels and questions the relationship with AJ now. Daniels says victory come first and AJ has different priorities. He then says Sabin has a disrespectful attitude. They owe him nothing. Daniels and AJ built the X-Division, and he will show Sabin what he is all about. When all is said and done, he will have the title and Sabin’s respect.

    MATCH #3 TNA X-TITLE MATCH: Christopher Daniels © vs. Chris Sabin

    They jaw a bit and lock up. To the corner and Sabin backs off. Lockup and a headlock by Daniels. Counters and an arm bar by Daniels. Sabin rolls out and nails Daniels with a right. They talk trash and lock up. Arm bar by Sabin, into the wristlock. Daniels rolls out and gets a forearm but Sabin gets an eye poke and lays the boots to Daniels. Rights to Daniels, off the ropes and a hip toss and cover for 1 by Daniels. An arm drag and cover for 1. Monkey flip by Sabin, Daniels to his feet and a hit toss sends Sabin to the floor. Sabin back in and a take down, some reversals and Daniels steps on Sabin’s head. Split legged moonsault to the back of Sabin gets 2. Daniels slams Sabin to the corner and Sabin is rocked. Head butts by Daniels and a cover for 2. Off the ropes and Sabin tosses Daniels to the apron. Running dropkick by Sabin and Daniels falls to the floor. Sabin charges, fakes the dive and gets a double sledge off the apron. Sabin drops Daniels throat first onto the barrier. Back into the ring we go and Sabin covers for 2. Off the ropes and a hip toss and fist drop by Sabin. Running kick to the back of Daniels’ head and a cover for 2. Nerve hold by Sabin now, old school. Daniels elbows out, off the ropes and a springboard cross body misses. Sabin covers for 2. Sabin chokes Daniels on the ropes now. Snap mare by Sabin and into the surfboard. Daniels fights to escape, elbows out and clubbing shots by Sabin. Rights by Daniels, Sabin sets Daniels up top, tree of woe and the levitation dropkick connects. Sabin to the floor and grabs a chair. He tosses it in the ring and AJ is out and grabs the chair. He takes it away. Daniels out of the tree and gets a HUGE cross body to the floor on Sabin! Back to the ring they go, jawbreaker by Daniels and a running forearm. Off the ropes and a boot and STO by Daniels! Sabin set up top, rights by Daniels. Fall from grace on Sabin gets 2! Uranage by Daniels, he goes to the corner but Sabin grabs him. Sabin with rights, to the apron and a SWEET springboard DDT on Daniels 1…2…NO! Rights by Sabin, off the ropes and an Enziguri by Daniels. Daniels tries a RANA but Sabin counters with a sit out powerbomb for 2! Irish whip and a spinkick by Sabin. Off the top, Daniels catches him…DVD on Sabin! BEST MOONSAULT EVER connects! 1…2…NO! Daniels grabs Sabin, Angles wings try, countered and a dragon screw leg whip by Sabin. Running Yakuza on Daniels! Cradle shock try, countered into a roll up for 2 by Daniels. Sabin has Daniels, back breaker countered and a roll up by Daniels gets the win.

    Winner: Christopher Daniels @ 13:29 via pin

    -After the match Sabin has a chair and Jerry Lynn is out to stop him. They argue and Lynn tosses down his employee badge and wants them to shake. They do and Sabin they gets the Cradle shock on Daniels. Sabin leaves as Lynn is disgusted.

  • Good title match here. Sabin and Daniels have been putting on good matches the last few months separately and continued that streak tonight as they worked together. I will say that Sabin comes off as lost in the after match angle as they look to be going to Daniels vs. AJ. (***½)

    -Backstage with Nash, Shelley and Starr. Nash says they need a win and Starr says he will give 100%. Nash says to follow his lead, they will be huge stars like Laser Tron and George South. He says they need the win at all costs. They bring it in and they will win one for Bo…Derek.

