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411’s Bellator 158 Report 7.16.16

July 17, 2016 | Posted by Jon Butterfield

Good afternoon from sunny London! No, that’s not a joke in case you’re wondering. I’m Jon Butterfield and I’ll be providing you live round by round coverage of Bellator 158 this fine evening LIVE FROM CAGESIDE!

Tonight Bellator will be showcasing some of the best British fighters out there, and there’s some tough assignments on the main card with Paul Daley leading the way in the difficult out stakes as he faces former Bellator Welterweight Champion Douglas Lima at welterweight in the night’s main event. The co-main event will feature heavy-hitting Matt Mitrione against powerlifter Oli Thompson, while back at welterweight we can expect fireworks as the always exciting human highlight reel Michael ‘Venom’ Page takes on Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos. Before that there’s Conor McGregor’s training partner over in Ireland James Gallagher putting his undefeated record on the line against Mike Cutting. To round off the main card, Francis Carmont, back at light heavyweight, faces Polish stand-in Lukasz Klinger in a must-win fight for the Frenchman.

The preliminary portion of the card is pretty solid too, as arguably Britain’s number one heavyweight James Mulheron (though I’m sure original opponent Mark Godbeer may have something to say about that) takes on South African veteran Neil Grove, plus we’ve got Danny ‘The Cheesecake Assassin’ Mitchell against CJ Meeks, as well as undefeated fighters Dean Garnett and Pietro Menga trying to stay unbeaten, AND the return of Alex Reid!

All right, let’s get down to business…

Middleweight Bout: Mike Shipman (8-1, 185.9 lbs) vs Dominic Clark (9-9, 185.4 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Vocal support for Shipman here in the opener. Marc Goddard is the referee. Shipman with a body kick. Clark taking centre cage. Shipman changing stance a little. Muay Thai clinch for Shipman, lands a knee or two to the body and head. Breaks, but Shipman likes that clinch. Not landing anything heavy. Shipman keeps going back to the clinch. Knee to the forehead by Shipman. Punches to assist. Clark down! Clark was eating knees, Shipman swarming with strikes, Goddard not stepping in, so Shipman finishes with a Anaconda Choke!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mike Shipman via Submission (Anaconda Choke)

Flyweight Bout: Pietro Menga (12-0, 124.7 lbs) vs Spencer Hewitt (12-10, 125.5 lbs)

ROUND ONE: They touch. Menga takes centre. Spencer tries a lead right, misses, lands a leg kick. Menga with a leg kick. Head kick misses from Menga. Hewitt tries a leg kick and BOOM! Counter left drops Hewitt immediately, he is out! Nice walk away KO by Menga, who channeled his inner Mark Hunt.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Pietro Menga via KO (Punch) @ 0:41

Bantamweight Bout: Luiz Henrique Tosta (12-4, 135.6 lbs) vs Dean Garnett (8-0, 135.7 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Garnett takes centre. Both wearing black shorts, that’s not good for me! Tosta circling out, he looks comfortable. Nice leg kick by Tosta. High kick blocked by Tosta. Garnett with a leg kick inside. Tosta drops for a takedown, well-sprawled by Garnett, Garnett wrestles Tosta to the mat. Tosta pulls guard, so Garnett on top. Tosta tries to lift Garnett, but Garnett retains control, then stands. Both up. Garnett with an overhand right, grabs the clinch by the fence. Garnett looks for a takedown, Tosta avoids it, but then drops to his back. Upkick attempt by Tosta, Garnett back to his feet. Roundhouse kick attempt by Tosta! Hard body kick from Tosta. Garnett pressing Tosta to the fence, lands a knee, a couple of short punches to the ribs. Tosta defending well, he’s tied Garnett up. Knee from Tosta. Garnett responds with a punch. 45 seconds left in the round. Tosta trips Garnett momentarily, but we’re back to the feet. 20 seconds. Body kick from Tosta. Garnett clips Tosta, Tosta with a flying knee attempt that Garnett mostly catches. That’s the round. That’s a toss up for me, but Tosta landed the harder shots, Garnett had the clinch control but did little with it. Tosta 10-9

