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Mortal Kombat Writer Says ‘Toasty’ Easter Egg Was Filmed

May 2, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mortal Kombat Image Credit: Warner Bros.

The Mortal Kombat movie has plenty of Easter eggs in the final cut, but one filmed reference didn’t make it in the “Toasty!” line. Co-writer Greg Russo spoke with Polygon and revealed that the line, which featured game designer Dan Forden appearing to deliver a high-pitched “Toasty!” when an uppercut happened, was actually written in and shot but cut from the final product.

“I worked really hard to get the line ‘Toasty!’ in there,” Russo said. “It had a spot in the story that didn’t feel cringe, like it worked, but it was edited out. Liu Kang said it after somebody was eviscerated.”

While that reference didn’t make it, there were plenty of other lines from the game like “Kano wins!” and “Fatality.” There were also visual references like Kitana’s fan, Kotal Kahn, Nightwolf and Shao Khan. The film is available on HBO Max and, should a sequel happen, perhaps those characters will make it in next time around.

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