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Winfree’s MLW Underground (Ep. 25) Review 6.02.21

June 2, 2021 | Posted by Robert Winfree
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Winfree’s MLW Underground (Ep. 25) Review 6.02.21  

Tonight’s episode of MLW Underground is all about the cruiserweights/Jr. heavyweights. Both semi-final matches for the J-Cup USA will take place, Christopher Daniels takes on Jimmy Yang and Sonjay Dutt will meet Eddie colon. Also featured tonight a tag team bout with Juventud Guerrera teams with Super Dragon against Los Maximos.

We head straight to the ring for our first match.

Match #1 – J-Cup USA Semi-Final: Sonjay Dutt vs. Eddie Colon

This is a very young Eddie Colon, better known to the majority of wrestling fans as Primo Colon. Colon was still about 3-4 years away from getting to WWE at this point. Quick roll up from Colon, but Dutt kicks out. Dutt starts working some chain wrestling, then they trade arm drags, trade sweeps and covers then the old double drop kick to stand off. Colon starts laying in chops, then they hit the ropes again but Dutt with hip tosses into a hurricanrana. A shot to the eyes from Colon puts him back in charge, until he misses a corner splash and awkwardly sends himself to the outside. Dutt with a slingshot corkscrew plancha, because he can. Back in the ring Colon blocks a Hindu Press, hits a sit out crucifix bomb for a near fall and to send us to a video cut. We seem to pick up right there though when we come back. Colon puts Dutt on the top rope, hits a superplex for a near fall. Dutt lands some rights, hits a back body drop, then fires up some more. Back into the ropes Dutt lands a big boot, fakes the Hogan leg drop but decides on a standing shooting star press instead. Colon lands a clothesline, runs into a kick but hits the top rope for a sunset flip, they trade roll ups after that with neither getting a pin. They run the ropes and Colon hits a flapjack. Colon to the apron, but misses a springboard drop kick and Dutt gets a jack-knife pin to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sonjay Dutt won

Rating: 2.5 stars

Solid match, Dutt’s athletic ability at this time was just absurd. Dutt leaves remembering to sell his knee, which was worked over by Tony Mamaluke in his prior match.

Joey Styles talks to us from commentary, mostly focused on the feud between Terry Funk and Steve Corino. Those two will have a dog collar match at some point coming up. Holy crap, relatively young Kevin Kelly makes his interview debut, he’ll be doing some backstage work for MLW. Kelly hypes up some “upcoming” matches.

In the back Vampiro tries to fire up Nosawa for their tag team match.

Samoa Joe talks, he calls MLW the next big successor in the pro wrestling world. He says he came here to fight man to man, he doesn’t use tables or chairs, he wants to win on his own merits. If you think all this hardware is going to beat him your out of your mind. He’s Joe, he’s pro wrestling, bring your weapons but the brutality has just begun and it takes a man to win with just his fists. A little unfocused, but Joe’s always been a somewhat under appreciated promo.

Match #2 – Tag Team Match: Juventud Guerrera and Super Dragon vs. Los Maximos (Jose and Joel)

Dragon and Jose get us going. Quick mat work from Dragon, they trade holds down there before eventually standing off. Dragon gets a side headlock, then a shoulder block as they run the ropes. Arm drag from Dragon, but Jose hits an enziguri and he tags out. Guerrera stares down Jose, they hit the ropes and Guerrera pretty easily out works Jose and hits a bulldog. Joel in illegally, gets a head scissors take over and lays in strikes. Guerrera back into the ropes and gets a head scissors takedown of his own. Jose attacks Dragon on the floor, then they try to double team Guerrera but he gets the better of it in a spot between the two rings set up. Jose gets strung up between the ropes and Guerrera hits a guillotine leg drop. Running leg drop from Guerrera then he tags in Dragon. Chops from Dragon, but he runs into a heel kick. Joel tags in and he and Dragon start trading blows. Eventually Joel gets a kick to the head in and hits a northern lights suplex for 2. Guerrera and Joel both get involved, that goes poorly for Guerrera. Jose tags in and runs into an attack from Dragon. Guerrera tags in and starts stomping Jose. Pump handle face buster from Guerrera, then hits the Peeps elbow, because why not. Jose counters a Juvi Driver with a roll up then hits a back suplex. Both men tag out, Joel runs wild on Guerrera but eats a double stomp from Dragon then a bridging Tiger suplex for 2. We get a video cut, and we come back to Guerrera drop kicking Joel. Juvi Driver for Jose when he saved Joel but Jose isn’t the legal man. Guerrera then hits the Juvi Driver on Joel, goes up top but Jose cuts him off with a rope shake. Dragon and Joel trade roll ups, eventually Joel gets Dragon to stay down for 3.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Los Maximos won

Rating: 2.5 stars

I feel like the edit hurt this, but it was also a bit spotty and down the stretch lost a bit of the plot. But both teams are athletic enough to have turned in something watchable.

Punk talks to Vampiro, objecting to Vampiro taking what used to be his. It’s great that Vampiro has friends, but so does Punk. Vampiro can align with whatever weaklings he wants, Punk is bringing someone to their tag team match but wont tell us who it is. Not a great Punk promo, but not bad.

Match #3 – J-Cup USA Semi-Final: Christopher Daniels w/ Mikey Whipwreck vs. Jimmy Yang

Daniels goes after Yang with strikes right away. Yang gets a hurricanrana, they head out of the ring and Yang abuses both Mikey and Daniels. Yang actually hits Daniels with a fans sign, then starts dropping Daniels onto the barricade. Back in the ring Yang with a second rope spinning heel kick. Suplex from Yang, then he gets a kimura but Daniels fights to his feet. More arm work from Yang as he keeps Daniels grounded. Daniels counters a corner splash and hits a gutbuster, now working over the ribs of Yang in the corner. Another gutbuster from Daniels and Mikey gets in a cheap shot. That leads to a cut, we come back with Daniels driving a knee into the chest of Yang. A lot of focus on the ribs from Daniels, Yang is able to get a cross body for a 2 count but Daniels goes back to abusing his ribs with elbow drops. Daniels gets an abdominal stretch, with an assist from Mikey on the outside until the ref sees it and Yang fights out with a hip toss but Daniels cuts him off with a knee and a la Magistral for a 2 count. They start trading strikes, but Daniels hits a clothesline to stop Yang’s momentum. Scoop slam from Daniels, he climbs the ropes but dives into a spinning heel kick from Yang. That was very well timed from both men. Yang with strikes now, he’s heating up and rolls through a tornado DDT then hits a super kick and standing moonsault for a 2 count. Daniels catches Yang with a uranage, but misses the Best Moonsault Ever and Yang hits another spinning heel kick for a near fall. Yang up top, he wants Yang Time but Mikey stalls him long enough for Daniels to get back in play. Yang knocks Daniels down and hits a Yang Time ot the standing Daniels for 2. Another Yang Time attempt, this time Mikey crotches him and Daniels then hits Last Rites to win

OFFICIAL RESULT: Christopher Daniels won

Rating: 2.5 stars

Budding on 3 stars but didn’t quite get there. Daniels and Yang worked quite well together here.

Kevin Kelly hypes up the next big event for MLW, mostly focused on Funk and Corino’s upcoming dog collar match, to close the show.

The final score: review Average
The 411
Average but trending positive, the cuts hurt some of the matches a bit but mostly this was a filler episode designed to get us to the next big event. Yang and Daniels had the best match, though that shouldn't be surprising.

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