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411 on Wrestling Podcast: CM Punk & Daniel Bryan to AEW Rumors, What It Means For AEW & WWE

July 27, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Daniel Bryan Talking Smack WWE

In this episode of the 411 On Wrestling Podcast, 411’s Blake Lovell is joined by 411’s Steve Cook to discuss the reports of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan joining AEW, how they’d impact AEW vs. WWE viewership, The Rock potentially joining at Survivor Series, and much more.

*1:14 CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to AEW?
*3:58 WWE conspiracy theories!
*6:04 Potential Punk AEW debut scenarios
*11:58 Punk’s motivation for returning
*14:29 What song should Punk use for his entrance?
*19:56 Punk with AEW booking vs. Punk with WWE booking
*25:18 Bryan’s possibilities with AEW
*30:17 How Bryan could debut
*32:18 Sting vs. Orange Cassidy at All Out?
*34:11 Best AEW opponents for Punk and Bryan
*41:15 Could Dynamite eventually defeat RAW in viewership?
*47:46 The Rock potentially returning at Survivor Series

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