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Inheritance Review

June 30, 2018 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
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Inheritance Review  

Inheritance Review

Chase Joliet– Ryan Bowman
Sara Montez– Isi Rosales
Dale Dickey– Effy Monroe
Drew Powell– Del Morse
Krisha Fairchild– Bonnie
Tim Abell– Frank Morse
Ashley Spillers– Allie Bowman
Vincent Van Horn– Teddy
Alex Dobrenko– Dave
Jim Ortlieb– Glen Crawford

Directed by Tyler Savage
Screenplay by Tyler Savage

Produced by Portola Pictures

Not Rated
Runtime– 92 minutes

Watch it here and here.


Inheritance, written and directed by Tyler Savage, is a superb, sort of slow burn horror thriller about an inheritance that, in a “normal” situation, would be a good thing, maybe even a great thing. But in the world of Inheritance, it’s anything but a good thing.

Inheritance stars Chase Joliet as Ryan Bowman, an adopted son who finds out that his biological father (Frank, as played by Tim Abell) has just died and left him a house on the beach (well, it’s near the beach). The house and the land it sits on are likely worth a bundle, and if and when the estate is sold it could be a major life changing event for Ryan and his wicked hot pregnant girlfriend Isi (Sara Montez). Ryan and Isi head to the house, which sits in the small town of Herald Point, to check out what the property looks like and what it’s all about. At first glance, both the house and the town are nice and beautiful. However, all is not as it seems. There’s something off about both the town and the house.

But what? How can a spacious house by the beach in a small, quiet town be a bad thing? While exploring the house and the property, Ryan finds a note, presumably from Frank, telling him to sell the house immediately. The neighbors, especially Bonnie (Krisha Fairchild), are odd as hell (what’s with all of the cryptic speeches about the house, the property, the town, those freaky old pictures that seem to be everywhere?). There’s this guy, Del Morris (Drew Powell) who claims to be Ryan’s cousin and who can’t stop showing up at random times to dig holes in the yard (is he looking for something? What?). Even the goddamn real estate agent Effy Monroe (Dale Dickey) is a little off. What the hell is going on here? Is it really the house? The town?

And why does it seem as though Ryan is the only one feeling the direct effects of all of this weirdness? Isi is concerned about her fiancé’s sudden withdrawn demeanor, his inability to talk about what’s bothering him, and his douchebag behavior around his sister Allie (Ashely Spillers). Ryan, deep down, has always had issues with his past but has always handled them personally. Now, things are different. Is Ryan worried about Isi’s pregnancy? Is the idea of being a father freaking him out in light of finding out that his biological father had been alive up until a few weeks ago?

On some level, Isi’s suspicions are right. Ryan is having some misgivings about being a father. But there’s more going on here than just a young guy wondering if he can be a father. Something sinister and something completely unexpected. I mean, as I said at the beginning, the possibility of a substantial inheritance should be a good thing. Should be.

Now, you know that something bad is going to go down as soon as Inheritance starts, with its creepy as hell photo montage and unsettling opening theme. You don’t know why the stuff you’re watching and hearing is bad but, man, you know it isn’t going to end well for someone. There’s bad shit happening. Really, really bad shit. I don’t want to say what, exactly, is going on with Ryan and his new house, as it’s worth experiencing cold going in. And while you may not completely understand it all immediately, when the reality of what’s going on hits you it will send a chill up and down your spine. You’ll also feel quite uneasy after what Ryan does in the throes of a hallucination. It’s the kind of thing that, if Savage wanted to, could be the premise of a cracking sequel.

Chase Joliet does a great job as Ryan, the conflicted, soon to be family man. He just hit it big, but is it a good thing? It’s interesting how he doesn’t seem all that thrilled at first with the news of the inheritance, he then likes it, but then as he spends time at the house it just gets weirder and weirder for him. You can see the conflict and despair in Ryan’s face. A terrific performance.

Sara Montez does an exceptional job as Isi, Ryan’s pregnant fiancé. She doesn’t know what the heck is going on with Ryan but she knows that something is eating at him and she wants to help. She puts up with so much crap from Ryan, even a violent outburst at breakfast (that poor coffee mug), and yet she sticks by him. Her last scene in the movie is freaky as hell. A wonderful performance.

Drew Powell is terrifying as Del Morse, Ryan’s “cousin.” You don’t quite know what his deal is or what it is he wants to dig up in the yard, and when you do find out what he wants Del becomes an even bigger mystery. Powell just exudes a low level menace that could explode into full blown violence at any moment. He doesn’t, but, man, that sense is there the whole time he’s on screen. And check out the scene in the bar when he comments on Isi’s ass. If you don’t get creeped out by that scene you’re not paying attention to the movie. If and when there’s a sequel Del will definitely have to be in it. Awesome stuff.