ROUND TWO: They touch. They’re talking to each other, nice. Garnett catches a body kick, and right back to the clinch. Garnett with few short shots, but not a lot of damage from this position. They break. Haed kick misses from Garnett. Tosta with a jumping front kick to the body, and a leg kick that staggers Garnett, but staggers him right into another clinch. Quick break. Both men miss, Tosta with a takedown, good, late sprawl from Garnett and he pushes Tosta back to the fence again. Tosta getting quicker at escaping, hard body kick from Tosta. Head kick from Tosta countered with a right from Garnett. Garnett stands, not wanting to play the ground game. Straight right from Garnett, Tosta says he’s okay. Garnett swings a right, Tosta gets warned for grabbing the cage, but tries a takedown from a head lock that fails. Garnett with a body lock, breaks, one-two narrowly misses from Garnett. Garnett appears to be bleeding. Garnett wearing him down with that clinch. The referee breaks them so the doctor can check the cut, and there’s not a lot to it, so we’re back underway. Tosta comes back faster, couple of kicks, lands a takedown, quick scramble, Garnett has the back, rolls on top. Tosta defends quite well and pushes back to half guard. Garnett with some punches to the body. Good round for Garnett. Garnett 10-9 (19-19 Overall)

ROUND THREE: They high five, or high ten technically. Leg kick Garnett, Tosta fires back with a high kick and a body kick. Superman punch from Garnett. Roundhouse from Tosta seemed to catch Garnett in the body, slows him for a moment, and Tosta finally completes a takedown. Tosta in half guard, punching to the body, but he’s tied up pretty well. Garnett looking for a triangle from the bottom, looks for a sweep, no dice. Good top control from Tosta. Tosta looking to move up Garnett’s body, and land harder shots. Garnett eating a few. Full mount for Tosta. Garnett trying to roll, didn’t give up his back though. Garnett tying up Tosta well. Tosta postures up, Garnett turns, Tosta almost has his back but not quite! Tosta with an elbow, Garnett momentarily threatens for an arm, but nothing giving. Calls from the crowd to stand them, as Tosta rolls for a kneebar, scramble, Tosta retains top position. This is clearly his world. Elbows from Tosta, who is in a very loose half guard and easily slips out of it. Elbow from Tosta! Full mount. Garnett can’t get out from under Tosta. 10 seconds, elbows from Tosta. Good fight! 10-9 Tosta, clearest round of the fight. Everything hinges on the first round, which was very close so a 29-28 either way will do for me. Tosta 10-9 (Tosta 29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Draw by Majority Decision (29-27 Tosta, 28-28×2)

Middleweight Bout: Jason Radcliffe (8-2, 185.3 lbs) vs Jack Mason (29-15-1, 185.2 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Big John McCarthy is the referee. They touch. Radcliffe engages, knee to the ribs, knee to the head, it is ALL OVER! Wow! That is a stunning win over a vastly more experienced opponent, Mason dropped like a ‘Stone’, no pun intended. Looked like Mason may have gone for a takedown, but never had any control.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jason Radcliffe by KO (Knee) @ 0:14

Featherweight Bout: Chase Morton (6-2, 145.1 lbs) vs Nathaniel Wood (8-3, 145.3 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Wood jumping up a weight division for this fight. Chase Morton appeared on the Voice UK, and comes out to his own song “London City” – thanks to Tony Quant from WHOA TV for the detail! They touch. Leg kick from Wood misses. Wood walks into a one-two from the much longer Wood, but ties Wood up instantly. Wood looking for a trip, and gets a takedown away from the fence! Wood on top, Morton with a half-butterfly, not working, so he goes for the full guard. Chase moving Morton to the fence. Wood looking to posture up, but Morton is showing some good defence from the bottom. Wood with a couple of punches, nothing major. Wood making life very uncomfortable for the bigger Morton. Morton gets to his feet, still tied up though, Wood looks for a trip but can’t get it, knees to the thigh will suffice for now. Wood tries a left, doesn’t get it. Chase with a knee, but he can’t get out from Wood’s swamp-like grip. Wood with a takedown attempt, Chase defending it well, trying to break Wood’s grip. Wood with several foot stomps. Wood just pinning Chase to the fence, and finally Chase reverses it. Breaks away, spinning back kick from Chase misses (or glances) Wood, and he tries another speculative kick. He was waiting for this. Wood with a left, and another. Chase with his hands down, he’s not concerned about Wood’s stand up, but landing little himself. One-two misses from Chase, Wood misses two leg kicks, then lands one. Ten seconds, and Wood wisely goes for the takedown and wins up pinning Chase to the fence. Dominant from Wood, he stifled Chase there. Wood 10-9