    -Nash is out on commentary. He has a sling on, he was in Japan, at the Budakon, defending his International X-Title and hurt it on a 3750 leap, but he finished the match.

    MATCH #4 Lance Hoyt and Ron Killings vs. Austin Starr and Alex Shelley w/Kevin Nash

    Killings and Alex begin the match. Test of strength and Alex gets a reversal and steps on Ron’s hands. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Ron. Kicks by Alex, he mocks Ron and then a flatliner from Ron. Alex runs and tags in Starr. Ron and Starr in and there is no heat for this match. Starr dances to mock Ron, Ron dances and Starr kicks him in the gut. Rights to Ron, more boots. Irish whip and a counter and Starr dances again. Ron snatches him up and gets a running powerslam on Starr. He and Hoyt beat his ass with rights and Ron tags in Hoyt. Off the ropes and a double hip toss to Starr. Double elbow on Starr gets 2 as Alex makes the save. Knees by Hoyt, off the ropes and a Starr goes for a tag, but eats a flapjack. Hoyt levels Alex and then goes up top…Alex trips him up and Starr with a dropkick to the knees of Hoyt who is trapped in the tree of woe. Ron tries to make a save and that fails as Starr and Alex get a double neckbreaker on Hoyt in the tree. Alex steps on his balls, the Amish churn if you will, and Alex rakes the eyes. Alex trips Hoyt, tag to Starr and a slingshot senton on Hoyt gets 2. Starr chokes out Hoyt, Alex tags in and gets the slingshot senton for 2. Alex works the leg with boots, then dropdowns on the knee. Starr with more of the same. Slingshot corkscrew splash by Starr for 2 on Hoyt. Lefts to Hoyt now, Starr chokes out Hoyt and the crowd comes to life a bit finally/ Reverse DDT by Alex, up top now…splash eats boots. Hoyt rolls and gets a clothesline. Tag to Ron. Rights to Alex, then Starr. Off the ropes and a spinning forearm by Ron. Starr in and they whip Ron to the corner, but he counters and Alex nails Starr by accident. Suplex/stunner combo by Ron on Alex and Starr makes the save. Off the ropes and a dual dropkick by Ron. Hoyt in and has Alex set and Ron gets the leg drop to the balls. Ron misses a high kick and gets crotched. Starr tosses him and talks trash, they work over Hoyt and Starr with a dive onto Ron. Alex up top…frog splash onto the knee of Hoyt. He tells Starr to get the camera and Alex tries a figure four, but Hoyt rolls him up for the win.

    Winners: Hoyt and Killings @ 11:11 via pin

    -After the match Nash is pissed and yells at both men.

  • I have never been this bored while watching Shelley and Starr. This was boring, went way too long and was just generally bad. (*)

    -We get a video package for AJ vs. Cage.

    -JB is with Cage. Cage says he never makes mistakes, which are for losers, which he is not. He hasn’t overlooked AJ and AJ hasn’t overlooked him. He takes care of business man-to-man, face-to-face. JB rolls his eyes and Cage threatens him. He then tells AJ that AJ will become part of the victims list, where he will have good company. He beat JJ, Abyss, Rhino, took out Sting and AJ will just be one of the many. He is the biggest star in TNA and the industry. Who ever walks out as champ, he will be waiting for his shot because he will take it.

