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SDCC: Russo Brothers Are Open to More Marvel Work, Say Secret Wars Is a Favorite Story

July 19, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Marvel Secret Wars

The Russo Brothers said during their San Diego Comic-Con panel that they would be love to work with Marvel again down the line, and teased one potential story they could do. During the panel, which 411 was in attendance for, Joe and Anthony Russo shared some stories from the production, which were punctuated by video questions from MCU stars Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, and Paul Rudd.

The two have previously said that Endgame was their last film for the MCU for now, but have always expressed an openness to working with the studio on something else. While they wouldn’t give any specifics, the moderator asked about the famous Secret Wars storyline from the 1980s. Joe Russo said the miniseries, which saw all of the Marvel heroes and villains transported to a distant world by the all-powerful Beyonder to battle each other (and that saw Spider-Man get his famous symbiote costume that became Venom), was one of his favorites.

Anthony Russo weighed in on Endgame’s success, which is just $7 million away from surpassing Avatar as the biggest-grossing film of all-time worldwide. He gave props to Avatar director James Cameron and said that it’s “thrilling and cathartic” to see Endgame reach the heights it has.

You can see our livetweets from the panel below, which feature the Russos discussing who needed the most and least takes for their scenes in Endgame, who really has “America’s ass” and more: