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Paranormal Attraction Director Alexander T. Hwang On Why People Love Horror, Taking On the Film

August 8, 2020 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
Paranormal Attraction

The 411 Interview: Alexander T. Hwang


Alexander T. Hwang is a director, producer, writer, editor, and actor who has been involved in moviemaking, according to imdb, since at least 2015. Hwang has directed the short films Home Invasion, The Beacon, and The Pickle, among others, and the feature films Prey, in Cold Blood and Lilith. Hwang’s latest feature film effort is the supernatural horror flick Paranormal Attraction starring Brooklyn Haley, Nicole Cinaglia, and Eden Shea Beck. In this interview, Hwang talks with this writer about making Paranormal Attraction, the horror genre, and more.



Bryan Kristopowitz: Why did you want Paranormal Attraction to be your next movie as a director?

Alexander T. Hwang: I was always fascinated with the idea of spirits and ghosts (incubus or Succubus) falling in love, stalking, or having a sexual relationship with a real person. I thought it was a unique idea. A ghost who is in love with a new tenant, stalking her and gets jealous.

BK: Did you do any paranormal research before you decided to make Paranormal Attraction your next movie?

ATH: I have read a lot of books and also researched people who had experiences with an incubus. I also enjoy watching videos and shows about paranormal experiences.

BK: Where was Paranormal Attraction shot? Did you film in an actual house?

ATH: It was shot in Southern California, in a real house. Sadly, or maybe luckily, the house doesn’t have any actual paranormal activities.

BK: How did you cast Paranormal Attraction?

ATH: Some of the actors I knew from previous movies I worked on, but for the lead actresses we went through regular auditions. I knew some of them from other movies they’ve been in, but after viewing the video auditions I knew which actresses were right for each part. The only role that didn’t go through the audition process was Hunter Johnson who plays Nick.

BK: How long did it take to make Paranormal Attraction, from completing the script to finishing post-production?

ATH: It took 13 months. I think we were in actual production 2 months after the script was ready. It took 3 to 4 months to edit and get it to picture lock. Adding special effects, original music, and sound mixing took a while. I am very proud of the final product. I think it is my best work yet.

BK: What was the hardest part of making Paranormal Attraction? The easiest?

ATH: The hardest part of making the movie was when it came to certain scenes, I had to make sure the actors, camera, other crew, and I were all on the same page to achieve suspense or scare for that scene. I wanted to make sure we all saw what the audience was going to see on the screen. I think we have achieved that by working together and communicating with each other.

The easiest? Working with the fantastic actors and crew. They were perfect. They knew their craft. It made my job easier. I would work with all of them again in a heartbeat.

BK: You’ve made a number short films in your moviemaking career. For you, as a director, how different is making a short film compared to a feature film? How are they the same?

ATH: To me, making a short is much easier. Most of the time I just call my actor friends, discuss the storyline I have, pick a date and shoot. And on shorts I actually DP and direct myself so it goes a bit faster. With a feature, there are a lot more locations, logistical issues, more breakdown, scheduling, and more crew and actors, so it’s more challenging. But I love doing both.

BK: Why do you think the horror genre is so attractive to audiences?

ATH: I think people like to watch horror movies because they like to be scared. They want to go to a dark theater and for the next 90 minutes they want their heart pumping and that adrenaline rush that comes with a horror movie and screaming at what’s on the screen.

BK: Any moviemaking heroes?

ATH: Too many to mention, but I really like Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, and lately David Fincher.

BK: Any upcoming projects you can reveal to the world?

ATH: I have three in post. One is Bearry, a rom-com with twists. Another is Cold Blooded, a creature feature, and the third is Shelter in Place, a thriller. As far as a feature shoot, I have an awesome western zombie idea I’m working on and looking for investors, and a creature feature based on Native American folklore.

BK: When will audiences be able to see Paranormal Attraction?

ATH: Currently, we are in communication with a few distributors and I’m hoping it will be released on VOD before Christmas and DVDs and Blu-rays soon after.

BK: What do you hope audiences get out of Paranormal Attraction?

ATH: Simple, I hope they get really scared and tense while watching the movie. Just enjoy the movie, I hope. 🙂

BK: Would you be interested in making a Paranormal Attraction 2?

ATH: There are discussions, but the storyline has to be a bit different. I’ve been thinking about it often and playing around with storylines. We will see.

BK: In the movie, the characters spend quite a bit of time in the main location’s heated pool. Did you get to spend any time in the heated pool, too?

ATH: Yes, I got to direct the scene while in the pool. As matter of fact, I think the whole crew was in the pool. I think the pool was warmer than the outside on that day. LOL

BK: Are you a grilled cheese sandwich fan?

ATH: YES, but since I’m lactose intolerant, I have to take some pills right before I eat any dairy 🙁



A very special thanks to Alexander T. Hwang for agreeing to participate in this interview and to david j. moore for setting it up.

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