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DXRacer Craft Series Gaming Chair Review

April 1, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
DXRacer - Craft Spaceman 1 Image Credit: DXRacer

Author’s Note: DXRacer provided us with a review unit for this writeup.

The folks at DXRacer recently allowed us to check out the company’s new line of their customizable Craft Series gaming chairs, which are now available to pre-order. DXRacer makes high-end, premium gaming chairs. I’m personally a big fan of DXRacer products, and this is actually my third DXRacer unit, so I was excited to try these out.

While this is my third DXRacer chair, this is the first one I had to assemble myself, so I was a little intimidated at first. Thankfully, the chair assembly kit came with everything needed to assemble the chair. It took me less than an hour to put together from start to finish, so it was easier than I expected. Following the instructions was fairly simple. There was some moderate assembly involved with the screws and Allen key, but even that was not too strenuous. So, in less than an hour, there was a brand new gaming chair ready to go.

Now, the Craft Series gaming chairs all have cool, unique designs. The review unit I was provided was the Give Me More Space edition, which is upholstered in yellow and gray PU leather. The Craft line has a variety of various designs and colors. But for gamers who just want a basic style, there’s one in just all black with just the DXRacer logo on the seat cushion and “Craft” on the headrest.

Image Credit: DXRacer

I haven’t quite had months to put the chair through all its paces, but I do know from experience that DXRacer chairs are extremely good quality and very durable. My main DXRacer chair is one I’ve had for almost four years, and it’s still in very good condition. I’m not a small or slim person, so my original chair has withstood the test of time. The seat cushion and PU upholstery have stayed in very nice condition after multiple years and routine use as well.

Just from about a week or so of use already, the chair feels very comfortable. The aluminum base feels sturdy and offers nice support. The aluminum base looks to be very solid, and the wheels move nicely. The lumbar support controls also work incredibly well. And considering I had my doubts regarding how competently I assembled the unit, it’s working nicely. One thing I would recommend for use of the chair, depending on the floor surface of the room the chair permanently stays in, I would recommend having a floor mat or rug under it to prevent any damage or skid marks from the wheels.

One thing I like about the new Craft series is the armrests. They offer very good support and raise higher than my other DXRacer chairs. I like their adjustable settings. The armrests slide in and outward horizontally rather than pivoting at an angle. It’s a nice alternative functionality.

The Craft series also include adjustable lower lumbar support. My past DXRacer units didn’t have this feature for the lower back cushioning, so this is a nice addition. Normally, the chairs have a removable cushion for the lower back, but this also works very nicely. It can be controlled manually through a knob on the side. Another additional feature is the removable headrest cushion. This is just an extra head pillow that can be snapped to the top of the chair with an elastic buckle strap.

I do a lot of gaming and remote work via computer, so I’ve had a fairly pleasant experience with the Craft chair so far. It’s a comfortable chair that offers nice back support, and it looks and feels high quality. Based on my experience with DXRacer products, I’m fairly confident the chair won’t be useless in a matter of months. They make good products built to last.

Now, the price is not insignificant. The Craft series starts at $469 for the Classic unit. The price is high, but in exchange, you are getting a high-end, premium quality gaming chair. I recommend this type of unit if you do a lot of streaming, gaming, or digital-related work at home. The chairs look chic and great for livestreams. Also, again, DXRacer makes durable products built to last. These are high-quality chairs that will last for a good number of years. While the price for the chairs is premium, they are a long-term investment, especially if you do a lot of work in the gaming space.

DXRacer chairs do come with a premium price tag, but they are a good long-term investment if you are looking to get your personal gaming chair. They are incredibly good quality and are built to last. The Craft series chairs look to also be of similar exceptional quality.

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