ROUND TWO: Leg kick from Wood. Another. Chase has a similar stance to Michael ‘Venom’ Page at this point, or perhaps a more traditional karateka stance. Wood upping the tempo, trying to rush Chase, who tries a spinning kick that misses. Decent volume being thrown, but a lot is off target, neither quite have their range down yet. Right lands from Chase and he looks to get aggressive, but Wood is fine and back stalking Chase down. One-two misses from Chase. Leg kick from Chase. Big overhand right misses from Wood, and he settles for the clinch game. Knees to the thigh by Wood, and he tries to complete a takedown by good balance from Chase! One-two from Chase. Spinning kick misses from Chase. Chase avoiding Wood, spinning back kick from Wood but it looks more symbolic than dangerous. Chase leaps for a Superman punch, misses, and almost gets taken down. Avoids it though. Leg kick from Wood. 20 seconds left. Closer round! Wood 10-9 (20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE: Side kicks from Morton missing, relentless pressure from Wood. Nice punching combination from Chase, Wood firing back, and these guys are getting aggressive with their striking. Wood times a takedown attempt well as Morton looks to launch a punch, but once again it only leads to a clinch – followed by the takedown itself. Wood on top. Wood stacking Chase up, but hasn’t thrown anything overly aggressive. Wood steps out, Chase has a moment to get to his feet, but only a moment and Wood is back on him. Front facelock from Wood, as Chase gets to his feet. Wood likes that clinch, and why not? Takedown from Wood, he’s looking for a guillotine choke, isn’t getting it, Morton gets out, but still being smothered by Wood. This is good positional stuff. Wood with another takedown. Wood with full mount, and now takes the back. Looking for a rear naked choke, he has it!! Morton taps! That’s an impressive performance from Wood, he didn’t give Morton any time even in striking exchanges.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Nathaniel Wood by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) @ 3:55 of Round Three

Middleweight Bout: CJ Meeks (5-1, 185.1 lbs) vs Danny Mitchell (17-7-1, 185.7 lbs)

ROUND ONE: They touch. Leg kick from Mitchell almost countered, hard leg kick from Meeks. Leg kick from Meeks, Mitchell catches it, takedown straight into full guard. Elbow from Mitchell. Meeks trying to tie Mitchell up, but Mitchell not willing to settle. Meeks tries for a triangle choke momentarily, but it’s bread and butter defence for Mitchell. Meeks kicks Mitchell back, moment of separation, Meeks is up quickly but eats a one-two for his troubles and is sent careening back to the fence! Mitchell all over him, but Meeks with a good reversal! Meeks on top, and chooses to stand. Meeks looking for a knee, but Mitchell just turns him to the fence and takes him down. Meeks trying to stand, but Mitchell all over him like a rash. Meeks almost gives up the back, Mitchell trying to take it, but isn’t in perfect position. He’s working the legs here… Mitchell moves to a twister and gets the tap! That was slick!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Danny Mitchell by Submission (Twister) @ 4:25

Mitchell with the microphone, he thinks he’s the second fighter to finish a Twister twice on a big stage – he says it’s great to be in the O2, he wasn’t prepared, his Dad died shortly after that fight so he wanted to come back and do him proud – he did just that! Well done ‘Cheesecake Assassin’.

Heavyweight Bout: Neil Grove (12-7-1, 266.8 lbs) vs James Mulheron (8-1, 244.7 lbs)

ROUND ONE: The legendary Neil ‘Goliath’ Grove is here! Tough assignment for the 45 year old here, Mulheron has big power. They touch. Grove is HUGE. Grove with a lead left. Leg kick from Mulheron. Another. Two straight lefts from Grove, and a leg kick! They both swing and miss, and Grove misses a leg kick. Lands a leg kick now. Another leg kick from Grove and Mulheron looked to counter with a hook but missed. Leg kick from Mulheron. More leg kicks from Grove, BIG left from Mulheron, swarms, but Grove is up! He survived, WOW! Leg kick from Grove. Mulheron swings hard and close, and Grove with a knee. Spinning back kick from Mulheron. Nice ja from Grove. Lead left hook from Grove. Big right hand from Mulheron, and a left, Mulheron turning it up. He’s wobbling Grove, and wading straight through his reach advantage. Mulheron landing over the top now, BIG knee from Grove, and a leg kick. Crowd loving this! Jab from Grove. Overhand grazes Grove, and some big looping punches stagger Grove back. Grove with a knee against the fence, and a head kick that’s largely blocked. Mulheron trips Grove, and takes advantage jumping straight into side control. Mulheron dropping some leather, but Grove doing all right. Elbow from Mulheron. Grove trying to get back up, goes for a single leg, but Mulheron defends it, and ends the round pounding Grove with heavy elbows and punches! HUGE round for Mulheron, Grove is game, but James is landing big shots and lighting Grove up. The question now is: Cardio?! James Mulheron 10-8