    MATCH #5 AJ Styles vs. Christian Cage

    They stare down to begin and Cage slaps AJ. Crowd split and into it early. Lock up and to the corner, and around the ropes they go. The ref works to break them and they do. Lock up again and they jockey for position. Go behind by Cage, reversal by AJ. Takedown by Cage, AJ back to his feet and to the ropes they go. Cage slaps AJ in the back of the head and AJ then slaps him back. Chops and rights by AJ, back elbow as well. Boots by Cage, off the ropes and a shoulder block to AJ. Kicks by AJ, forearms and off the ropes, counters and a flying shoulder tackle by AJ and a cover for 2. They stand off and AJ gets a go behind and headlock. Off the ropes and chops by Cage. Rights to AJ, and more chops. Off the ropes, counters and Cage tries the unprettier, counter and a clash try, Cage ducks and runs to the floor. Cage teases using a chair, and then the ref takes it away and AJ out to toss Cage back in. AJ on the apron and slingshots in, German try and Cage escapes. Boots to AJ, to the 2nd rope and AJ catches him with a flapjack. Rolling cradle for 2. Cage to the floor again and the crowd hates him for it. AJ gets a SWANK plancha to Cage and also hits his legs off of the railing, which had to hurt. AJ is limping and in obvious pain. Back in and AJ covers Cage for 2. Cage low bridges AJ and tosses him to the floor. AJ goes for another dive but Cage catches him and AJ falls on his face. Cage slams him off of the barrier knee first. Back into the ring and Cage lays the boots to AJ. Rear neck vice by Cage applied. AJ elbows out and Cage with a reverse back breaker gets 2. Rear neck vice applied again by Cage. AJ to his feet, escapes and off the ropes but Cage trips him, AJ with a head scissors counter. Clothesline by Cage kills AJ and a cover for 2. Forearms by AJ, chops now and an Irish whip and AJ misses the corner dive. Cage grabs him, back suplex and a cover for 2. Cage back to the neck vice, and into a sleeper. AJ works to escape, elbows out and Cage with clubbing shots to the back. Off the ropes and AJ gets a DVD into a neck breaker. Both men are down, AJ crawls and goes up top…MISSES the frog splash. Cage up and up top now…AJ up and nails him and climbs as well. They brawl up top, all the way up… Cage nails AJ and AJ with forearms. SUPER FN RANA BY AJ! They exchange rights from their knees. Chops now and to their feet. Off the ropes and AJ gets the dropkick sequence! Knee drop by AJ gets 2. Cage begs off and tackles AJ. Catapult but AJ gets the Asai DDT for a CLOSE 2! AJ up top… Cage up to his feet and AJ leaps over him and Cage with a SPEAR to AJ! 1…2…NO! Cage stalks AJ, grabs him and tries for the unprettier…countered and a clash try by AJ…countered and the PELE by AJ! 1…2…NO! AJ to the apron, springboard in and Cage catches him with a powerbomb for 2! Cage covers again for 2. Cage is pissed and goes to the floor. He grabs a chair and back in, Daniels is out and tries to take the chair from him and AJ tries roll up, but Cage sits down and gets the pin!

    Winner: Christian Cage @ 15:56 via pin

    -After the match AJ and Daniels argue again. Lethal and Dutt come out to break things up and now Rhino is out. He says he will handle this. He tells Jay and Dutt to leave. He normally doesn’t get into others business and what he saw made him sick. He battled Cage for months and they almost killed each other last Thursday. It all started out like this. As a veteran he will not let their friendship end. He tells them to put it behind them and shake like men. AJ on the mic and thanks Dr. Phill. He leaves.

  • Damn fine match here. I felt as if they were holding something back though. Not sure how I feel about the angle after the match, but they seem to be trying hard to establish characters and feuds. (***¾)

    -JB in the back with AMW and Gail. Harris says LAX laid them out and laid the Mexican flag on them and tossed Gail. They are still standing and Gail is tougher then they thought. They promise not to let the flag be burnt. Storm says that it doesn’t matter what language they speak, but they will hear three letters loud and clear, USA. Storm says tonight will be a fight, one they will win.

    -Konnan on the mic, TNA and Jim Cornette better understand that they have Constitutional rights and will burn the flag, and no one can stop them.

