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Dhiego Lima Thinks Paul Daley Will Beat Michael Page Tonight

February 16, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Dhiego Lima

In an interview with MMA Junkie, Dhiego Lima said that he thinks that Paul Daley will defeat Michael Page tonight at Bellator 216 and go on to face his brother Douglas. Here are highlights:

On Daley vs. Page: “I really think Daley is going to win that fight, man. Everybody is ‘MVP this, MVP that.’ Everybody is counting out Daley. Daley’s been quiet. I saw him in Thailand, training hard. He’s been quiet, and I really feel he’s going to win this fight. People are counting him out, and you never count out a guy like that – never. And people do that. I don’t know if ‘MVP’ is overlooking him, but I know the media is. But you know, ‘MVP’ hasn’t fought anybody nearly as talented as Daley. So I think Daley is going to win that, and I think it’s going to be Lima-Daley 2. My brother is going to KO him this time and beat (champ MacDonald) in the finals.”

On Bellator’s ongoing tournament: “It’s awesome – that’s like one of the biggest tournaments. Just Neiman beating Ed Ruth, it was like – nobody expected that, man. And to take a wrestler down and submit him, that was amazing to watch. These guys are so cocky, wrestlers nowadays. They think they run the world. And, like, no, man. This is MMA. So just watching that, that was a great thing. Nothing against Ed Ruth, it’s just wrestlers, they are getting too cocky nowadays, and that was just great to watch.”

On watching his brother fight: “We’re in this together. We’re like one. When he’s fighting, I’m fighting. When I’m fighting, he’s fighting. We’re pretty much one person. His success is my success, his losses are my losses. We’re connected. We have a real special bond, and it’s all happiness there. It’s all happiness.”

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