ROUND TWO: Mulheron wading into Grove, but Grove with a counter. Big knee fro Grove, that’s his go-to move. Jab from Grove, but Mulheron is eating them fine. He has to eat some to land given the reach advantage. Mulheron pressing forward, landing a couple, and a good body punch. Huge swing misses from Mulheron. Big left from Mulheron. Elbow from Grove with his back to the fence. Mulheron can’t quite land, but Grove is standing right in front of him. Spinning back fist misses from Mulheron. Uppercut from Mulheron misses. Knee to the body from Grove. Close-quarters action here. Mulheron refusing to back up, but more missing than landing at this point. Body punch from Mulheron. Grove bleeding out his nose. Grove standing still and Mulheron just prepared to wade into him. Not much movement. Mulheron landing a few knees to the thigh as they tie up. Now they’re starting to trade again, spinning back elbow from Mulheron! 10 seconds left. James Mulheron 10-9 (Mulheron 20-17 overall)

ROUND THREE: Standing ovation for both men. No shortage of dseire. Mulheron with a leg kick. Grove tries a Muay Thai clinch, doesn’t get it. Grove sweeps Mulheron’s legs with a leg kick, dropping him momentarily. Mulheron with a clinch against the fence. Mulheron breaks away, another spinning back elbow attempt on the break! They separate. Grove with a nice right uppercut. Mulheron backs him up again though, and back to the clinch. Grove looking for a Muay Thai, but eats some body punches for his troubles. Spinning back kick from Mulheron lands. Big looping punches from Mulheron and a spinning back fist again! Mulheron showing some moves, but hasn’t quite landed those cleanly. Mulheron drops for a takedown, Grove defends it pretty easily, he’s a big, big man. Positional dominance from Mulheron, a couple of knees to the thigh, and then more and more. Punches to the gut from Grove, but Mulheron smothering him here. 10 seconds left. Mulheron and Grove embrace, good fight for a heavyweight tilt that went the distance. James Mulheron 10-9 (Mulheron 30-26)

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Mulheron by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-26)

Middleweight Bout: Alex Reid (10-9-1, 183.1 lbs) vs Manuel Garcia (27-19, 185.7 lbs)

ROUND ONE: I’m not sure how big Alex Reid is in the States, but he’s a minor celebrity in the UK. He won his last two fights, but they weren’t a high standard, and this is a step up in competition. Garcia has been around a long, long time and is 43. They touch. Leg kick by Garcia. Leg kick Garcia again. Reid looking to let his hands loose, but gets taken down. Garcia plants him. Garcia on top, Reid looking for an armbar, Garcia tries a slam but it’s weak, still, he’s out. Garcia pinning Reid to the cage, lands a couple of punches, and now threatens for a front choke that doesn’t go anywhere. Positional dominance from Garcia at the minute, this is where he wants the fight. Reid eating a few punches, trying to get out of there, and manages to get up to his feet. Garcia with the clinch against the cage. Weak trip takedown from Garcia, but it’s enough. Reid can’t get free of Garcia at the moment, but is up to his feet again at least. Slam from Garcia! He’s having his way with Reid in the wrestling and grappling departments. Garcia almost overshoots Reid, and Reid nearly shakes him off, but not quite. Garcia in full guard now. Reid with another armbar attempt, another weak slam out of it by Garcia. Garcia in side control. It’s a blanket-job, but Reid has no answer. 20 seconds in the round. Garcia stands up, leg kick from Garcia, another takedown attempt, defended by Reid. Manuel Garcia 10-9

ROUND TWO: No touch. Leg kick from Garcia. Reid looking to get loose, lands a knee after a few grazing strikes, but Garcia knows how to win this and takes him down pretty easily. Reid with a couple of elbows, and tries to get free, only for Garcia to dump him with a single leg. Alex turns Garcia to the fence now, and here we go, Reid landing two or three at close range, only for Garcia to drop for another takedown and gets it. Garcia with a knee, and elbows against a kneeling Reid. Garcia dropping for another takedown and again completes it. Garcia all over Reid, trying to transition to back but failing that takes full mount. Reid wall-walks and winds up in guard! Not a bad transition. Punches landing from Reid, who finally has position. Two minutes left. Reid working the body. Elbows over the top. Garcia looking to tie Reid up. Elbows to the body from Reid. Garcia with a punch from the bottom, Reid smiles at him, and picks up the workrate. Sweep from Garcia. Garcia with punches now, 30 seconds left. Not exactly the most technical fight, but it’s not slow. Ten seconds. More from Garcia, Reid defends most of it. Manuel Garcia 10-9 (20-18 Garcia overall)