    MATCH #6 NWA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: LAX (Homicide y Hernandez) © w/Konnan vs. America’s Most Wanted (Storm and Harris) w/Gail Kim

    AMW jump LAX as Konnan talks and they brawl to the floor. Harris tosses Hernandez onto the railing while Cide works over Storm. In the ring and Storm and Cide go to work. Good reversals and a suplex by Storm. Harris tags in and they double team Cide with a double hip toss and throw him to the floor onto Hernandez! Hernandez in and a shoulder block to Harris. Thesz press by Harris and a stalling suplex try countered and Hernandez beats him down. Tag to Cide and a snap mare and slingshot leg drop by Cide. Cide covers but the ref was holding Storm back. Hernandez in and a big shoulder tackle to Harris. Neck vice by Hernandez, Harris fights but Hernandez tosses him to the LAX corner. Cide in with chops and chokes out Harris. Hernandez choke shim now as Storm is held back. Cide in with a snap mare, rights to Harris and Harris battles back. Boots by Cide and Harris gets a spinebuster on Cide. Tags to Storm and Hernandez. Storm cleans house and gets a backdrop to Cide. Skin the cat off a toss and a head scissors to Hernandez. Whirly bird on Cide countered and a dropkick to Cide. Hernandez makes the save. Border toss try on Storm, Harris saves him and Hernandez levels Harris and tosses him in. Chops to Harris, and a big lariat by Harris as Hernandez was going 1000 miles an hour. Suplex on Hernandez. Cover by Harris for 2. Cide in with a sweet tornado DDT on Harris. Storm tosses Cide down and after some miscommunication AMW tries the death sentence and Hernandez makes the save. Cracker jack on Harris, Cide covers for 2. Hernandez grabs Storm and gets a sloppy spinning powerbomb. BIG splash by Cide gets 2. Harris tries a catatonic and Cide tries the gringo killa, countered and AMW gets the Hart Attack on Cide. 1…2…No! Hernandez pulls Harris to the floor and tosses him into the post. Enziguri by Storm on Cide. One on Hernandez. Big top rope lariat by Harris on Hernandez. They go for the death sentence again…they have Hernandez…it connects. Konnan distracts the ref and Cide hits Storm with a blowtorch. 1…2…3.

    Winners: LAX @ 9:28 via pin

    -After the match LAX beats down AMW. Konnan has the American flag and they corner Gail. Cide has her up for the gringo killa but Petey makes the save. Petey and AMW clear the ring.

    -Cornette is out now and calls out LAX. He has something to say. As far as he is concerned they are guilty of bad taste. He doesn’t know if they are bitter or if they are looking for attention. They have tried more than once to burn the flag, but management didn’t like that. The fans didn’t like it. The veterans didn’t like it. Their families didn’t like it. So he is here to tell them that management has decided they are not fit to represent TNA as tag champions. As of right now, they are stripped of the NWA Tag Team Titles. Those belts you have, you have until Thursday to hand them in to him. If they don’t their contracts will be terminated. Russo-Riffic.

  • The match was ok, but they don’t have a lot of chemistry as of yet. The match was marred by the after match angle. Stripping titles is a Russo standard and they risk ruining the hot run of LAX here. (**)

    -Tenay and West love the decision Cornette made.

    -Mitchell is here and says when Sting was a wrestling ICON, he was wrapped up in the darkness, the vices. That never left Sting, you battle it every day and that is what you are afraid of. You know Abyss will defeat you and Abyss represents your inner darkness. He will open up those feelings and you will question all of your beliefs. In your defeat you will gain knowledge and freedom. You will thank me, the embodiment of evil and Abyss, the next NWA Champion.

    -We get a video package for the NWA Title match.

