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411’s Impact Wrestling Review 2.01.19

February 2, 2019 | Posted by Robert Winfree
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Hello everyone and welcome to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of Impact Wrestling. I’m Robert Winfree your host for this show going forward until Larry Csonka gets back. As a brief reminder, for those of you without the Pursuit channel you can find Impact streaming over the same time free on their Twitch stream right HERE.

If you missed last weeks show you can find my recap HERE with the most salient points being the continuation of the Kross/Moose alliance playing off the Cage and Johnny Impact rivalry.

We open with the Lucha Bros, Fenix and Pentagon, being joined by Taurus for a trios match. Their opponents are the Impact Tag Team Champions LAX, Ortiz and Santana, along with Daga plus Konan as their manager at ringside.. Nice to just open with a match.

Match #1 Trios Match: The Lucha Bros. and Taurus vs. LAX and Daga

They all look to shake hands, the crowd has a loud “Cero Mierdo” (apologies for my Spanish) for Pentagon. Pentagon and Santana start us off, things break down immediately as everyone trades kicks then Taurus and Daga wind up trading blows in the ring. Elevated flapjack from Taurus to Daga then a drop kick and most of the action is outside the ring. Daga hits a no touch dive over the top rope, Pentagon and Santana are back in the ring. They trade chops then kicks, dueling super kicks then they run the ropes and Santan hits a rolling cutter. That gets a 2 count and Santana tags in Ortiz. Daga gets a kick sequence that drops Pentagon then Ortiz lands a splash that gets another 2 count. LAX knock Fenix and Taurus off of the apron and all three men take on Pentagon. Pentagon tosses Daga then avoids offense from LAX in the corner and culminates that with a monkey flip to Santana onto Ortiz and tags in Fenix. Fenix lands a kick then a modified 619 in the corner then a springboard cross body. Ortiz avoids a corner rush then catches Fenix with a blue thunder bomb and tags in Daga as Fenix tags in Taurus. They both trade punches but Taurus gets the better of it, Daga reverses a whip and they trade corner offense with Taurus coming out on top. Daga hits a duck under into a delayed bridging German suplex that gets another 2 count. Taurus springs off of a corner whip attempt and lands a cross body but Daga winds up dumping over the top rope and that sets for everyone hitting dives onto the increasing pile of bodies. The last one comes from Fenix and everyone is down as we go to a break.

We come back with Pentagon and Fenix hitting a sandwich super kick on Ortiz. Fenix walks the ropes and takes out Santana and Daga as Taurus hits a spinning slam for a 2 count. Taurus tags Pentagon and Pentagon sets for the package piledriver, Fenix assists with a double stomp then Fenix and Taurus play guard as Pentagon pins Ortiz.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – The Lucha Bros. and Taurus via pinfall

Post match Pentagon gets a mic. He walks up to Konan, who mad his way into the ring, then tells LAX he’s got something for them. He mentions Ortiz specifically and calls for another match between the two teams for the Impact Tag Team titles. In reference to their previous match he says everyone is talking about it but they all know they can do it again, even better, and asks for the rematch next week. LAX pose with the titles and seem to accept the challenge. All the parties share handshakes to confirm that, so next week they’ll be wrestling again.

Commentary runs down the card then we cut to an interview with Killer Kross and Moose. Kross says he’s not feeling very good about the main event tonight, everything was going according to plan before Brian Cage interfered in his business last week. He tells Cage that he (Cage) isn’t invincible and he’ll learn a tough lesson soon, and says that the only thing worse than a pretender is a hypocrite. Moose takes over to calm Kross down, says the best thing to do is stay calm, let Cage and Johnny implode, then go out on the town later.

We come back to a video bit with Konan and LAX. They confirm the rematch for next week, Konan says he has no problem with the rematch but does tell LAX to keep things professional. Ortiz and Santana seem willing to go along with that. We get a flashback to a match from last year when Su Yung banished Rosemary with a Panic Switch off the ramp through a table then dumped her in a coffin. That seems to have been the incident that set up the current angle. We get another break but should have Su Yung and Dark Allie taking on Jordynne Grace and Kiera Hogan when we come back.

They announce Rebellion for April 28th as a PPV event.

