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Zak Knight To Be Focus Of New Documentary

November 17, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
RevPro Live in London 68 Zak Zodiac Knight Image Credit: RevPro

Zak Knight is set to get a documentary about his life and career. Lambda Films announced the documentary Fighting For My Family, the title of which is a play on the Saraya WWE biopic Fighting With My Family. You can see the full announcement of the doc below, per PWInsider:

“Fighting For My Family”: Lambda Films set to shed new light on a popular story
The Knight family first took the spotlight in 2012, when siblings Saraya and Zak appeared alongside other relatives in the documentary “The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family” – a personal look at their entry into the world of professional wrestling, with a big focus on Saraya’s success. Since this, and the 2019 film of the same name, Zak Knight hasn’t spent as much time in the spotlight. But thanks to a new collaboration with UK-based production agency Lambda Films, that’s about to change.

Speaking about the now in-production documentary “Fighting For My Family”, Lambda creative director Ryan Stone notes “This isn’t merely a continuation of a known tale—it’s a crucial narrative that rounds off an unfinished epic. With the pro-wrestling scene gathering momentum in the UK, the timing couldn’t be more apt. As wrestling giants like AEW and WWE make significant moves, the spotlight is back on the arena.”

Set against the raw canvas of Britain’s often-misconstrued pro-wrestling scene, the upcoming documentary paints a poignant picture of a world where ordinary individuals confront extraordinary challenges, all in search of acceptance, camaraderie, and the tantalising allure of stardom. Tormented by unresolved traumas, Zak ‘Zodiac’ Knight grapples with emotional turmoil and severe physical debilitation, pushing him out of the ring and into a life of isolation and despair.

“Our approach is both authentic and controlled, giving us ample flexibility in the storytelling process.” Ryan explains. “We’re working to give Zak’s incredible story a truly unique visual and emotional depth.”

By interweaving stylised cinematic segments with raw, personal footage and wrestling highlights, the documentary promises a captivating narrative experience. “At present, we are wrapping up interviews with key figures, including family, industry frontrunners, and mental health professionals, to enrich the story.” Ryan continues. The documentary’s climax is anticipated to be Zak’s debut at a major wrestling promotion in the U.S., symbolising not just personal triumph but also the enduring legacy of a wrestling family.

For industry insiders and film aficionados, Fighting For My Family is not merely a wrestling chronicle; it’s a look at the intricate interplay between mental health and high-pressure industries, underscored by a story of hope and resurgence. With a predominantly retrospective storytelling approach, and an incredible underdog story at its core, this documentary is being meticulously crafted for an audience appreciative of cinematic depth and nuanced storytelling.

“Zak wants his story told.” Ryan states. “He has been so open and honest about his struggles with mental health and how it affected him personally, and his family. There is a lot of helpful advice, information and hope in this project for those who might be feeling similar. From our perspective, we are hopeful for the fairytale ending to this documentary – Zak being signed to one of the big league American wrestling companies – and this is currently very close to becoming a reality.”

Keep an eye on Lambda Films’ Fighting For My Family page for the latest updates and sneak peeks.

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