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Avengers: Infinity War Visual FX Supervisor Reveals Only 80 Shots Had No Digital Effects

February 7, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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Speaking to CinemaBlend, Visual Effects Supervisor for Avengers: Infinity War, Dan DeLeeuw, revealed about how much of the film didn’t have any actual effects shots. He stated the following:

“We’d come in on the weekends and then we’d scrub through the film and see what they’ve (The Russos) done, and see what’s tweaked and what’s not. And so during the scrub, if we hit a shot that doesn’t have a number on it yet — because the number means there’s visual effects on it, you kind of check it out and make sure there’s no effects, and we’re like, ‘Yeah!’ We got to cheer like 80 times. 80 out of… well, there’s 2,623 visual effects shots in the film.”.

To do the math, the film has an approximate total of 2,700 shots, and only 80 shots had no actual visual effects. That means less than three percent of the film had no digital effects or enhancements. It makes you wonder just how many visual effects shots will be in play for the sequel, Avengers: Endgame.

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