Match #2 Tag Team Match: Su Yung and Dark Allie vs. Jordynne Grace and Kiera Hogan

Allie and Yung jump Grace to get the match going, they try a double team suplex but Grace counters and dumps both of them then hits a double clothesline. Grace hits a German suplex on Yung then a double knee attack into a cannonball in the corner but only gets a 1 count. Hogan is tagged in and they hit an assisted splash for a 2 count. Forearms from Hogan then a dropkick into the corner, a series a corner offense from Hogan and she tries another cover but again only gets a 2 count. Grace tagged back in and whips Yung into the corner then hits a fall away slam but that lets Yung tag in Allie. There’s a modified atomic drop from Grace but she gets slipped up by Yung and falls outside where Allie lands a super kick then both Yung and Allie throw her into the corner post a few times while Hogan complains about the double team, therefore distracting the ref. Grace is tossed back in and Allie gets a 2 count from a cover. Allie nails Hogan on the apron, which prompts her trying to get in the ring which allows more heel shenanigans. Yung winds up in the match after they double team Grace a bit. Allie back in after Yung goaded Hogan into distracting the ref again so Grace could get choked. Allie locks in a chin lock but Grace stands up and slams her into the corner a few times to break the grip. Grace is after a tag but Allie cuts her off and drags her back to the other corner. Yung tags in and they hit a wishbone splitter for a 2 count. Yung rakes at the face then tags in Allie who throws forearms but Grace fires up and hits a Pounce to drop Allie. Both women crawl to the corner then a blackout and Rosemary is in the corner instead of Yung and that freaks Allie out. Hogan gets tagged in, hits the spinning fisherman neck breaker for the 3 count.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace via pinfall

Rosemary vanishes just after the pinfall was recorded. That’ll lead to a break, up next is Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards taking on The Rascalz. We come back to a Scarlett Bordeaux vignette where she beats up her personal assistant, then cut to the intros for the next match.

Match #3 Tag Team Match: Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards vs. The Rascalz (Dez and Wentz)

Eddie Edwards comes out in street gear and carrying a kendo stick, contrary to the advice of Eli Drake to let the hardcore side of him go and return to actual wrestling. Drake and Edwards argue a bit about the kendo stick before Wentz and Edwards start us off. Quick go behind from Edwards, then they trade wrist locks, then leg sweeps and covers for the traditional standoff. Edwards grabs a wrist lock, Drake tags himself in and after he and Edwards argue Wentz catches Drake with an arm drag. Drake avoids some offense then Wentz hits a springboard corkscrew plancha. Wentz tags in Dez and they hit their double team kick sequence into a stomp from Dez that leads to a 2 count. Leg kick from Dez, Drake counters a second one and tags in Edwards. Dez gets the better of Edwards with his speed and tags in Wentz who then hits a tope con hilo for a near fall. Edwards avoids a whip attempt, Drake cuts off Wentz when the ref was distracted with Edwards and on the second rope. Edwards doesn’t like the shenanigans and jaws with Edwards, Drake tags himself in and goes to work on Wentz. Side slam from Drake gets a 2 count. Wentz tries to get a tag, Drake cuts him off with a pop up into a backwards power slam for a 2 count. Drake tags in Edwards, who goes to work with chops along the ropes. Wentz counters an Irish whip with a hand stand springboard knee strike, he reaches for a tag but Drake is in to take out Dez. Wentz hits a head scissors take over but there’s no one for him to tag and Drake tags himself back in. Drake tries a side slam but Wentz counters with a tilt a while head scissors then tags Dez. Dez runs wild on Drake and gets a 2 count off of a dropsault. A couple of rights from Drake to Dez and Wentz, Dez recovers looking for a springboard tornado DDT but Wentz is in to help him and they hit a double spin DDT that nearly gets the finish except for Edwards coming in. Edwards tosses Wentz, turns Dez inside out with a lariat, then dives on Wentz on the outside. Now Edwards tries to use the kendo stick but the ref cuts him off, Drake grabs the kendo stick and wallops Dez with it then hits the Gravy Train to pick up the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards via pinfall

Post match Drake tells Edwards, who didn’t see the use of the kendo stick, that this was a great example of him not needing the foreign object to be successful.

We’re back from another break to recap what just happened and airs a video from Tessa Blanchard, who says she loves what she did to Gail Kim after Kim screwed her out of the Knockouts Title. She hypes up her rematch with Taya Valkyrie on the 15th. Next we’ve got a recap of the Rich Swann and Sami Callihan drama that leads into an interview with Swann. Swann says that everything Callihan said was right, he was 18 and homeless and his family wasn’t there but he met Callihan through professional wrestling and they became like family, even speculates that Callihan opening his home to Swann might have cost Callihan his marriage. That said Callihan has changed over the years and now sees the best in you but plans to take the best from you and use it for his own ends. He tells Callihan that he’ll always place in his heart but what Callihan wants isn’t family.

That cuts to Melissa Santos interviewing Taya Valkyrie, who says the rematch could have happened sooner if Blanchard could have behaved herself. Valkyrie ups the ante by requesting the bout not only be for the title but a Street Fight as well. That’ll lead into another break but we should have Fallah Bahh taking on Psycho Clown when we return.