ROUND THREE: The announcer asks for applause as we go to the third and final round. There’s a smattering, I guess. Reid comes out, he needs a finish but is tired. Reid swarming forward but eats a left in and amongst an exchange. Garcia with a spinning back kick, then the takedown. Garcia with a loose front facelock, not a guillotine but it’s buying him time and position. Punches from Garcia, he’s trying to maneuvour Reid, more punches, and Reid up to his feet but still in a front face lock. Reid lands a punch on the break, Garcia with a leg ick, overhand right misses from Garcia, and Garcia with another takedown straight into side control. Garcia smothering Reid, not the most exciting. 90 seconds to go. Garcia likes the front face lock, and Reid has no answer to the takedowns or the grappling. Garcia looking to get more serious with a guillotine, but it’s not happening, so he gives up on it and Reid gets up Garcia lands a right, pins Garcia to the cage, and Reid lands an illegal elbow. McCarthy gives Garcia time but he’s okay. Stand off now to commence, Garcia gets a takedown right in the centre. 10 seconds left. Comfortable win for Garcia, not exactly thrilling though. Manuel Garcia 10-9 (30-27)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Manuel Garcia by Unanimous Decision (30-27×2, 30-26)

Okay so we’re about ready for the main card – and the show starts here in terms of production! So far very few fighters have had walk outs, and the prelims have been relatively low key, but not now! It’s getting loud, it’s getting colourful, and hopefully the drama will match the flash! We’re starting off with Irishman James Gallagher against Mike Cutting. Gallagher trains with Conor McGregor and is undefeated. His opponent missed weight, making this a catchweight at 148 lbs.

148 lbs Catchweight Bout: James Gallagher (3-0, 144.7 lbs) vs Mike Cutting (7-4, 148.3 lbs*)

ROUND ONE: ‘Big’ John is back up for this one. Gallagher fast to the centre of the cage, leg kicks apiece, and Gallagher looking to cut off the cage. Leg kick from Cutting caught, and Gallagher takes him down with ease. Cutting has Gallagher in half guard, but not for long, as Gallagher releases himself and looks to take the back of Cutting, which he does, well. Elbows from Gallagher, a few punches, and it’s all set up for the RNC – not quite got it yet though, so Gallagher showing patience with a few more punches. Cutting trying to get up, but isn’t liking the punches from the top and Gallagher has a good body triangle. Gallagher trying to snake his arms in for a neck crank or RNC, but he can’t complete either just yet. Over halfway through the round. Gallagher gets an arm in, but mustn’t have had it fully, as Cutting toughs it out. Total control though for Gallagher. Cutting reverses positions suddenly, now he’s on top. Gallagher manages to roll out, reverse things and take the back again, goes for an armbar, but Cutting defends it and pulls out, taking top position as he does. Gallagher wants a knee bar, but doesn’t get it. Hammerfists from Cutting, and Cutting with some good elbows to end the round. Cutting was competitive, but that round has to go to Gallagher. Cutting had maybe 30 seconds. James Gallagher 10-9

