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One Of OJ Simpson’s Defense Lawyers Says FOX Special Doesn’t Mean He Confessed

March 13, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
OJ Simpson The Lost Confession

FOX aired their special OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession? on Sunday, which featured the former football player/actor commenting on the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. It was hyped as a special where Simpson may have admitted to the murders, but Simpson maintains he was speaking from a hypothetical standpoint. Attorney Shawn Holley, who was a member of his legal defense team in the 90s, told TMZ that while she was bothered by the interview, it doesn’t mean it counts as a confession. Holly worked for Johnnie Cochran during Simpson’s trial.

Holley said that Simpson is “not stupid,” and the only reason he would have agreed to the interview was if he spoke hypothetically. She added that he assumed the character of the murderer and was told to behave a certain way in the interview. So in her point of view, he was merely playing a role. She did admit, however, it was weird for Simpson to act this way, particularly since it was his ex-wife who was murdered.

She also said that at the time of the trial, she believed he was innocent.

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