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411 on Wrestling’s Retro Review: The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield (Elimination Chamber 2014)

January 1, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
The Shield The Wyatt Family

In the first installment of 411 on Wrestling’s Retro Review series, 411’s Blake Lovell welcomes in Dissecting Dynamite host Andy Perez to discuss The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield at Elimination Chamber 2014, Brodie Lee’s legacy, and much more.

*3:52 The incredible atmosphere at the Target Center in Minneapolis
*6:59 Why the start to this match was perfect given the rivalry
*8:40 Luke Harper’s unique skill set
*12:07 The differences now and then with Roman Reigns’ character
*14:24 WWE’s handling of Bray Wyatt
*18:25 The believability of The Shield and The Wyatt Family
*20:55 Jerry Lawler’s tweet on Brodie Lee
*22:50 Favorite Brodie Lee matches
*25:08 Where this match ranks among his best ones
*27:01 Brodie Lee’s legacy inside and outside the ring

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