ROUND TWO: They touch. Leg kick from Cutting very nearly countered by a head kick from Gallagher. Leg kick from Cutting, and agai Gallagher just can’t counter. Good body kick from Cutting, caught by Gallagher, but it landed clean enough. Side kick from Gallagher misses. Leg kick from Cutting. Cutting with what looks like a slap, but every time he throws Gallagher just looking to counter. Cutting with a roundhouse kick that LANDS! Gallagher eats it! Gallagher tosses Cutting aside, but Cutting up quickly. Cutting circling away, Gallagher getting impatient, telling him to bring it, but Cutting could care less. Leg kick by Cutting. McCarthy gives Cutting a warning for circling away. Gallagher lands a right, they trade kicks, and Gallagher with a roundhouse of his own that misses. Hard leg kick from Cutting. One-two from Gallagher, and he presses Cutting to the fence, then completes a trip. He had to wait a long time to get his hands on Cutting, he has to make this pay. Gallagher in side control, Cutting trying to defend, striking back from the bottom, but Gallagher is looking for a kimura from the top. Almost gets it, but Cutting uses his momentum to sweep. Gallagher spins out and takes the back! Good grappling from Gallagher, outside losing position on that kimura attempt. Mike Cutting 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: All to play for. Gallagher looking to grab the leg of Cutting early, but he’ll have to work again. Body kick from Cutting. Leg kick from Gallagher. Lots of circling, not much happening. Roundhouse kick AGAIN lands from Cutting, that clipped the back of Gallagher’s head. Gallagher ate it fine, though, but it landed. Leg kick Cutting. Slap and a leg kick from Cutting. Leg kick again, Gallagher may need to pick up the pace here. Cutting roundhouse misses, he likes that kick. Leg kick from Cutting caught, Gallagher takes him down. Cutting has been an evasive target on the feet, but Gallagher clearly superior on the mat. Gallagher has Cutting stacked up, and is practically sat on his face. Cuting looking for a reverse triangle, perhaps, but it’s a low percentage move. Gallagher trying to work the legs of Cutting, andthey eventually move to a North-South position. Gallagher round into side control. Ground and pound from Gallagher to end the round. Embrace from both men at the end there after a heated time at weigh ins. Gallagher may have done enough to win, but Cutting was far from a sacrificial lamb, at least in terms of performance. Very few scorecards would surprise me. James Gallagher 10-9 (29-28 Gallagher overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Gallagher by Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

I hear a lone boo from the crowd, but it’s hard to disagree that Gallagher won – he just didn’t win in the manner and style that may have been expected. Gallagher extremely emotional, says he’s wanted this since he was 13. He says he can’t put into words what this means. He says it was tough to remain mentally strong, says Cutting was tough, but he’ll be a lot better next time. He’s been through a lot to get here, and tonight wasn’t the statement he wanted to make, but next time his head is clearer he’ll come to “F*** sh** up!”

They replay Pietro Menga’s annihilation of Spencer Hewitt. One punch KO. Sub-one minute.

We’ve also got a replay of Jason Radcliffe vs Jack Mason. 14 seconds. KO by knee.

Bit of a reshuffle here, apparently, we’ve got Page-Cyborg next. Have to say I thought they might save this one, as Carmont-Klinger doesn’t really have the same pull for this crowd.

Welterweight Bout: Michael Page (10-0, 169.8 lbs) vs Evangelista Santos (21-17, 170 lbs)

ROUND ONE: PRIDE veteran ‘Cyborg’ Santos takes on Michael ‘Venom’ Page – and this should be a violent, potentially short-lived spectacle! Page is something different every time, but as ‘Cyborg’ proved in his BELLATOR debut, he is not one to sleep on. Huge ‘MVP’ chant for Page’s entrance. Here we go. They touch. MVP straight to his side-on stance. Huge chants for Page. He lands a left-right. Leg kick misses from Santos, MVP so mobile. Santos spins, it’s just a suggestion though. Page misses a right, and slams Santos down on the follow through, good physiciality. Straight back up though, neither wants to grapple at this point. Front kick misses from Cyborg. Flying knee connects from Page, but Cyborg grabs him, and puts him to the cage. Takedown by Cyborg. Page fighting to his feet, gets up and gets a round of applause, only for Cyborg to ragdoll him down. Cyborg looking to isolate a leg, but it’s Page spinning into a kneebar/achilles lock. They separate, but Page too slow to scramble, and Cyborg into his half guard. Cyborg passes to side control. Cyborg trying to work, but Page staying safe enough. Cyborg 10-9

ROUND TWO: Body kick by Page to open up, Page no doubt delighted to be back on the feet here. Page walking Cyborg down, all kinds of shoulder movement going on here, and a quick left. Page hands down as always and taunting Cyborg. Spin kick misses, Cyborg cannot quite get the takedown, Page was alert to the danger of leaving himself open. Couple of kicks miss from Cyborg, and Page lands a straight left. Page feints a leaping kick, then glances a side kick to the head. Cyborg feints a punch, and so Page feints a leaping counter. Cyborg comes forward, swings, but misses. Jab misses from Page. Body kick from Page lands. Page growing in confidence. Cyborg misses a strike, and Page dances. HARD body kick hurts Cyborg. He is badly hurt, but Page giving him a reprieve. He wants to put on a show. Jab from Page. Leg kick from Cyborg. Cyborg swings, in for a takedown, and MAN, FLYING KNEE PERFECTLY TIMED FROM PAGE! That impact was nasty, that was loud here at cageside! Needless to say, he is out!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Michael Page by KO (Flying Knee) @ 4:34 of Round Two

Page gets a HUGE cheer as he shouts “London” – “MVP is back”, I’m not sure he went away! Jimmy Smith says Cyborg was meant to silence the critics, Page says much respect to Cyborg, he’s a tough, tough man, but for all the Pokemon Go! lovers, he just caught himself a Cyborg! Class!