Match #4: Fallah Bahh vs. Psycho Clown

Bahh and Psycho play with the crowd a bit before tying up. Nothing comes of the tie ups, Psycho tries an arm tie up, Bahh with chops that Psycho returns then Bahh hits a body bump that drops Psycho. Psycho avoids a splash attempt then lands kicks and a leg drop. Bahh with chops , Psycho lands a forearm then misses a big boot that sends him to the outside. Bahh follows him out and hits a diving cross body from the apron. That did not look pleasant, Bahh is not a small man. Psycho back in the ring, Bahh is tearing at the mask of Psycho. That’s a big no-no in the Mexican wrestling tradition. Psycho lands a chop and tries to climb the ropes but Bahh cuts him off then follows him up. Psycho slips free and trips him down into a near tree of woe position then lands a double stomp. Bahh to the outside and Psycho hits a flying headbutt, then another dive from the ring to the outside. Psycho tosses Bahh back into the ring and covers him for a 2 count. Kicks from Psycho then a chop, he tries a flying attack but Bahh catches him with a belly to belly suplex for a 2 count. Now Bahh sets Psycho for a Vader bomb but Psycho kicks him a then gets a sunset flip bomb from the second rope for a near fall. Psycho fires up but Bahh counters his la magistral cradle attempt and splashes Psycho in the corner. Psycho avoids a running splash then wraps up the la magistral for the 3 count.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Psycho Clown via pinfall

To the back where Cage and Johnny Impact bicker about the upcoming bout. Cage promises to keep Johnny safe so he can take the title from him in two weeks, which will take us to break.

We come back with team AAA hyping themselves up for the upcoming World Cup. Commentary runs down what’s happened so far on the broadcast that leads into the introductions for the main event.

Match #5 Tag Team Match: Killer Korss and Moose vs. Impact champion Johnny Impact and Brian Cage

We start with Moose and Johnny. Moose over powers Johnny, Johnny then mocks him posing and lands a kick to the body. Side head lock from Johnny, he lands a kick but tries a shoulder block and Moose floors him without momentum. Johnny with a step up hurricanrana then Moose kips up. Another hurricanrana from Johnny and Moose is down then tags in Kross. Cage tags himself in after Johnny backed into the corner. They start trading blows in the center of the ring, then trade shoulder blocks, Kross gets taken down with a tilt a while head scissors then a scoop slam from Cage and Johnny tags himself in to hit a tope con hilo on the prone Kross. Neck breaker from Johnny leads to a 2 count. Johnny tries the shining wizard but Moose cuts him off, Johnny punches him but that lets Kross hit a bit gut wrench release power bomb to take control. Kross tags in Moose who works over Johnny on the mat with punches on the mat. Moose hits Cage and that gets him to try and come in, as the ref restrains him Kross and Moose double team Johnny in their corner. Some quick tags between Kross and Moose as they kick the crap out of Johnny in their corner. Chop from Moose drops Johnny. Kross yells at the crowd then tags in and resumes kicking Johnny on the mat. Kross drags Johnny close to Cage to mock his desired tag then pulls him away and looks for the three amigos series of suplexes. He only hits two then teases the third but instead slams Johnny back into his corner and tags in Moose. Shoulder blows to the gut from Moose and a chop. Moose teases letting Johnny tag Cage then drives Johnny back to the mat with jumping butt drops to the lower back of Johnny. Johnny counters the third of those with a knee to the groin. Moose ties up the legs of Johnny and tags in Kross, Kross gets a dragon sleeper position, Johnny counters into a DDT and both men are down. Kross tags Moose back in and he cuts off the hot tag attempt. Moose with a big back suplex that gets a 2 count. Moose tries another back suplex but Johnny slips free and tags in Cage. Cage decapitates Moose with a couple of clotheslines then takes out Kross. Kicks for Moose then a knee to Kross and a German suplex to Moose. That gets 2 for Cage on a pin attempt. Cage setting for the Steiner screwdrive, I think he calls it the Claw Driver. Kross cuts that off but Cage drills him with kicks, Moose then hits a big boot to Cage to slow him down. Cage to his corner, Johnny tags himself in blind, Moose hits the Go To Hell but no pinfall as Johnny is legal. Johnny with a corkscrew cross body into a shining wizard but Kross breaks up the pinfall attempt. Johnny ducks a clothesline and hits a super kick then sets Kross up for a 619 but Moose cuts him off with a kick. Enziguri from Johnny as Cage sets for the F5 to Moose but in the confusion Johnny kicks Cage, Cage nearly kills Johnny with a discus clothesline but hits Kross instead. Johnny and Cage argue then Cage dodges an oncoming Moose who spears Johnny then covers Johnny, Cage could break it up but just watches as the ref counts to 3.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Moose and Killer Kross via pinfall

That’ll bring the show to a close as Cage walks up the ramp.

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