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Angelique Sabrina White On Starring In Thriller-Comedy Roommate Wanted

October 14, 2020 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
Roommate Wanted

The 411 Interview: Angelique Sabrina White


Angelique Sabrina White is an actress and singer who has been acting in movies and TV shows since at least 2016. White has appeared in such movies as 1st Born and Blood of Drago and the TV mini-series Joy. As a singer, she has had multiple singles that have been successful worldwide, including the song “Pull Up.” White’s latest movie is the horror comedy Roommate Wanted, written and directed by Michael McCartney and which just had its world premiere at the 2020 Salem Horror Film Festival. In this interview, White talks with this writer about making Roommate Wanted, working with the cast and director, and more.



Bryan Kristopowitz: How did you get involved with Roommate Wanted?

Angelique Sabrina White: I got involved with Roommate Wanted when my manager sent me an email from the director, Michael, who wanted to meet up for coffee and talk about the film. This was pretty cool because it was the first time I was ever asked to meet with a director before auditioning. I was able to read the script before meeting up with him and we hit it off pretty quickly. We bounced around ideas for the character and how I could play her and I ended up reading for him two or three more times after that before actually getting the part.

BK: How did you approach your character Maria?

ASW: I approached Maria from a very relatable place at her stage in life. She’s going through a lot of uncertain transitions from teenage life to adulthood and college to the real world. She is also very much an A-type who is at a major crossroads with her identity and sexuality. I took my time in understanding what the reality of juggling all of that would be like inside the head of someone like Maria.

BK: What was it like working with director Michael McCartney?

ASW: Working with Michael was an awesome experience for me. I have done a fair amount of work in my short time in LA but this is my very first feature-length lead role. It was super exciting to me how naturally this project came together and that Michael chose to trust me with carrying a film of this size. On set was also another great experience because he made it feel like a collaboration and I knew I was being heard every step of the way. Obviously, this film has a lot of stunts and intimate moments, but I felt safe and reassured every step of the way.

BK: What was it like working with Ricky Cruz, who plays Maria’s roommate Ricky, and MJ Garcia, who plays Maria’s girlfriend Kate?

ASW: Working with Ricky was so awesome! Ricky is one of the most genuine, funny, and sweet guys I’ve had the chance to work with! He’s also an incredibly trained improv/comedy actor and made it really hard to not break most takes. Working with MJ was also really cool for me because this is my first on-screen romance- and I’m honestly glad it was with a girl. We went out to lunch and really got to know each other so that our chemistry could shine through on-screen and became really great friends on set.

BK: What was it like working with Jack Shulruff, who plays Dean?

ASW: Working with Jack is probably much different than you’re expecting it to be based on his character. Jack is so down to earth and hilarious! It’s really a testament to how great of an actor he is because he couldn’t be more different from his character(s). Most of the time when the cameras weren’t rolling he was doing something to make us all laugh and to make the downtime feel quicker. But also, when it came to rehearsing and digging in deep with the emotional life and stakes of the scene, he was always fully available to work with me and get to a place we both felt honored the scene.


BK: What was the hardest part of making Roommate Wanted for you as an actor? What was the easiest?

ASW: For me, the hardest part of this film was the demand and schedule. As I said, I’m not used to being the lead in a feature-length film. It took a lot of dedication to come to set prepared for anything that day, have all my lines down and be well-rested from the long day before. This is also a very physically demanding film where everyone did all of their stunts, so it took a good amount of rehearsal beforehand to be ready to go for the cameras.

BK: Is it right to call Roommate Wanted a horror comedy or a thriller comedy? Do you enjoy working in the horror genre?

ASW: Roommate Wanted has a very unique tone. I would call it a mashup of thriller and comedy. Interestingly enough, I always said I would never work in the horror/thriller genres. But now that I’ve done it, it’s totally different behind the scenes than your experience as the viewer.


BK: How do you balance your acting career and you singing career?

ASW: Thankfully I have representation that sends me out on opportunities for both my singing and acting. I have always had a hard time picking one over the other and for that reason, I’ve always loved musical theatre. But they aren’t as hard to do simultaneously as you would think.

BK: Any moviemaking heroes?

ASW: I have always been a huge fan of Zoe Saldana and Viola Davis. I love actresses that remind me as a black Bahamian girl, no matter my background or what I look like, as long as I work hard on my craft and stay persistent I can do anything.

BK: Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

ASW: I just had another project come out called How I Failed The Bechdel Test. This short film came out from Seventh House Productions and is an awesome take on Pulp Fiction, but with two women. It is a very “meta”, intelligent, and edgy discussion on equality in entertainment. Check it out!

BK: What do you hope audiences get out of Roommate Wanted?

ASW: Roommate Wanted is definitely a movie that will provide a lot of laughs, jumps, and entertainment, but it is also very unique in that it represents a young girl of color who is battling with her identity and sexuality. This is the kind of representation entertainment needs more of and I hope it is able to speak to someone out there who needs to be reminded that they aren’t alone.

BK: Would you want to be a part of a Roommate Wanted 2?

ASW: I would definitely be interested to see where Maria’s life would pick up in a sequel.

BK: Did you get to provide any input into the “house rules” list that Maria came up with, or was that list all Michael McCartney?

ASW: Good question! Michael is an awesome writer and we also had some amazing set design. Everyone involved knew Maria’s personality inside and out and they were able to come out with the house rules and the quotes/notes in her bedroom. I didn’t come up with them, but I read them all to feel even closer to Maria.

BK: What do you look for in a roommate?

ASW: I’m definitely like Maria in that I’m picky about roommates (but hopefully I have better instincts). I look for someone who has similar interests as I do, is independent, considerate, naturally tidy, and fun to be around!



A very special thanks to Angelique Sabrina White for agreeing to participate in this interview and to david j. moore for setting it up.

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