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WWE Asking Fans About Interest in Performance Centers As Tourist Attractions

August 26, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

WWE is seeking feedback on potential locations for new Performance Centers, according to a new report. PWInsider reports that the company has issued a survey to fans on their mailing list asking about potential new markets for Performance Centers and gauging interest in possibly opening parts up to tourists.

The survey reportedly lists potential markets of Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, and Tampa and asks fans if they would be interesting in travelling to visit the PCs, which could potentially be located in cultural hubs.

The potential tours are described as featuring:

“…unique behind-the-scenes access to the state-of-the-art WWE training center, with live views into training rings, weight rooms, video rooms, nutrition centers, lounge spaces, and other unique training elements. Visitors will be able to watch active WWE athletes training, including rehearsing and practicing in the ring as well as working out and recovering.

“In addition to this unique peek into WWE superstar training, the attraction would also include a one-of-a-kind tour highlighting WWE history, memorabilia, superstars, and famous matches. The tour could be comprised of a variety of elements, including a museum/hall-of-fame style attraction that includes unique immersive and interactive elements as well as fun physical activities, virtual experiences, and personal connections with WWE legends and personnel.”