    MATCH #7 NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Sting © vs. Abyss w/Mitchell

    No special announcements as Sting jumps the gun. Sting clears the ring and takes his bat back. PLANCHA by Sting onto Abyss! They brawl on the floor, and into the crowd. TNA MAIN EVENT STYLE~! Sting slams Abyss into the wall. He slams Abyss’ head off of the fence part and then slams him back into the wall again. Back ringside and Sting MISSES a Stinger splash and slams into the railing. Abyss beats him down and Abyss grabs a table and sets it up next to the stage, he also grabs some more tables. He has barbed wire boards too! He sets them up and he and Sting brawl on the ramp. Abyss grabs Sting for a powerbomb…the ref tries to stop him and he chases the ref off. Sting is back to his feet and brawls with Abyss. Abyss slams Sting to the railing again. 4-minutes in and almost all on the floor. Finally back into the ring and Mitchell and Abyss converse. Clubbing shots by Abyss. A neck vice applied and the monster is in control. Sting battles to his feet but Abyss takes him back down. Sting elbows out and gets a Stinger splash. Another! Kicks to the knees of Abyss and another Stinger splash! He takes his legs out and covers for 1. Sting up top now…Abyss over and stops him. Abyss up top now… Sting fights and tosses Abyss off. Top rope splash by Sting! 1…2…NO! A big boot by Abyss stops another splash try. Mitchell gives Abyss the NWA title, the ref tries to take it and Sting battles back and gets the deathlock! Abyss fights as Mitchell tells him not to quit. Abyss grabs the ropes. Sting sees and picks up the title and the ref tries to take it, Sting tosses down the ref and Sting charges…BLACK HOLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! Goozle, Sting escapes and we have a ref bump. Mitchell gets the tacks and Sting has the bat and they stand off. Sting nails Abyss with the bat, death drop by Sting. He covers 1…2…Mitchell stops him. Crowd seems to be rebelling against Sting. Sting grabs the tacks and pours them out. Abyss is up, Sting nails him and a GOOZLE by Abyss…CHOKESLAM ON STING INTO THE TACKS BY ABYSS! Abyss covers 1…2…NO! STING FIRES UP! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELLS HIM! Sting gets a drop toehold to Abyss into the tacks, and the deathlock again! Mitchell distracts the ref as Abyss taps, but he did not see it. Sting grabs Mitchell, deathlock on Mitchell. Abyss and Sting to the floor and Sting has a chair. He nails Abyss. Sting’s line he repels from drops and he ties Abyss up by his legs. Sting pulls Abyss up and hangs him upside down. This takes forever as Sting tries to anchor it down. He has the chair and beats Abyss with the softest chair shots ever. He lets him down and I wonder how this is not a count out. Sting grabs Abyss and drags him up the ramp. Goozle by Sting…he lets go and tosses the ref down and tosses Abyss through the barbed wire tables. The bell rang and we have a DQ, follow that logic. The crowd goes mild. They use the old DQ rule that TNA has used in the past for the title switch, Russo-riffic.

    Winner: AND NEW NWA CHAMPION Abyss @ 15:30 via DQ

  • I see what they were trying to do here, but all of the crap with the repel line is what killed it as it took forever. In theory it was a good plan and Mitchell’s promo’s set the stage. They went back to the old DQ rule for title changes, which they have not used in a while and is a nice nod to continuity but they have never educated the new fans on and old ones probably had forgotten about the rule. (**)

    -We get video packages for the Angle vs. Joe showdown.

    -JB does the super special ring announcing.