Krisha Fairchild is bizarre as Bonnie, Ryan’s neighbor. I’m still not entirely sure what her deal is, but her constant surveillance of Ryan is unnerving. And when she meets with Ryan you’ll wonder if she’s even real or what it is that she’s hiding. Dale Dickey, as the real estate agent Effy Monroe, is sort of in the same boat. She’s just a real estate agent, she wants to help Ryan sell his newly acquired house and property, but does she have some sort of ulterior motive for being so interested in Ryan’s house? Check out her make up job, the harshness of her skin tone next to her red hair. Her look can’t be “normal.” We’re meant to think something is going on with her.

Ashley Spillers does a fine job as Ryan’s sister Allie. She’s in town with her boyfriend/husband Dave (Alex Dobrenko) to see her brother’s new house. She cusses like a sailor, she’s just trying to have fun with her brother, and yet there’s serious animosity between the two. The dinner party scene is uncomfortable before the big argument between Ryan and Ashley and then becomes unbearable. I wanted to fast forward through that sequence so badly.

And then there’s Tim Abell as Frank Morse, who is either a ghost, some random evil force, or a figment of Ryan’s imagination. Abell gives Frank a gruff quietness that you’re not entirely sure how to take. I mean, you don’t know if he’s real or not, and while he does “communicate” with Ryan is he the embodiment of evil in the house or is something else going on with him? Check out the grill burning scene. What the hell is going on there?

And Vincent Van Horn, the supermarket worker Teddy? Why does he have to suffer?

Inheritance is a great slow burn horror thriller and an amazing debut for writer/director Tyler Savage. It’s an absolute must see. And Savage is a name to keep your eye on. If he sticks at it, he’ll have a great career.

See Inheritance. See it, see it, see it.


So what do we have here?

Dead bodies: At least 2.

Explosions: None.

Nudity?: There could be some side boob but you’ll have to look closely.

Doobage: Night time burning stuff in a grill, a montage of what appear to be family photos, attempted surfing, 2 x 4 cutting, hole digging, lawyer hooey, sex, an electronic gate, local market hooey, pier walking, a strange envelope, binocular surveillance, a serious breakfast conversation, slightly off screen sex, an old video camera, a bunch of old photos, more hole digging, fucking around with an old record player, an old pill, throat slitting, multiple hallucinations (maybe), exercise, sandwich eating, more sex, meat buying, a seriously uncomfortable dinner party, pregnancy hooey, a flashback strangulation, more walking, more old photos, off screen kidnapping, more steak buying, steak eating, a dream, wood cutting, a weird dog, a creepy mural of cowboys and Indians, ass talk, coffee cup smashing, total self-destruction, a cracked wall, attempted hole digging, clay pot smashing, old videotape hooey, head smashing, body burying, and a creepy as hell ending.

Kim Richards?: None.

Gratuitous: A guy holding a VHS tape, a montage of old photos, a lucky rabbit’s foot, bird on a street light, a total lack of reliable cell phone service, a paper bag with a handle on it, an evening constitution, an old pill, telescope hooey, steak, a hipster app maker, a “Shit your pants” story, an incredibly uncomfortable dinner party, coffee cup smashing, a hallucination, and a creepy as hell ending.

Best lines: “I’ve come to inform you of your inheritance,” “Holy shit,” “Oh my God! This view is insane!,” “God… this really is a… magnificent place… isn’t it?,” “I’m really excited to tell my Dad and Rosie,” “I’m happy,” “I just need some time,” “Who told you I just got in? I think you should leave,” “See ya around, cuz,” “You’re trespassing,” “A lot of blood was spilled on this land,” “You checked the grill, right?,” “Kids can be mean,” “Why don’t you put the wine down?,” “I have always hated you. I know that. Good,” “Hey, cuz,” “Damn, I would eat that fucking ass,” “You’re not embracing this for what it is,” “Get the fuck out of my house!,” “Jesus, are you ever gonna leave?,” “I don’t know what to say,” and “I’m ready to tell everyone.”

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
Inheritance is a great feature film debut for writer/director Tyler Savage. It’s a slow burn horror thriller that packs a wallop at the end, especially when you figure out what the heck is really going on. A terrific cast, a top notch, slick look, and an unsettling mood (music, too). This is an absolute must see for every horror nerd. See it, see it, see it.

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