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Vanessa Borne on Getting to Work the Mae Young Classic, Her Interactions With Triple H in NXT

June 16, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Vanessa Borne

PWInsider recently spoke to former WWE talent Vanessa Borne (aka Danielle Kamela), who spoke about her recent WWE release, getting to work the Mae Young Classic, and working with Triple H in NXT, and more. Below are some additional highlights.

Borne on the Mae Young Classic: “That was one of my, I guess, most favorite experiences I had with my time in NXT was the Mae Young Classic, because it was just such a cool moment for all of us there. I had one of my most favorite matches and that was with Serena Deeb. I was still fairly new at this point; so being able to work with someone like her who is just so good and so talented and helped really make everything make sense for me, I just felt so lucky to be able to have that match with her. Sometimes I’ll watch it back and just be like, ‘Wow, that was just baby me and Serena just was amazing during that match and everything.’ So, that was a lot of fun.”

Vanessa Borne on her interactions with Triple H: “All of my interactions with him have been positive, and every interaction I’ve seen him have or have even overheard him have, are all great. So, I’ve never seen a negative side to him, and I think the way he treats everyone at NXT is with respect. That’s what you ultimately want from your boss is someone who respects you, no matter what level you’re at and no matter where you fall in the company. So, I mean, I don’t have anything but good words to speak on him. He was always kind to me and was always respectful.”

On her communication with Canyon Ceman and Triple H on her release: “Well, Canyon [Ceman] was the one who made all the phone calls, and it was the same reason that everyone else has pulled, which was due to budget cuts. So, that was my conversation with him. Then I did reach out and just thank Triple H for my time there, because my time there was great. I respect Triple H, him for giving me the opportunity. I thought, we always had a great relationship. So, I just said thank you to him, and he said thank you back. So, it was a good little, just last conversation or last message between us. He was always nice to me, so that was that. But I also think maybe people might think after not doing anything for 18 months that maybe I don’t even want to stay in wrestling. I could see people having that perspective of me.”