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411’s Holy Foley! Review: Season 1, Episode 2 – ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’

August 26, 2016 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s Holy Foley! Season 1, Episode 2: Like Father, Like Daughter

-Back for episode two, and I will say I was pleasantly surprised with first episode. Episode two looks to pick up where the first finished and that is with Noelle trying to get his dad’s approval to become a wrestler. Away we go!

-We start with Mick and Noelle at the kitchen table and Mick is trying to talk her out of being a wrestler. Mick goes over that she also wanted to be a veterinarian, plastic surgeon, and anesthesiologist. She says she realized that she was afraid she could kill someone in that field, and Mick rightly points out that she has the welfare of others in her hands inside a wrestling ring as well.

-Noelle says she has been training with Dan Barry (who is Mick’s friend) and that rather annoys Mick. Noelle asks her dad if he wants to train her, and he says it makes no sense. She plays to his ego by saying he knows his stuff, but Mick just tells her that he knows it is a mistake. From a dad’s perspective he doesn’t want her to do what he did.

-We head outside as Mick and Collete do some morning stretches. Apparently Mick has to go through this every morning and it only makes him realize he did a lot of stupid things in his wrestling career. Dewey comes out and catches them in an awkward position to let them know that he has a job. Good for Dewey as he finally got to break his good news. He is sporting a suit and tie and lets them know he has a job working as a writer’s assistant for the WWE. Mick is more than excited because Dewey was able to get the job on his own and he knows it was his dream job.

-Noelle shows off some of the ring burns to her mom, and has her bandage some of them. Collete wants her to follow in her footsteps as a model, but no dice. Collete talks about how much potential her daughter has a model, and she says she talks for Mick as well and they don’t want her getting pummeled. Her mom has set her up with someone in the fashion industry for another photo session.

-Dewey heads to the Titan Towers for his first day on the job. He is concerned about being known as Mick Foley’s son, but thinks he can make it on his own. He meets Amy who goes over the basic job description. Dewey has to sign a confidentiality agreement and it is quickly spread among people in the office that he is Mick Foley’s son. His first task is to fetch coffee for the writers and he is more than happy to do so as it means he doesn’t have to hear people talk about his dad.

-Mick goes to the gym where Noelle has been training to confront his friend, Dan Barry. Mick says he is a great wrestler that never caught his big break. He tries to hide that he was training Noelle, but Mick beats around the bush that he is aware. He wants Dan to stop and says he will call everyone he knows so they won’t train her either. Dan tells him that no matter what he tries she is going to find a way to do it, so it may be better if he is around to support. He also tells Mick that she is dedicated and doing rather well, which Mick doesn’t want to hear. Mick is scared of what could happen to his daughter in the ring and asks Dan if he would let his own daughter in the ring and he admits that he wouldn’t. At this point Mick just doesn’t see it.

-As he gets ready to leave, Noelle just happens to show up for her training. They talk about things in the parking lot and Mick says he can make 6-7 phone calls and make sure nobody in the state trains her. She tells her dad that she is going to find someone to train her, so she can do it with or without him.

-The next day arrives and Mick says he didn’t sleep at all. He needs to clear his head of the Noelle wrestling drama and decides to head to Titan Towers to check in and see how Dewey is doing. Mick calls the WWE Offices his dysfunctional home away from his dysfunctional home. Dewey is none to thrilled that in less than a week his dad has already shown up. Mick says it is important the focus isn’t on him and is instead on Dewey. Naturally, they next show Mick signing autographs and taking selfies with Dewey’s co-workers. Dewey pulls his dad aside, and tells him that he doesn’t want him there. He wants to work his way up and earn things on his own. Mick admits that maybe it is best that his son tries to make it on his own.

-Back to Noelle as he is meeting a fashion photographer to placate her mom. The photographer drools over her, and says she is beautiful. Since she is 6 feet tall, he would have her model swimsuits and lingerie. She lets the photographer know that she wants to be a WWE Superstar and he tells her that it would be best to model after building up a name with the WWE. Mick and Collete aren’t going to enjoy hearing that one!

-The proud parents discuss Dewey and Mick says he showed up to Titan Towers to give Dewey a boost, and it backfired. He then sees that he is being too overprotective with Noelle. Collete says it is a big difference as Dewey is working in an office and Noelle wants to get dismembered. Mick says he was never dismembered, and she rightly points out that he lost his ear. Good call! He realizes he is supporting Dewey’s dreams and ambitions, so perhaps he needs to do the same with Noelle.

-To the gym and Mick watches as his daughter trains in the ring. Mick admits that it made his emotional to see his daughter in the ring. She is shocked to see her dad watching, and then he starts to give her advice. That leads to him getting in the ring and showing her some things which thrills Noelle. Father and daughter then lock up and Mick teaches her some basics. I was waiting for Mick to sell the shoulder block, but it doesn’t happen which is kind of funny. Mick gets Noelle to admits she has actually been training for a few months instead of a few weeks. That impresses Mick as she never once complained about the bumps and bruises. She tells her dad that she loves doing this, and he agrees to train her. He says he is going to work with Dan and he will show her the little things because his body can’t take the pounding of all the moves.

-They both then argue over who is going to tell mom, and Mick says that she at least gave birth to Noelle. He was just some guy that she met at a racetrack. Nice! The episode ends on a sweet moment as they lock up again in the ring.

-I enjoyed this episode more than the first thanks to it being more focused which isn’t shocking. The first episode had to set up the family dynamic and introduce everyone. This one we never even saw half of the kids, but I’m sure they will get their time to shine.