Lukasz Klinger is a late stand in for Linton Vassell, and a potential wild card. Very tough assignment against Carmont though, who is vastly experienced and still training out of Firas Zahabi’s Tristar with the likes of GSP, who is here in Carmont’s corner.

Light Heavyweight Bout: Francis Carmont (24-11, 205.3 lbs) vs Lukasz Klinger (7-2, 204.9 lbs)

ROUND ONE: They touch. Carmont with a couple of jabs to try and find range. A third lands. Klinger has his hands high. Carmont changes levels and takes Klinger down convincingly. Straight into half guard. Klinger manages to move Carmont to full guard, but it isn’t long before Carmont passes back to half. Klinger employing a half butterfly, and that allows him to reestablish full guard. Bit of a chessmatch so far, nothing heavy thrown or landed. Carmont tries to throw and elbow, but Klinger won’t stay still long enough. Carmont trying to isolate the left arm of Klinger, tries to use the distraction to progress. Carmont into side control, moves to a D’Arce Choke and completes it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Francis Carmont by Submission (D’Arce Choke) at 3:51

No interview. Relatively straight forward for Carmont, workmanlike performance.

Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Liam McGeary is here – he says he’s excited for the fights, he says MVP was ‘Oh my God’, awesome performance, I think we all agree with that. He says he wishes he was fighting, but is happy to be here with his friends. Phil ‘Mr Wonderful’ Davis awaits him, McGeary says he has a few niggling injuries but is pushing himself as much as he can without injuring himself again, and then says he can’t wait to get his hands on Davis. McGeary says Davis has to do better than he did against King Mo, he says Davis can’t stand in front of him like he did with Mo. Applause for McGeary.

Heavyweight Bout: Matt Mitrione (10-5, 256.5 lbs) vs Oli Thompson (18-7, 234.8 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Oli comes out fast, but nothing landing early. Thompson tries to grab Mitrinoe, but can’t, and suddenly Mitrione is swarming Thompson! Lands a few, but can’t have been anything clean, because Thompson is on his feet. Mitrione now in clinch position, that was a wild exchange. Mitrione throwing heavy leather, and landing knees – great right hook response from Thompson, and we’re back in the centre! Wow, that was too fast for me to call. Thompson tries for a takedown, easily avoided by Mitrione, who follows up with a straight right against the cage. Mitrione into the clinch, knee to the thigh. Knee from the Muay Thai clinch from Mitrione, who opens up on Thompson, and Thompson fires back! Mitrione wobbling, perhaps, and Thompson lands two rights, but gets shrugged off, and Mitrione pushes Thompson back against the fence! Very fast pace here! Mitrione with a knee to the body, and two more. Thompson defends a trip takedown and lands an uppercut. Right misses from Thompson, counter from Mitrione. Body shot from Thompson. Thompson bulldozes Mitrione to the fence, but gets reversed. Thompson misses a knee. The round comes to an end. What a pace, both men landed good shots, but arguably Mitrione got the better of most of it. Neither came to waste time though. Mitrione 10-9

ROUND TWO: Mitrione with a one-two, and Thompson comes back firing, which gets Mitrione swinging. Nothing massive there. Superman punch from Thompson. Mitrione presses, but Thompson gets out the way. Leg kick from Mitrione. Both men trade rights. Leg kick by Mitrione. Thompson ducks a Mitrione right, and the pace has slowed here, but it’s not slow exactly. Body punch by Thompson. Mitrione gets hit with a left jab. Leg kick from Mitrione, Thompson tried the overhand counter but missed. Thompson tries a lead left, misses. Leg kick by Mitrione. Mitrione presses Thompson to the fence and starts to unload Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em style, lands a couple, but Thompson just eats them. Mitrione pressing the clinch Thompson with a knee to the body. Knee to the body from Mitrione. They break. Thompson with his hands down, gets tagged, and Mitrione finishes with a punching combination to the chin! Mitrione puts his hands on his knees, he worked hard for that one, two tough, strong athletes.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Mitrione by TKO (Punches) @ 4:21 of Round Two

Mitrione was impressed by Thompson’s chin, he felt he could put him away sooner, but says he was incredibly tough. Mitrione said he changed strategy to work reversals on the wall and a lot of head control. He says he’s going to Scotland, Ireland and Iceland to celebrate with his son.

