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Charlize Theron Is ‘All About’ An Atomic Blonde/John Wick Crossover Film

July 8, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Atomic Blonde John Wick

If the long-hoped for crossover between Atomic Blonde and John Wick ever comes to pass, Charlize Theron will be ready to sign up. Since Atomic Blonde released in 2017 amid the success of the Wick franchise, fans have been speculating about the similarly-themed action-thrillers crossing streams. And speaking with THR for a new interview promoting her new Netflix film The Old Guard, Theron expressed her interest in “trading punches” with Keanu Reeves.

“Listen, as soon as I get the call, I’ll be there,” Theron said. “They just have to tell me where, when and I’ll show up. Keanu is one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world; I absolutely love him. I respect him, I admire him and I am so grateful that I got to make two movies with him. We both kind of find ourselves in this new stage of our career, and so much of Atomic Blonde was influenced by John Wick. So, if we can get those two characters to meet up in a timeline that makes sense, I’m all about it.”

Theron and Reeves have worked together twice before, first with The Devil’s Advocate in 1997 and then with the romantic drama Sweet November in 2001. Interestingly, THR’s Brian Davids pointed out to Theron that her character in Sweet November had a thematically-similar arc to Helen Wick’s in John Wick, being a terminally ill woman who “mailed a dog to Keanu’s character.”

Asked about the progress in a new Atomic Blonde film (assumedly without Reeves), Theron said, “Yes, we’re in the development stages right now, and that’s the one thing that lockdown has been good for — being able to develop with writers over Zoom. So, we’re actively developing [an Atomic Blonde sequel] right now.”

The first Atomic Blonde was a moderate success slightly above the level of the first Wick film, grossing $98.3 million worldwide against a $30 million production budget. (The first Wick grossed $76.2 million worldwide against a $30 million budget).