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Thanos’ Snap Was Almost Left Out of Avengers: Infinity War

March 19, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Avengers: Infinity War Thanos MoviePass

Avengers: Infinity War devastated fans as they saw most of their heroes turn to dust, but it almost didn’t end that way. Speaking with Empire Online, co-writer Stephen McFeely said that the plan at one point was to have the fateful moment happen early on in Avengers: Endgame.

“We had so much story in those early drafts of Infinity War that, if anything, we thought we maybe shouldn’t do The Snap until the end of act one of Endgame,” the writer said. Of course, that’s not how it played out and Kevin Feige expanded on the decision to ultimately end with “The Devastation,” as it’s alternately known.

“We talked about that ending for years and years and years,” Feige said. “It was the reason to adapt [the comic] Infinity Gauntlet. What was the most shocking thing we could do? End the movie with The Snap.”

There’s still plenty of movie left for fans to see in Endgame. The film is three hours long per directors Joe and Anthony Russo. We’ll be able to see it on April 26th.