Big fight for Paul Daley next… Lima is a dangerous man.

Welterweight Bout: Paul Daley (38-13-2, 170.8 lbs) vs Douglas Lima (26-6, 170.8 lbs)

ROUND ONE: ‘Big’ John is in there for the main event. Daley and Lima bow to each other, but there’s a lot of competitive spirit between these two. No touch. Leg kick from Lima, Daley wswings an overhand right and misses, Lima DROPS Daley with a straight left counter! Wow! Daley survives, but he’s in a bad spot! Lima on top, Daley powering to his feet, and does well. Clinch against the fence here for Lima, knee to the thigh from Lima. Daley defending, but Lima drops for a double leg, well defended by Daley. They stall too long and McCarthy separates them. Straight left from Lima, his striking looks sharp tonight. Daley misses a spinning back fist, Daley explodes at Lima with winging punches, but Lima got a knee in. Daley swings, but gets countered, and Daley winds up pushing Lima to the fence. Lima reverses it, and Daley narrowly misses on a break. Leg kick by Daley. A second by Daley. Jab from Daley, and another leg kick. Daley swinging with intent, but Lima avoiding the shots he needs to. 20 seconds. Body punch by Daley, leg kick from Lima. Daley swings and gets countered with a jab, and that’s the round. Daley wasn’t overmatched for most of it, but the obvious moment was getting dropped early. 10-9 Lima

ROUND TWO: Leg kick from Lima. Both men tentative, but looking to land something big. Body punch from Lima. Daley counters Lima. Daley eats a kick, but staggers Lima slightly with a counter right. Hard leg kick from Lima. Daley still loading up on those punches, and Lima still avoiding them. Leg kick from lima, front body kick nearly caught from Daley. Lima changes levels and grabs a single leg, quickly abandons it and is happy for a bit of clinch time against the fence. They separate. Daley tries a one-two, and Lima is away. Daley lands an uppercut amid an exchange. Daley countered, and he is ROCKED! Lima with a hard knee to the body, but Daley just out of the way. Hard right, Lima swarming on Daley, but Daley lifts Lima and takes him to the fence. Lima takes Daley down, and that’s twice he’s hurt Daley. A couple of punches sneak through Daley’s defences, and Daley is up again. Knee to the body by Lima. Elbow on the break from Daley maybe hurt Lima, jab snaps Daley’s head back. Good head-body combo from Daley, who wings a one-two and gets countered again,a nd Lima with a takedown, and ground and pound as the bell goes! That could have been it for Daley… 10-9 Lima (20-18 Lima overall)

ROUND THREE: Leg kick from Lima. One-two from Daley sends Lima on his bike. Leg kick from Daley. Body punch from Daley. Leg kick from Lima counters a left jab and unbalances the British fighter. Leg kick from Lima countered by Daley! He scored a right, and he’s loading up again. Lima with a takedown, and this time it’s more central, less chance of Daley using the cage to stand. Lima in Daley’s guard, passes to half guard, and lands an elbow. Body punch from Lima on the ground. Two minutes to go. McCarthy taking a look at things, but no stand up yet, as Lima transitions and Daley tries for a kimura from the bottom. Lima untroubled by the submission or any potential sweep attempt, so Daley rolls to his sied, and shrugs Lima off! Daley on top, but only briefly, Lima sweeps him and he’s back in control. 45 seconds left. Lima lands a few punches to the body, 15 seconds. Daley goes for a triangle, doesn’t get it, and that’s that! Good performance from Lima, very clean, crisp striking. 10-9 Lima (30-27 Lima overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Douglas Lima by Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

Lima was just too much for Daley today, Daley unable to land any of those short, winging, powerful punches. Lima thanks God for finally being healthy again, he says Daley hits like a truck, he’s never been hit so hard, thanks the London fans, proud to be here.

Daley now, he respected Lima from the beginning, he said things to sell the fight, but he can see why he’s a champion and he’d like to challenge him if he’s ever champion again. Daley says he went for a drink with Lima, and respects him.

And that is a wrap! Thanks for following the coverage here on 411mania, have a great evening everybody!