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Monster Hunter Set to Receive 3D Animated Special in 2019

July 12, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Monster Hunter

Capcom officially announced today in a press release that the company is set to co-produce an animated 3D special based on the Monster Hunter game franchise. The special is called Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild, and it’s scheduled for a 2019 release.

Legends of the Guild will be a CG-animated special that will expand on the world of the Monster Hunter game series. Capcom is co-producing the project with U.S.-based production company Pure Imagination Studios.

The game series made its debut in 2004 and has dedicated a large fan base across the globe, selling a total of more than 48 million copies worldwide as of March 31, 2018. The latest game in the franchise, Monster Hunter: World, received rave reviews and has sold over eight million copies. The game has become Capcom’s best-selling title in history.

The animated special will tell the story of a brave young man who is determined to prove himself as a worthy hunter who is deserving of recognition. Capcom is hoping to appeal to longtime fans of the franchise and newcomers by recreating the world of the game series and incorporating fresh elements and a grand adventure for the special.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is due out later next year. More details regarding the release date will be revealed later on.