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Darth Maul Voice Actor Says The Last Jedi Didn’t Fit Into Star Wars, Feels That Rian Johnson Didn’t Do His ‘Star Wars Homework’

May 5, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
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Sam Witwer, the voice actor for Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, is the latest to express some confusion with director Rian Johnson and Star Wars: The Last Jedi during a Twitch stream (h/t JoBlo), saying that he thinks Last Jedi was made by “a guy who hadn’t quite done his homework” and that while the movie is “compelling” as a standalone film, it doesn’t fit into Star Wars.

Last Jedi, to me, felt like a movie made by a guy who hadn’t quite done his homework. I think Rian Johnson’s a talented guy, but Bruce Lee didn’t develop Jeet Kune Do without learning Kung Fu first. You can’t reinvent Star Wars without knowing Star Wars first and he didn’t, for me, make a compelling argument for why Luke didn’t go and help his sister. There were a lot of things in The Last Jedi I found compelling in a Rian Johnson filmmaker point of view. They just didn’t fit into Star Wars. I don’t think he did his Star Wars homework. The themes, what it’s about, what the characters are about. But as a standalone film, if I don’t know what the Jedi are or who Luke is or what he represents, I think there’s some compelling things in there. If that’s meaningful to you, that’s awesome.”