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411’s ECW of Sci-Fi Report 3.10.09

March 10, 2009 | Posted by Michael Bauer

Welcome to the ECW on Sci-Fi! As always, I am Michael Bauer, your 411 ECW Re-capper.

We get the hype for the Tri-Branded Battle Royal for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match to open the show before the normal video. Matt Striker and Todd Grisham at ringside as always.

The Miz (with John Morrison) vs. Primo Colon (with Carlito and The Bella Twins)

We get clips from last week’s Dirt Sheet as The Miz come out to the ring. They have fake “colons” for faces and it was pretty funny. Matt Striker asks why they would call them a punctuation marks. HA! The Bella Twins… OH MY GOD! John Morrison and Carlito do commentary as the bell rings. They lockup and Miz with a go-behind and Primo reverses. Miz gets to the ropes and gets a headlock. Miz grounds him and Primo punches out before reversing. Primo with a shoulder block off an irish whip and a leg sweep for a two counts. Miz gets dropkicked into the corner and then bounced off the turnbuckle for another two count. Primo whipped into the corner, but Miz walks into the boots. Primo goes to the apron, but Miz catches him with a forearm to send Primo to the floor as we go to commercial at 2:10.

Back at 5:45 and The Miz has Primo in a chinlock, but Primo elbows out and whips Miz into the corner. Primo is flips to the ring apron and hits a huge flying cross body from the top. Miz whips Primo off the ropes, Primo ducks clothesline, but he misses another cross body and rolls to the floor. Miz follows and decks him right in front of the twins. Primo rolled into the ring and he gets his throat slung into the bottom rope for two. Miz locks Primo in a surfboard type submission, driving the knee into the back. Primo gets to his fees and he slugs Miz as Miz backs Primo into the corner and puts him on the turnbuckle. Primo fights Miz off and slips around to hit an electric chair drop! Miz and Primo start slugging and primo hits a back elbow and a series of dropkicks, including a springboard dropkick for two. Miz stops a whip and hits a front Russian Leg Sweep, slamming Primo into the mat head first for a two count. That looked nasty. Primo backs Miz into the ropes and rolls him up, but Miz reverses for two. Miz runs into a back elbow, Primo goes to the 2nd rope and somehow Miz slams him out of a spinning body press for two. Miz stalks Primo as he goes into the corner and Primo dodges the clothesline. Miz is hung in the ropes and Primo hits the Backstabber for the three count at 14:50! The Bella Twins are really happy and that makes me happy!

Winner: Primo Colon

Match Rating: ***1/2 That should be a four star match, but Morrison and Carlito killed the first two minutes of the match. But this match was amazing from start to finish. Can’t wait for the Tag Team Title Match on Smackdown.

We get a hype video for 12 Rounds and then see Great Khali getting ready for the Battle Royal backstage.
ECW rewind from last week to set up the next match between Tyson Kidd and DJ Gabriel.

Tyson Kidd (with Natalya) vs. DJ Gabriel (with Alicia Fox)

Alicia comes out dancing, but DJ is not in the mood to do so. The bell rings and Tyson strikes fast with a kick, but DJ Gabriel hits a series of European Uppercuts and whips Kidd into the corner, but Tyson slips out with a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle. Tyson Kidd hits a series of kicks to the chest for a two count. Tyson locks in a camel clutch with one arm tied in his legs, but Gabriel powers out. Tyson with a few kicks and he comes off the ropes and tries some cruiserweight type move, but DJ just powers into a German Suplex for two. DJ just starts pounding away on Tyson Kidd. DJ goes for a vertical suplex, but Kidd uses some momentum to slip out and as he does so he snaps DJ’s neck on the top rope. DJ is down and Tyson Kidd comes from the ring apron into a springboard elbow drop for the three count at 3:25.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Match Rating: *1/2 It was alright, but they just didn’t seem to flow together the greatest.

We get another Evan Bourne clip and he is coming back next week! Why couldn’t he be in the Money in the Bank. You know that would be sick.

We go to clips from Randy Orton at his home and Triple H’s decimation of Randy at the house.

Tri Branded Battle Royal for a spot in the Money in the Bank Match

Ok, I’m going to do the best I can here, but let’s be honest, this is really hard to recap. My main goal is to make sure I get all the eliminations.

Participants (in no order thanks to a commercial break during the entrances):
Christian, Tommy Dreamer, William Regal, The Great Khali, Vladimir Kozlov, Dolph Ziggler, Goldust, JTG, Shad, R-Truth, Ricky Ortiz, Kung-Fu-Naki, Jimmy Wang Yang, Charlie Haas, Paul Burchill

The bell rings and all hell breaks loose. What else did we expect?

The Great Khali eliminates Ricky Ortiz in five seconds.
Vladimir Kozlov dumps Kung-Fu-Naki and Great Khali dumps Kozlov!
Everyone gangs up on Great Khali and eliminates him!
Jimmy Wang Yang is eliminated as Goldust gets dumped by Dolph Ziggler.
Cryme Time eliminate Charlie Haas and Dolph Ziggler!
Burchill gets dumped by Shad and JTG after he barley hung on.
Shad gets dumped to the floor by JTG right as we go to a commercial.

All of that happens in about a minute and half before a commercial. Well, that was fun.

Back from the break and we only have five men left. Chavo, R-Truth, Regal, Dreamer, and Christian as JTG was eliminated by R-Truth during the break. We get a huge tower of something as everyone was involved.

Dreamer hits a nasty DDT on Regal, but Regal is able to eliminate him as Dreamer tried to get him over.

Christian and R-Truth fight it out and Christian eliminated R-Truth.

Chavo tries to eliminate Christian, but Christian uses his legs to hang on. Christian tries to go after Chavo, but Regal intervenes and hits a suplex on Chavo into Christian. Regal throws Christian to the apron, but Regal charges and gets dumped to the floor by Christian!

Down to Christian and Chavo and Chavo goes for the three amigos. Christian is down and Chavo goes up top, but Christian avoids it and Chavo rolls through. Christian and Chavo trade reversals on big moves. Christian throws Chavo to the apron and Christian comes over. Chavo pulls Christian to the apron and moves men trade blows. Christian elbows Chavo off using his momentum and is able to hold on to the ropes for the final elimination! Christian is going to WrestleMania!

Winner: Christian

Match Rating: ** I’ll give it two stars before everything after the commercial was worthy of a good match. But before the commercial was simply a clusterfuck.


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