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South Park Review 23.03 – “SHOTS!!!”

October 10, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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South Park Review 23.03 – “SHOTS!!!”  

For their 300th episode, Matt & Trey are all about fucking the Chinese government.

The Tegridy Farms act has gone on too long and it looks like it’s finally coming to a conclusion as everyone except Randy is fed up. I turned a corner on Randy last week when I found him to be the anti-hero that we deserved, even if it’s not the one we wanted. But I’m all for Tegridy Farms finally coming to a conclusion because it’s run its course.

Randy made it to $300,000 (or 300 episodes) and it’s time to move on. Remember how things used to be in South Park? It feels like Matt & Trey finally took hint and hopefully this isn’t some kind of Vince Russo swerve where they’re going to keep beating the Jared has Aids (aides) horse to death.

The main plot in this week episode so Matt & Trey tackle vaccinations. Cartman was the perfect choice to not get the shots for a number of reasons. First, they could make him out to be a pig. Cartman has a long history of being a little piggy and this was a nice callback to those early seasons. Did they beat the “he’s a pig” thing into the ground? Maybe. But did I laugh every single time as he greased up and tried to escape from his shot? Yes. Yes, I did.

The Cartman and Ms. Cartman dynamic has always been one of my favorite dynamics because even though Cartman seemingly always bosses his mom around, there’s more pushback there than you may think. The problem is, Ms. Cartman knows that there’s very little winning with her son. So even if there’s pushback, she still has to give a little.

We saw this play out throughout the episode with Ms. Cartman and the school having to make concessions to get Cartman to get his shot, which still never happened.

I don’t have a stance on the vaccinate vs. anti-vax war because, admittedly, I’m not well researched on the topic. Sometimes you just have to stay out if you don’t know. That feels like where Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are in many episodes nowadays. Remember when they were a focal point and not secondary characters?

South Park, as they tend to do, did a nice job showing why both sides of the argument is silly. But at the end of the day, people are going to proceed with how they want to proceed. As long as South Park is there to remind us all that we’re being silly gooses, then lets keep having dumb debates where we try to change each others minds and ultimately fail.

If vaccinations make you artistic, then more people should get them.

Yes, I know what they were not so subtly saying with “artistic.” Don’t yell at me in the comments. The ending was fantastic, as was the also not so subtle joke with Cartman referencing vaccinations turning him into Timmy, Jimmy, or Token.

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Much like last week, "SHOTS!!!" started a little slow, but built nicely towards a strong conclusion. It wasn't quite as good as last week, but overall a strong episode with some nice jokes, story advancement with Tegridy Farms, and tackling a topic that will likely never die, thus giving the episode a bit more staying power.

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