    MATCH #8 Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

    They circle to begin, lock up and to the corner they go. They battle around the ropes and 22 seconds in we have a this is awesome chant. They break, lock up and a take down by Angle. Ankle lock try and Joe gets the ropes. Lock up and knees by Joe. Jabs to Angle, and then boots by Joe as Angle is down. Joe grabs Angle, more jabs. Off the ropes and a boot and overhead belly to belly by Angle! Clothesline by Angle and Joe falls to the floor. Joe snags Angle from the ring by his legs and SLAMS him into the railing headfirst. Back into the ring and Joe covers for 2. Forearms by Angle, Irish whip and Angle misses a charge and SLAMS into the post. Running charge by Joe and the ELBOW SUICIDA connects! Joe runs Angle around the ring and slams him into the steps. Joe back in the ring and he and Earl have a shoving contest as Angle tries to recover on the floor. Angle is up and BUSTED open where he had the bandage on from Thursday. Joe lays the stiff boots to the head of Angle as he crawls back in. Joe rips at the cut now as Angle pours blood. Joe wipes the blood on his chest, Angle fights back, off the ropes and Joe gets the snap powerslam and cover for 2. Cross faces by Joe, crowd way into it. Joe grabs Angle, he fight back and off the ropes…tilt a whirl back breaker by Joe gets 2. Joe stalks Angle and just pummels him in the corner. Joe sets Angle up top…chops to Angle. Angle slaps back and then gets a front face lock on Joe. Joe picks him up and Angle gets a sweet tornado DDT on Joe. 1…2…NO! To their feet and they exchange rights. Joe in control with jabs, misses a charge and a German by Angle! Another! Joe fights but Angle gets a release on that one and drops Joe on his head, Angle covers for 2. Angle slam countered and the running knee of doom by Joe! Sets Angle up top, leaping Enziguri by Joe! Muscle buster try….CONNECTS! 1…2…NO! Crowd loving the match, Joe grabs Angle, clutch try but Angle rolls and gets an Angle slam! 1…2…NO! Angle up, STRAPS DOWN! Grabs the leg, ANKLE LOCK! Joe fights…Joe rolls and kicks at Angle but Angle holds on. Joe continues to fight, rolls and slips Angle into the clutch! Angle is trapped, he tries to break the hold and gets the ankle lock again out of the clutch! Angle rips at the ankle, Joe fights, he rolls and Angle hits the corner. Joe misses a charge, eats the post. Angle slam! Straps up….STRAPS DOWN AGAIN! Ankle lock by Angle and he drops down into the grapevine! Joe struggles for the ropes and JOE TAPS! JOE TAPS! JOE TAPS!

    Winner: Kurt Angle @ 13:42 via Submission

  • Great match, great atmosphere and a ton of fun. These guys do have a great chemistry already and if they have the rematch, which they will eventually, I think that it can be even better. Some will question having Joe lose here, but the fact is that losing to Kurt Angle is nothing to be ashamed of and Joe was elevated, to the common fan, just by having such a great match with Angle. (****½)

    -Angle celebrates as the ref checks on Joe.

    -Joe demands the mic. Angle! Joe can barely stand. You God damn right I tapped. You were the better man on this day. If you are half the man I think you are, you will give me a rematch. Angle refuses to shake and walks away from Joe.

    -As they stare down, Joe says they will have to do things the hard way.

  • The 411: So, where to start. The under card, some of which had potential, was under-whelming. The VKM stuff is just DX-lite to a horrible degree, but I like the return of Raven and the potential his new movement could have. The X-Title match picked things up, as Daniels and Sabin had a really strong match. Unfortunately the next match deflated the crowd, and Nash while funny continues to bury the seriousness of the X-Division. AJ and Cage delivered in the ring, but once again the after match angle is questionable. The tag title match was a let down in the ring, and the stripping of LAX is a dangerous, and Russo-riffic move. Sting vs. Abyss was solid, but way too Russo-riffic. The title change on a DQ is fine, if you have educated the fans to that rule. Add to that the usual TNA main event and it comes off as totally confusing. The Angle vs. Joe match totally delivered and was a fantastic match, one I loved. It closed the show on a good note, and also makes you want to see more since Angle refused to answer Joe. In the end I will go with a 6.0 out of 10 for the show. While there was a lot of Russo-riffic booking, you had three matches (AJ vs. Cage, Daniels vs. Sabin and Joe vs. Angle) that were just great matches, and made the show worth it to me when it comes to great matches. TNA really needs to make themselves different from WWE, and when they do that they are great. AJ vs. Cage, Daniels vs. Sabin and Joe vs. Angle; all great matches with good stories and matches and angles that were given time are all different from WWE and were outstanding. The other shit was very WWE and well, not done well at all. Hopefully they can see what really worked and start booking toward that instead of all the stupid shit they are doing.
    Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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